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Rihanna and Chris Brown

The Exes Who

Party Together ...

6/12/2012 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Another clue Rihanna may be getting back together with Chris Brown ... the two partied at the same club at the same time last night ... AGAIN.

Chris and Rihanna were spotted at Avenue nightclub in NYC. Sources at the club tell us the two were in the club together for roughly 30 minutes ... and Brown spent some time hanging out at Rihanna's table.

They exited the club separately ... but within minutes of each other ... and both were tight-lipped about what happened inside.

The exes have been linked together several times already this year ... laying down song tracks ... showing up at birthday parties and hanging out at nightclubs in West Hollywood.

Where there's smoke ...


No Avatar


I don't get the attraction for either of these people. Low class with lots of money.

678 days ago


Rihanna is weak, low self esteem having dummy.

678 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Seriously, at this point... who cares?

Those two idiots will do whatever the hell they want to do, so let's give either of them the time of day when they act like morons, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Ri-Ri, who should know better, but obviously don't so, whatever....

May they both go to hell.

678 days ago


Well...I guess one of you paparazzi should have followed one of em and see where they went to. You guys follow ppl all the time, she got in a taxi so why not follow her?? Its all just speculation until they are actually caught. Saying they left the club together means nothing to me, show me proof they actually met up after. FOLLOW THEM!

678 days ago


Isn't a vicious thug what every ghetto ho wants? They deserve each other.

678 days ago


I don't like Rhianna much to begin with, but I did feel badly for her after the beating incident. If she goes back with him I will have zero sympathy for her if Chris does a repeat.

678 days ago


I do not respect Rhianna at all. Obviously she has no respect for herself to think its ok for a man to beat her.. I guess they deserve each other.. If there is domestic violence again between them.. I dont want to hear her sob story etc.. she obviously likes it

678 days ago


two losers that obviously deserve each other.. what girl in her right mind would sing a song called S amd M about sex, beatings etc after all the media attention of her getting a beating.. she obviously has issues if she thinks going back to him and basically accepting that what he did was OK.. I hope she loses alot or respect and fans.. She is NO ROLE MODEL for any kid to look up too.. she is basically saying, but having relations with Chris B again..that its OK.. to beat another girl..

678 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

these two have all the class of warm dung. They deserve each other

678 days ago


Hey Rhianna? Remember when you had that shoeprint on your forehead?

678 days ago

For Real    

people are amazing how many stars and family and friends you know that got beat and still went back. Some of you people posting is getting whip and still you talking trash. People can change . You know i am right let the camera follow you or your family around and we would be surprise. Oh not me not me bull@@@t !!Grow up get a life!!

678 days ago


Good for them, not letting the public and media dictate their lives. What will be will be.

678 days ago


Damn, this chick had no self esteem. SMDH

678 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Maybe they are just friends. Why does it have to be something else. His girlfriend is there in NY with him isn't she? He tweeted a picture of her eyeball less than an hour ago.

678 days ago


If the skank goes back to Chris, she deserves what may come her way. So many have tried to tell her to avoid him, but she can't seem to stay away from him. No sympathy for that one, they deserve each other.

678 days ago
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