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It's Nippy Out in New York!

6/12/2012 3:20 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0612_rihanna_shirt_boobs_starsAs if she couldn't be any more overexposed, pop diva Rihanna decided to let it all hang out and roamed the streets of New York City in some sort of a see-through, pink, lacy, strapless bra top thing on Monday afternoon.

The 24-year-old "Birthday Cake" singer kept the wardrobe malfunction sexy lingerie as outerwear theme and even rocked what appears to be some sort of ruffled slip as a skirt.

When you're as cool as RiRi, anywhere can be a Victoria's Secret runway.


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She's so predictable, desperate and boring. Wake me up when she puts a few clothes on and acts like a grown up.

872 days ago


What a nasty skank she is.

872 days ago


All this money can't buy class and a sense of style, unfortunately. and please get rid of these horrible yellow plastic claws you call fingernails.

872 days ago


I think those are meant to camouflage pink nipples. Hers are too dark, that's why it's transparent.

872 days ago


Don't see anything attractive about this photo, she look like trash.

872 days ago


How trashy, and I'm sure her parent's don't care about stuff like this, but I live in the real world and if I did that, my mom would hunt me down with a gun.

872 days ago

BB not bb    

That looks like a deisgner outfit. I don't know if people have ever seen a Valentino fashion show for instance, but it does not look like the women in his masterpiece dresses are wearing bras. Bras are what looks trashy. Just because you wear a bra does not give you class or style.

Bras lift and distort the natural shape of a woman's body to suit a mass marketed image of attractiveness. If that does not define trashy, I don't know what does. Women are really being objectified and judged by what parts of their chest are discernable through clothing.

Soho happens to be the high fashion neighborhood of NYC for the avant garde type styles. Why wouldn't someone wear something like this there? Oh and all of these socalled high class breastphobes had better stay out of the Met too because it is full of statues of women with no bras on either!!!

872 days ago


Just awful. She could look so beautiful. She should be rocking some awesome outfits and looking like a superstar. She looks like a a dirty streetwalker. Tons of money and she still can't pull it together??? If I felt like crap, had tons of money, I would pay someone to comb my hair, and dress me!!!!! Maybe even pay a hot man to give me a shower. Give it a month, she will be in rehab for exhaustion....

872 days ago


Terrible. She looks so dirty and skanky. What a shame! She is one step away from rehab. Talented, beautiful, rich and this is the best she can do? Time to go to Barney's, get a sexy, sleek outfit and take a shower.

872 days ago

BB not bb    

You breastophobes are insane. They are milk glands. Is milk erotic to you? Will milk need to be covered by a paper sack so as not to defend the so-called high class members of the nitpicking patrols?

I am so sick of the same style people in the same style clothes with the same style hair and bodies. You go to NYC and to neighborhoods like this to see people in different fashions and styles. That is what culture is about, but apparently people think they are too high class for culture. Culture makes you a whore and a bum in their eyes.

I know, you want everyone in a polypropalene breast guard with wire enforcements under a baggy tee shirt or whatever. Seen that and it is boring, sorry. Maybe you can pose for the next Walmart circular in that.

I like this outfit. It looks like a fairy dress. So what if you can see she is an actual female and not a plastic doll? Is that too much for these people's pornocentered minds to handle?

Women's breasts are under attack. There is a slander campaign against their being seen in public. They need to be supported in freedom, not in bras.

872 days ago


3 words.... What A Pig....

872 days ago


She is nothing but a pig.....

872 days ago


So attention seeking and the truth IMO is that she does not look at all appealing.But then I always thought she was masculine looking like a male trying to be "girlie" .She is starting to look as malnourished...pathetic and wasted as poor Amy Winehouse was looking there towards the end:(

871 days ago


y she so slutty

871 days ago


She is beautiful but she wants wrong attention all the time. It gets old and people will get tired of seeing it.

871 days ago
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