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Terra Nova

Anyone Wanna Buy

Our Crappy Vehicles?

6/12/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, you ... the one person who watched "Terra Nova" .... wanna buy the super-ugly vehicles from the show? They're SUPER cheap ...

TMZ has learned ... the production company behind Steven Spielberg's dinosaur fighting TV flop is auctioning off all of the vehicles used on the show ... since it was mercifully canceled in March.

The vehicles are modified Land Cruisers and Range Rovers from the early 1980's and 1990's ... and all of the rides include a warning that reads, "Has been modified by MovieWorld Studios for a popular TV show, NOT for road use. Inspection recommended."

The auction, taking place in Australia, is set to end in a few hours ... and, shocker, the asking prices on the cars are still incredibly low -- $2,409 for a 1985 Range Rover and $6,059 for a 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Pretty sweet deal .. if they were actually drivable ... and not hideous ... and not from a terrible television show.


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At least TMZ proves it's an equal-opportunity offender.

How else can we explain?

Taking a shot at the greatest of them all:

-Steven Spielberg.

831 days ago


Steven Spielberg p.s.

I once worked at Warner Brothers.

The hands-down most-awesome-moment of that?

Sneaking-in and to see Steven Spielberg's set -

For "A.I."

Every last item and detail -


-Gave and gives me the chills.

831 days ago


I really liked that show. Well it started strong, then the plot kind of dwindled off but I was loyal. So bummed it was cancelled! So give me the rig!

831 days ago


Of Steven Spielberg ...

-The late, great Frantisek Daniel once said ...

In admiration, and over (very cold Pilsner) beer at The West End Cafe...

"It will be between two-and-five-hundred-YEARS - before we SEE another Steven Spielberg, trust me on this..."

831 days ago


Zager-and-Evans had it right:

"In The Year 2525."

That's when we can expect to see another:

-Steven Speilberg.

-He alone saw the need/urgency to change the film school at USC -

From a production school to a writing/production school.

-Went quietly about changing it.

-With the recruitment and help from another Wizard.

-One such Frantisek Daniel.

...true story...

831 days ago


TMZ while fun to read and watch is dead wrong on this one. The show was good and getting better,TV could not afford it, thats why its a goner.

831 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Screw you, TMZ.

"Terra Nova" was a GREAT show. Like Alcatraz it showed potential. I'll miss it.

If those vehicles were road-worthy/street legal I'd bid for them in a heartbeat.

831 days ago


I liked the show too. Better than all the crappy Reality shows on TV. Sure it had a few dumb moments but they really didn't give the show enough time, as usual.

831 days ago


Terra Nova, V, The Gates, Kings, Eastwick, and likely more...all shows I spent an hour of my life to commit to watching only to get canceled in the first season. How do they expect us to bother watching new shows if they're just going to cancel them anyways! What we really need is another csi or singing show or stupid celebrity family show (sarcasm).

831 days ago


I loved Terra Nova!

830 days ago


Frank Daniel p.s.

We love and miss you, Frank - dearly -

Thanks for not kicking-us-out.

When we probably deserved just that -

And when everyone around us...

Was calling for our film school life -

In the year 2525 -

Is also when we'll see the next Frank Daniel.

830 days ago


Just Send it to Pimp My Ride they`ll take it LOL

830 days ago


tmz probably thought journeyman was a bad show too.

830 days ago


We watched the whole season mostly because my son is a dinosaur freak. I think they went wrong in not showing them battling the elements and dinosuars more. That is what we watched for but turning into the fighting between him and his son and the people on the outside was a bad call in my opinion. Could of been a much better show.

830 days ago


Terra Nova was pure mainstream crap, terrible dumb writing, annoying cast, very lazy executed, just a typical late Spielberg...

830 days ago
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