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Bristol Palin

Sued By Bar Heckler

6/13/2012 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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He told Bristol Palin her mother was "evil" and a "whore" ... but now the man who verbally accosted Sarah Palin's daughter in a Hollywood bar last year is suing Bristol for defamation.

It's all over that infamous encounter at Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip back in September ... when Stephen Hanks shouted at Bristol, "Your mother's a whore" (clip below -- skip to 1:40).

Hanks is pissed because he claims the incident was captured by a reality TV crew that was with Bristol. Hanks says he never signed a waiver ... and was furious when his image started appearing in ads for Bristol's new Lifetime show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

In his lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hanks claims Bristol later gave an interview to a gossip mag and blamed him for causing her to leave Los Angeles and move back to Alaska.

Hanks claims he can PROVE Bristol was lying ... because she had already purchased a new home in Alaska two months before their encounter.

Hanks says Bristol's statements to the gossip mag hurt his reputation and damaged his career.

In the suit, Hanks also gripes that Bristol accused him of being gay during their encounter -- saying she could "tell" by the way he looked.

Hanks is suing Bristol and A&E -- the company behind Lifetime. He's asking for unspecified damages.

Calls to Bristol have not been returned.


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What a pu$$y this guy is! I do not like Sarah Palin but if I were at a bar that Bristol Palin was at I would not yell insults to the girl about her mother and then to call her a f*#@ing b*tch just goes to show that he is an even bigger pu$$y. I bet he would never talked to a man that way cuz he knows he would get knocked the f@*k out.

869 days ago


OMFG!!!!! THESE COMMENTS JUST SHOWED ME HOW THAT COW STAYED ON DWTS FOR SO LONG! BAH HA HA!!!!!!!!! He is a douche, but A&E didn't get a waiver signed.... sucks to be them.

869 days ago


Oh good God, they're both white trash.

869 days ago


Stephen Hanks is laugh all way to the 15 min of FAMOUS via media.

869 days ago


That's right Bristol! Ride that bull like you're working on baby #2! And you're right for sticking up for your mom! How disrespectful! Didn't he know the proper term is Gubernatorial Uber Whore? Geez...some people.

869 days ago


Scary. Love or hate the Palin family, this is a baseless lawsuit. He wanted to bully Bristol and defame her mother without any consequences. Sounds like people (justifiably) decided to no longer do business with him when they saw his aggressive, abusive, and alarming behavior. I would avoid that type of personality like the plague. I am sure he has a longstanding history of arguments and confrontations with various people. I feel bad for his neighbors and former co-workers.

869 days ago


He absolutely has a case if he wasn't given a waiver to sign to use his image in promos.
And he should have called Bristol the" whore", not Sarah- after all, she is living, unwed, with her boyfriend and her young son. It was only last year that she told Oprah that she would ABSOLUTELY reamin a virgin until she wed again. Even after Oprah gave her a chance to back out of the staement she was adament. Gee, back then she was peddling her virginity for money and speaking gigs, and now she's peddling a reality show for money....yup, Bristol is most definitely the whore.

869 days ago


Which is better? "And why'd you say I'm a homosexual?" or "I'm 47 years old!"? Love love love.

869 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

Steven Hanks is a bitter, attention seeking DOOOOOSH-BAG! What's the matter Stevie? Did your boyfriend decide even plugging your mouth up wasn't worth the effort?

Next time, stop attention-whoring your way into somebody else's TV filming & your "career" won't nosedive. The fellas down at Rage might even let you come back in the club.

869 days ago


Homophobic Bristol has some nerve attacking the President's little girls, Sasha & Malia, saying they watched too many episodes of Glee while she goes in a gay bar wearing her fake Christian sweatshirt riding a bull in an obviously set-up scene. It seems she forgot that Obama stood up for her saying that politicians' childrens are off limits.

If it was just Bristol and her film crew, then why did TMZ get a copy of the film the very next day? TMZ also just happened to be there the same time her film crew was filming this? 

I don't buy it.

869 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"Hanks says Bristol's statements to the gossip mag hurt his reputation and damaged his career. " What career, dickkksmoking 1011?? I'm sure you're reading these buddy and I'll tell you if you talked to my sister or mother the way you did that family you'd a left that place in a body bag.. freaking attention seeeking mojob

869 days ago

Montreal Dude    

Ok, I am a total ***got, and regardless of what Sarah Palin did or did not say about gays, that guy was totally out of dare anyone call someones mother what he would he like it if someone did that to him..***s like him piss me off, as they give ***gots like me a bad rep...

869 days ago


I can't believe all the people on here who actually believe that Bristol's show is REAL. It's UN-reality TV people! It's all scripted down to the last signature. I wouldn't even be surprised to find out that Hank was paid by Lifetime so they could find an excuse to dump this failure of a Palin "show". NOTHING is real about this. Compare this video to the one put out a year ago...also it's all one long camera shot. What was she doing underage at the time in a GAY BAR wearing a christian "god is on MY side" sweatshirt anyway? It's all for the cameras and to drum up PUBLICITY so you'll be duped into watching this crap. Now there's a video on People showing her trying to cry for the cameras about how she's "all alone" raising a kid all by her little boo hoo self in Hollywood with her nannies and a camera crew following her around. Biggest BS I ever heard & saw. Just like Mommy!

869 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

And another thing, Bristol didn't accuse him of anything. She asked him the question, "Is it because you're a homosexual?" to which he answered, "Pretty Much". He's probably stomping around 426 N Laurel Ave, # 402 right now, having another hissy fit.

869 days ago


This guy is acting like a big baby. He started the fight ( with girl!) and he should just shut up. She didn't do anything to him, and he looked like a total jerk. I may not agree with S. Palin, but this is a joke. Shut up you BIG BABY, act like a grown up, and realize that you're not helping your cause by acting a fool. Sometimes fighting fire with fire just makes an even bigger fire, dum dum..

869 days ago
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