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Judge to Floyd Mayweather:

If You're Shriveling Up,

It's YOUR Fault

6/14/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather just got knocked out by a Nevada judge ... who scoffed at the boxer's claim he is withering away in jail ... essentially ruling Mayweather is acting like a baby.

Floyd had begged the court to let him finish out his sentence for domestic violence on house arrest ... because he's dehydrated and malnourished and it's taking a toll on his body and putting his boxing career in jeopardy.

But moments ago, a judge DENIED Mayweather's request -- ordering him to serve out the remainder of his 3-month sentence behind bars.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ, the judge called B.S. on Mayweather's claim that he's dehydrated behind bars -- saying the boxer's condition is "self-induced as water is made available to [Floyd] twenty-four hours a day."

As for Floyd's gripe that he's only consuming a fraction of the calories he needs -- the judge says it's because "[Floyd] chooses not to eat the food provided."

The judge also balked at Floyd's complaint that he can't train at a world class level while serving his time -- saying, "While the training areas and times provided to Floyd may not be consistent with his prior regimen, he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses."


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No Avatar


Uh jail/prison usually denies a person of the things we want. Tired of celebs getting out early for "good behavior" what about the real people who made dumb mistakes and are truely sorry for what they did. Y cant they get out early!!

823 days ago


its called jail you moron ask your uncle how to get along

823 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Sadly, he doesn't realize 90 days is an awfully light sentence for what he did. I feel for the guards that have to listen to his whiney and pampered ass.

823 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

He is not special and the Judge is right; he committed the crime so come baby let's back this time up to the door!!! LOL.....

823 days ago


So much for burning $100 bills in the club. Suck it up and serve your time loser!

823 days ago


This will be his excuse when he gets knocked out by pacquiao!!!!

823 days ago


LMAO, wow, what a tough guy, he can smack a woman around but can't do the time without whining like a little beotch. "WAAA! I'm dehydrated, I only drink bubble water and this is tap water, I can't drink that. WAAA!"

823 days ago


i wanna see all of you dick suckin mutha ****ers do time ..u seem like lil btiches to me .

823 days ago


Right on Judge!!!
Keep the dumb ***** locked up and you should have added 3 more months on the sentence for wasting the courts time with his recent crybaby motion for house detention. He complains that this incarceration will cause him to lose his career, well plenty of common folks lose their jobs as a result of incarceration..why should it be any different for him? Even when he is released he will live a very rich life with the many millions of $$$ he has already received, besides he is almost 35 years OLD, TOO OLD to continue to box.

823 days ago

Paul Z    

Big tough guy whining like a baby girl. lol

823 days ago


I'm glad the Judge isn't giving this pansy any special treatment. More Judges need to follow this Judge's example. I'm sick and tired of celebs getting away with everything.

823 days ago


He should have used all his money to turn himself into a pretty white women then he would have only did a few hours in jail.

823 days ago


Mayweather is the biggest crybaby! It makes me sick when a "celebrity" thinks they're above the law. Suck it up and do your time a**hole!

823 days ago


While I am glad to see the judges decision, It is still not enough time. There are people in there for longer than 90 days for less of a crime(s) Let's not forget, this is the same judge(Saragosa) who gave him this slap on the wrist when she should have given a lot more stiffer sentence. The same judge who pushed back the sentence so he could fight on may 5th to make another 32million $ The justice system is a joke in Nv. if you are Floyd, that's why he filed this ridiculous 35 pg motion. His attorneys will be back in the court room in a few weeks with something else and they might even get him into mansion arrest by mid july. So sad.

823 days ago


It would be nice if pacman would come visit floydie and bring some sushi rolls and fly ries. HAHAHA!!!

823 days ago
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