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Lance Armstrong

Banned from Triathlons

Over Doping Allegations

6/13/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lance Armstrong has been BANNED from competing in triathlons ... effective immediately ... over new allegations that he participated in a massive doping conspiracy.

According to the Washington Post,  the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has smacked Armstrong with formal charges ... claiming Lance and 5 of his cycling associates conspired to use and distribute illegal substances from 1998 until 2011.

The USADA claims Armstrong has been using EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone, corticosteroids and masking agents.

The USADA also claims it collected blood samples from Armstrong in 2009 and 2010 that were “fully consistent with blood ma­nipu­la­tion including EPO use and/or blood transfusions.”

Now, Armstrong is firing back in a new statement .... claiming the allegations are "baseless, motivated by spite and advanced through testimony bought and paid for by promises of anonymity and immunity."

Armstrong continues, "I have never doped, and, unlike many of my accusers, I have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one."

"That USADA ignores this fundamental distinction and charges me instead of the admitted dopers says far more about USADA, its lack of fairness and this vendetta than it does about my guilt or innocence."

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when you fail a test, remember, it is only a "test". when you pass a "test" it is only a test. I can pass a test that says I am a brunette, or that I am handsome, but it proves nothing.

871 days ago


Lance Armstrong is NO hero! he is a doper and a cheater and a loser! His ego is bigger than Armageddon!

871 days ago

billy cema    

Do they save samples in the event that testing becomes more sophisticated with time?
Also, what about other sports? Remember a few years ago, many were questioning tennis pro, Rafael Nadal's amazing increase in body muscle in just a few months? Whatever became of that? Just wondering!

871 days ago


Here we go again......right before the Tour!!!!!!!!!
I'm so sick of this!!! Another waste of tax payers money!!!!

870 days ago


Every athlete on the Tour is juiced, EVERY ATHLETE! So, if everyone has the turbo on, how could one win just by giving the best? This 'myth' Armstrong is trying to make people believe is PURE NONSENSE.

He's one of the biggest cheaters in sports history but he never will declare. And the reason for this, and the reason for himself to have the right to do so is just that: everyone does it, so why should he suffer alone for the sins of all.

870 days ago


They all dope but they focus on Americans.

870 days ago


Anyone with the slightest sign of cognitive function knows the multitude of methods available to to negate the findings that result from drug testing.

870 days ago


Professional bicycle racers are always finding new ways of adding oxygen to their blood stream. Armstrongs teammates for US Postal have shown communiactions with him about 'POE', their way of not saying EPO

870 days ago


Sorry, but it sounds like a witch hunt. He has never tested positive, period. Ridiculous.

870 days ago


How much is this costing the taxpayer, since the USADA gets money from the Feds? Seriously, we don't have other issues more pressing than a guy on a bike who may or may not have used some PED??? After all, he PEDals on the bike...

Seriously, let's drop it and focus on getting jobs. Or help folks keep their houses. Or get better education in the country. Or trim taxes... etc.

870 days ago

Austin outings    

There were nightly reports of Lance having tantrums outburst at local eateries or clubs in Austin. Signs of having too much chemicals in his blood stream.

870 days ago

paul a.    

He is as fake as a three dollar bill...

870 days ago


He is negative and thats that

870 days ago


Team Lance! Team Armstrong! Stay strong,Lance!

870 days ago


I believe these allegations because never have the sport judges , after years of investigating came up wrong.I will say this for them, they go the distance before treating a persons name with deference. Armstrong just had to push it and they did about a 5 yr. or more investigation.It is just like baseball and football , these people are so wrong to do this, the Home Run King? admits after some while to doping and so now who has real numbers? a lot of baseball men have been hit hard and the numbers they put up are all fake, the great American pastime..HA... the truth is fans do not want SUPERDOPED UP MEN we just want what you can really do, that is good enough for us, but not the guys themselves.It was a sad day when this was found in almost all sports, if not all, and they will not let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame? LOL Yet they let the fake numbers of the likes of Barry Bonds , Rodriguez...McGwire? It makes me sick ,just sick. No wonder even movie star MMaconaly stopped hanging out with his best friend Lance, he ran fast when this stuff started.

870 days ago
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