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When in Rome ...

Flash Your Ass!

6/13/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Madonna unzipped her pants and exposed her lacy thong-clad 53-year-old buttAfter flashing her nipple in Turkey the other day, Madonna continued to strip down on the latest stop of her body part peep show tour by showing off her mother-of-four butt in Italy on Tuesday.

While performing her hit song "Human Nature" again, the Queen of Pop unzipped her pants and exposed her lacy thong-clad 53-year-old taut backside to the crowd at Rome's Stadio Olimpico.

With controversial swastika references, Lady Gaga jabs and plenty of MILF nudity, Madge's MDNA tour has something for, er, everyone.


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Ricardo Queso    

Teat in Turkey, Rear in Rome. God, I hope she doesn't play in Virgina.

870 days ago


Don't see the rationale of spending so much money for a concert ticket to get a flash of one nipple or half an ass of an old woman from far away, when you can watch a the pair of boobs or the full rear end of a young one up close, for as long as you want, for a fraction of the cost in your neighborhood strip joint.

870 days ago

dean Hilgeman    

what does that back tattoo say? no shame? no class? cany anyone read it?

870 days ago

Edward Boothe    

Who wants to see her 50 year old wrinkled ass. Google Madonna without makeup, pictures, and see what she really looks like.

870 days ago


Ewwww!!! Stale buns! And what's up with the man veins on her arms?

870 days ago


This is predictable, in the early eighties Madonna had to roll around on stage in a wedding gown while lip-synching songs in order to get people to notice here, now that her time has come and gone she's resorted to the same pathetic technique only now it's done to hold the public's attention...sad.

870 days ago


If you didn't know it was Madonna, most would say that butt looks fine. Most of the commentators are crazy, prune faced loons. AND I doubt that many on this thread have a butt that looks that good. And I doubt that the younger with the negative comments WILL have a butt that looks that good by the time they reach Madonna's age. She worked for that fine butt in the gym.

870 days ago


I wonder if it spoke with a phoney British accent when she flashed it?

870 days ago


You guys are knocking her simply because you have nothing better to say, and, quite frankly you need to grow up a bit. She is good looking in anyone's book. Are you jealous because you don't have something like that waiting for you at home?

870 days ago


Don't break your toes next time you drop your bra!

870 days ago

James Bailey    

From my point of view, her real talent is behind her.

870 days ago


serious she's actually screaming for the attention it's sad!! why in the word would she come back to go on tour again and then start showing fans her private parts???? oh i know for publicity AHHHHHHHH like->

870 days ago


Are there sexy cougars? Sure -- but that doesn't stop them from appearing sad and desperate.

870 days ago

Nosmo King    

Let's see. T1ts in Turkey, rear in Rome. Is she going to Venezuela?

870 days ago


Pull your drawers up Granny, we don't want to see your old wrinkled booty.

870 days ago
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