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Miss USA

2nd Contestant Says

Pageant was Rigged

6/13/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Miss Pennsylvania is finally getting some backup ... because a SECOND Miss USA contestant is now saying there is PROOF the competition was rigged.

Problem is ... the corroborator is not revealing her identity. says the network spoke with the mystery contestant ... who says Miss Florida Karina Brez told her she saw a secret Miss USA document which contained the names of the Top 5 finalists ... before the Top 15 were announced.

"I saw Florida backstage and she was very, very flustered and upset. I thought it might be because she didn’t make the top 15 cut, but at that point she was able to reveal to me at least four of the five names who went on to be the top girls," the contestant told FOXNews.

The mystery woman continued, "[Miss FL] couldn’t remember the fifth because she was so upset. Several of the girls then started hearing through the grapevine about a list; a lot of people were upset.”

The story seems to fall in line with the allegations made by Miss PA Sheena Monnin -- who claimed Miss FL told her the same thing while they were backstage. Monnin has since resigned from her post and has given back her crown.

The Miss USA pageant -- and its owner Donald Trump -- have all denied the allegations ... and have taken legal action ... claiming Monnin's claims are just "loser's remorse."

Multiple contestants are also standing behind Trump ... saying Miss PA is a sore loser who made the whole thing up.



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let all things be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses, it is said.. done

826 days ago


Ok, this isnt a spelling bee. Its not like there an objective way of measuring beauty. Who may have been voted Miss USA may be awesome to one person may be a completely ugly person to another. This isn't rocket science. It is a show, it's fiction; just like their tans, nails, boobs, (genitals in one case).

If this was even lets say Jeapordy, then you could get mad, there would have been a definitive way. Nothing to get mad about. Oh, and Trump sucks.

826 days ago


The Miss America & MIss Universe are outdated and should be discontinued. It used to be there was some meaning to these competitions. No more, they have simply turned into a venue for homosexuals to dress up their dolls. Boring.....

826 days ago


It's fake. I imagine whoever rounds the bases the most for the donald wins.

826 days ago


It's her... she called up FOX and pretended to be another contestant 'cause now she realizes what a jealous, ugly bitch the world sees her as. Swing and a miss.

826 days ago


Who cares?

826 days ago


who cares!?!?!?

826 days ago


Everybody knows the pageant has been rigged somewhat for years since Trump took over, but the caveat is at every pageant they make the hosts say: "The winners were chosen from a panel of judges, AND REPRESENTATIVES OF THE MISS UNIVERSE ORGANIZATION". This means that they could just weigh down the judges' scores to be 1% of what the final result is, with 99% being from producers, and do it legally.

826 days ago


This is just another form of CORRUPTION AND COVER anyone REALLY SURPRISED?????? This is EVERYWHERE....and it is sad that such as this is now the AMERICAN WAY.....

826 days ago


why is every woman in the pageant fake? They are all plastic and buffed, and primed to look perfect when the "real" american woman isn't. Their perfect long legs, their all tall with fake boobs, fake perfect teeth. Oh and the fake tans are priceless. This entire show is a joke. They need to do one with REAL woman on there. Not fake ones :) I'm 85lbs, 4'11. This show is so fake.

826 days ago

Don Martin    

After that set up with that gay guy Perez Hilton judging straight women, then having a trannie compete, add the nude photos and partying underage contestants, this padgent has become nothing less than a joke. If Trump really gave a crap about the reputation of his pageant he would have been proactive about all the scandal. For a big shot expert manager Trump is sure letting the substance of his pride and joy slip through those giant cracks. Donald, you're fired.

826 days ago


All this crap about a stupid fricking old school pageant that is all so FRICKING stupid in the first place. Women need to quit parading in front of the likes of Donald Trump, just to name one, in the first place. How about keep your body private and get a job the real fricking way and quit damaging other women? ALL SUCH BULL****. Women need to quit catering to mens' bull**** needs of seeing them walk around half naked. USE YOUR FRICKING BRAIN idiots. You will in the end get more respect. Since I first saw a pageant as a female at about age 5, I knew right then THIS IS NOT FOR ME. Only enables men to control women.

826 days ago


I can believe it's fixed!!! I never once doubted miss PA just like everything else trump is a part of is fixed!!! I think the only reason they filed suit was bc Miss PA shed light on the inside connect!!! The judge is gonna laugh at the lawsuit...mark my word!!! Who sues a contestant of a beauty pageant for saying the pageant is rigged instead of dethroning her and stripping her of the title and banning her from the pageant? Everyone entering a beauty pageant deserves a fair chance at winning and no one deserves to be ridiculed or stripped down bc the promoters has their eyes on predicted winners!!! Wtf other contestants work very hard to compete as well

826 days ago


My daughter was in the Miss Michigan Teen USA in September of 05 to represent Miss Teen Michigan 06 for the Miss Teen USA....we found it pretty amazing that out of over 100 contestants that the reigning Miss Michigan (not teen) who was co-hosting the event had not one but two of her sisters out of three competing that day made it into the final 15...we didn't realize this until weeks later while we were sitting back watching the Donald Trumps' behalf I'm sure he is quite unaware of the favoritism for whatever reason helping contestants make it to the finals...I'm sure if he was aware heads would roll...

826 days ago


wow give me afew million and i'll lose weight for you too

826 days ago
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