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Richard Belzer

SLAMMED By Jewish Org.

Over Hitler Salute

6/13/2012 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0613_richard_belzer_ramey_adlRichard Belzer's Nazi salute explanation isn't flying with a powerful Jewish group ... which claims the "Law & Order" star's actions were inappropriate, offensive and "not the least bit funny."

TMZ broke the story ... Belzer threw up the salute during a TV festival in Monte Carlo yesterday ... but insisted the gesture was not delivered in a "negative" way.

Belzer -- who described himself as a "Jewish comedian" -- said he was merely paying homage to the Charlie Chaplin movie "The Great Dictator" ... in which Charlie spoofed Hitler.

But the Anti-Defamation League isn't laughing ... in fact, ADL Director Abe Foxman -- a Holocaust survivor -- tells us, "Regardless of his explanation for his behavior, Richard Belzer’s imitation of Hitler was still inappropriate and offensive."

Foxman adds, "It’s not the least bit funny, but there’s no law against it.  Someone who is Jewish should know better and not disregard Jewish pain and tragedy just for the sake of a joke.”


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Waaaa waaa waaa....Jews....waaa waa waa...Holocaust...waaa waaa waaa....Ant Semetic....waaaa waaa waaa...I'm offended!

For the love of God....shut the H*ll up already and take those stupid beanies off your heads!

828 days ago


Didn't Mel Brooks do the same thing at the Kennedy Honors award show. Take a look no one said a word.

828 days ago


Wow, some people need to just lighten up. It wouldn't be the 21st century if someone wasn't complaining about something.

828 days ago

BB not bb    

Who is this Abe Foxman trying to be, the Al Sharpton of the Jewish community? He is going to get publicity for his organization by condemning an innocent man who only told a joke and is also a Jew no less. What a waste of time and money. It is great he survived, now let someone else live and let live.

And by the way, the real Simon Wiesenthal operates out of Europe and not the LA Weisenthal Center who just go around complaining also about random insults but do nothing to stop the real problems like the billions in aid that Obama gives the Palestinians every year to launch attacks on Israel.

Speak up for something important or just stop wasting people's time and your breath.

828 days ago


OK then. I will no longer say "I'm stuffed" after a meal because there are people starving in the world. I will never laugh again because there are people crying. I'll never say "ouch" again when I stub my toe because I probably "don't know what real pain is." I will never complain or fret about losing anything again because I have my freedom, and that's the most important thing I possess. And I'll never talk politics again out of respect for the silenced ones. And, while I'm at it, I may as well cut my nuts off. Today's world is awesome.

828 days ago


These organizations should be abolished. they just cause trouble and perpetuate hate. I always rag on the NAACP but thes guys are no better. They are all racists

828 days ago


Israel drops cluster bombs on civilians. Now THAT is offensive.

828 days ago


I don't know if Belzer made comments to suggest it was something other than what he's saying it meant now, but if you haven't seen it, go right now... stop what you're doing and go right now to youtube and watch Charlie's speech from finale of The Great Dictator.
They have versions set to all different sorts of music, I'd recommend the one with the Sunshine soundtrack one. But it honestly doesn't matter.

It's one of the most powerfully moving speeches ever given by anyone, in any time.

828 days ago


This is like a Jew marrying a German, a Jew driving a German vehicle.

828 days ago


This should make alot of my Jewish brothers pretty angry, but it has to be said. Why does the ADL have to be involved in every conversation? Also, why is it if someone says something derogatory about Jewish people, it's anti-semetic, when really it's just another religion? If you disagree with any other religion, you're just anti-religious, but if you disagree with Jewish beliefs, it's treated as racism? What's the difference? "A scab can't heal if you keep scratching it." Time to start healing...

828 days ago


News Flash - Jew is whiny about something! Seriously, you'd think someone put this guy in a round room and told him there was a penny in the corner. There should be an oven somewhere with this guy's name on it.

828 days ago

BB not bb    

If you can't mock a Nazi, who can you mock? Are they suposedly larger than life, ubermenschen, unspeakable? They are just clowns like everyone else, even Belzer. Why not laugh at their pride an patriotism. They supposedly were defeated, weren't they? Maybe he was mocking the worship of the paparazzi for the celelbrities. Maybe he was compaying it to the worship of the Nazis for Hitler when they saluted him that way.

I think people should think and ask questions more when they are offended and condemn less. Then there will be less hate in the world and less fighting.

828 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

Put the son-of-a-whore in a woodchipper

828 days ago

Mason H    

What a load of crap... I guess Charlie Chaplin and Mel Brooks were both Nazi sympathizers as well? Richard Belzer explained his reasoning behind the gesture and it makes sense. If someone was offended, that sucks, but he wasn't trying to belittle someone else's pain at a horrible situation regardless of how thin their skin was or how badly they wanted the media coverage for themselves.

828 days ago


Calm down people, Can't you take a joke?

828 days ago
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