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'Basketball Wives'

3 Girls AXED from Show

6/14/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwight Howard
can finally relax -- because his baby mama Royce Reed (left) just got her ass axed from "Basketball Wives" ... along with two other stars on the show.

Sources connected with production tell TMZ, Jennifer Williams (right) and Kesha Nichols (center) also got the chop -- and will be replaced next season. It's unclear who's in line to take their spots.

According to sources, producers will be giving the girls their walking papers any day now to drop what they called "dead weight" from the show.

We're told Royce was cut because she wasn't legally allowed to talk about Dwight due to a 2009 gag order, blocking her from discussing her ex in any way. The other girls on the show had also decided to ostracize her, so Royce couldn't shoot scenes with the rest of the cast.

As for the others -- producers think Jennifer's too big a liability after suing Nia Crooks for slapping her on the show. And Kesha was just too boring.

A rep for VH1 tells TMZ, “We don't comment on casting until everything is final. Thanks for checking in.”

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Okay, I watched the reunion and if anything you're telling us the thugs Tami and Evelyn remain? Are you kidding us. Still say Tami mshould be brought up on charges for the trip, and Evelyn my gosh this woman and her foul mouth bottle throwing poor grammer and tacky dressing self is nothing more than eye-candy for a man that has a baller title, Agree with Royce and Jennifer both are dead weight, but you have Susie who serves what purpose. Enough and Shaunie needs to realy talk to God since the talk with her pastor just seems to land on death ears. With her it's about the check. Back to the petitions, VH1 please, listen to the viewers.

829 days ago


I guess since Jennifer Williams wont let them slap them then she's FIRED!~ I have no respect for that trifling bunch of ladies and I only watched this season, it being my first time, and I have NO RESPECT for Shaunie and her duplicitous tactis (Shuanie goes to dictionary)!

This guy has a good spin on that show ~~> http://anthonystjoseph.blogspot.com/2012_04_01_archive.html

829 days ago


I think the show should be canceled.

829 days ago


Get rid of that crack head Kenya. And that bully drunk bitch Tami needs to go back to food stamps.

829 days ago

annette hooker     

why get rid of Royce just because she want kiss ass like some of the other girl thats a damn shame

829 days ago


O.k so they cut three most Classy ladies from the show. Shaunie you know why you did this because u and Evelyn, Tammi are all bullies. I guest I wont be watching this show anymore

829 days ago


Cartman, very funny.

829 days ago


So if they're kicking Jen off because "she's too much of a liability after suing Nia" then what they are basically saying is that next season is going to be a whole bunch of the same foolery that's been going on during the prior seasons and they don't want anyone around that might do the right thing and sue instead of showing the A$$. Shaunie O'nostrils is such a hypocrite. How about getting rid of the two that start the majority of the chaos...ok let me rephrase that. How about getting rid of the two loose cannons that claim they never start anything but are constantly putting others in danger. I'd be afraid to hang out or film with Ev or Tami, for fear that I may be charged as an accomplice to their foolery

829 days ago


And Royce hasn't ever been able to talk about Dwight so whats new? Shaunies still salty cause Royce banned her from her party a few years ago in Vegas..but can you blame her. Shaunie throws rocks then hides her hands and lets the people that already have a bad rep get an even worse rep. No bueno.

My advice to anyone that wants to continue watching this show is to dvr it. please dont give them ratings for this fudgery

829 days ago


Shaunie sat there on the reunion show and said she wanted to promote positive womens rolls. Crocodile tears if you ask me. You think its ok for someone to put their hands on someone else and not pay any consiquences? Nice message. You fire the girl who got hit claiming shes a liability but of course the Ghetto bitches Tammy and Evelyn who Throw bottles and threaten to kick everyones ass because their name rolled off someones lips without their approval is not a liability. Are we going to be seeing more of Nia, I bet we will so you gutter snipes can sit around and have something to cackly about. I actually bought into the fact that you were generally concerned until I read this article. It clearly shows that you are the instigator. And FYI signing a contract stating that you know you may be injured does not in any realm of the law cover being assaulted by someone with malace. You shaunie are no lady. You my dear are a true ghetto hood rat, who in my eyes , to quote evelyn , are a non mother f*(&(&(n factor now. pure trash

829 days ago


I don't know why Royce was on anyway.There was nothing exciting about her except she could "Bootie Shake".

829 days ago

PoP Culture Genuis    

Jen should join real house wives kesha should of never been on our tv screens in the first place
and Royce has grown alot she was annoying and now wait she still is a annoying..and i like kenya she can bring some drama because low key she would of beat evelyns A**.....P.s why keep SUZIE?

829 days ago


None of these girls are wives. More like bootie calls that may have gotten pregnant which is their claim to fame. The show should be renamed "Ho's that got kicked to the curb".
Jennifer was the only wife and she's in divorce court.

829 days ago


This show has become a disgusting waste of air time. These women have taken reality TV to a new low. Royce, Evelyn, and Kesha should thank the stars for their exits (while they still have some dignity left). The only way this show would be worth watching from now on is if dinosaurs showed up and chased down the other remaining troglodytes (starting with Tami)!!

829 days ago


Vh1 please cancel that garbage! The main ones they should axed are not on the list. This show is doomed.

829 days ago
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