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Chris Brown Injured


Drake's Entourage

6/14/2012 8:20 AM PDT UPDATED: 6/14/2012 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Chris Brown injured & sustained a nasty gash on his chin
10:55 AM PT --
Drake's rep just issued a statement about the incident, insisting Drizzy wasn't involved in the brawl at all ... the beef was between CB and another rapper named Meek Mill.

10:15 AM PT --
A witness who was inside the club tells TMZ ... Chris Brown did NOT send any bottles over to Drake's table, despite several reports to the contrary.

We're told both Brown and Drake had been hanging out in the VIP section ... when Drake began pointing and yelling at Brown.

Brown began yelling back ... and that's when members of both entourages rushed in and began shoving each other.

With tensions running high, someone threw a bottle -- which set the whole thing off ... and the shoving turned to punches.

We're told club security rushed in to break up the fight ... and called police for backup. Brown and Drake left the scene by the time cops showed up ... but several members of their entourages remained at the club.  Multiple members of both crews required medical assistance.

We're told the club suffered some serious damage in the fight -- including busted up tables, broken mirrors, shattered lighting and glass scratches all over the floors.


Chris Brown
sustained a nasty gash on his chin -- apparently a wound from a bottle attack -- after his entourage allegedly clashed with Drake's crew in a NYC nightclub brawl. 

TMZ has confirmed with the NYPD that the two singers' crews got into a fight at WIP nightclub -- 5 people were injured in the melee.

NYPD arrived on the scene after receiving a call between 4 and 5am. Chris and Drake were not present when cops arrived.

The aftermath of the New York City nightclub brawlWe're told there were no critical injuries ... just bumps, bruises and lacerations. No arrests were made.

After the fight, Brown tweeted a photo of his injury ... along with the message, "How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!."

The photo and the message have since been removed from Brown's Twitter page.

There are reports the two started throwing blows (and bottles!) over Chris' ex girlfriend, Rihanna, who Drake is rumored to have hooked up with.

A few hours before the brawl, TMZ shot footage of Drake leaving the London hotel ... surrounded by some diesel-sized hired muscle. No word if they were involved in the bar fight, but wow ...  that would be scary.

A picture of Chris Brown's Transformers-themed SUV taken after the fight has surfaced -- with what appears to be blood splattered on the back.

What appears to be blood splattered on the back of Chris Browns car


No Avatar


Big ups to DRAKE for beating the hell out of Chris Brown. *thumbs up*

801 days ago


I miss the good old days when punks like this were sitting in jail for selling drugs instead of superstars with bodyguards. I can't think of any rock stars like Zeppelin needing huge bodyguards in their day because other rock stars wanted to shoot them down like dogs.

This entire (c)rap culture should be flushed down the toilet where it belongs. Let these manufactured stars go back to selling drugs and robbing convenience stores until they get busted and then they can rot in jail.

801 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Hopefully this is a new trend of throwing things at this assh*le. I suggest everyone does this also. His concerts will be a great second act.

801 days ago

john wayne gacy    

ain't nothing like the beating he took
from the forehead of that island girl;

801 days ago


Drake mad that Chris ****ing Rhianna after a fight, but Rhianna won't **** him after 1 horrible night, a bitter new rapper Meek Mill who Chris took off new album uses soft ass Drake to get into a fight with Chris... If it wasn't Chris Brown you guys would be talking about any of these *****s!

801 days ago


damn...did you really have to make that picture that large.

make me puke.

801 days ago


It seems like Chris was the one that was hating, because Drake was the bigger name at the club. And the he criticizes Drake's entourage for throwing bottles at him. They probably three it because, Chris probably hid behind his entourage scared and then tried tweeting about it trying to make it seem like he was in battle. Puhleaze, Chris! We all know you only pick fights with women. Loser!!!!

801 days ago


So Chris, you can beat up women [not that Rhiana cares] but you run and tweet when you're up against men. My advice, tweet no more sh!t unless you want more where that came from. Just say'n. Isn't that the code of the hood? You would know.

801 days ago


Please cry me a river...women beater. MAN UP

801 days ago


I'm confused. Pple on here is saying CB got beat up, but ummmmm Drake throw a bottle at him from BEHIND his security....the only one looking like the PUNK is Drake....SMH LOL and I don't even like CB!!

801 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Dare I say even if Drake where 100% responsible and even threw the bottle that its ok? I commend him for hitting the tiny dancer hiding behind his wall of fools. I wonder if Rihanna was standing behind a wall of men talking sh*t would chris have thrown a bottle at her?

801 days ago


I know...I just absolutely positively KNOW! that Chris Brown(proven woman beater) was not calling someone out for "fighting like a girl" There are no rules in street fighting a$$hole and you got gashed, get over it. The day you beat the hell out of a woman is the day you lost all right to say ANYTHING about how someone chooses to make you bleed.

801 days ago


This guy (chris) is never going to learn from his mistakes. Fighting over Rihanna. He might as well check himself into jail b/c that is where is will end up. He is a thug.

801 days ago


hopefully soon, VERY soon, the whole rap/hip hop culture that's destroyed our country, will be a bad memory. and, hopefully before that, chris brown will be gone.

801 days ago


omg, is he serious?!?!? throwing bottles like girls....umm....hello you beat up a girl, what kind of move do you call that?? he seriously has a mental issue, he obviously cant see that what he did was worse than ANYTHING, ANYONE can do to him! Man he is such a d-bag....why cant he just go away forever, if I never had to hear his name or see his sick face again, I would be one happy girl!

801 days ago
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