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Maria Shriver

Visits Psychic

It's All in the Cards

6/14/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_maria_shriver_psychic_articleMaria Shriver -- a highly educated, former First Lady of California, devout Catholic, and well-connected woman about town -- is searching for answers to life ... in energy crystals. 

We got this pic of Maria leaving a psychic's office yesterday in the very upscale community of Brentwood. We're told she's a customer -- been there before.

Maria has some big decisions -- she's gone back and forth on whether to finalize her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, so maybe Dorothy from Clairvoyance -- a spiritual advisor, psychic medium and life coach -- can help her decide.

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Totally against God. Some have the gift, God tells us so...but we are to seek HIm...not pychics who say they are talking to "dead Grandma", when in actuality they are talking to evil spirits.


The bible tells us that once you die you are asleep(R.I.P) rest in paradise. "Dead Grandma" is not telling the psychic anything. When the psychic tells you things only grandma would have is because there are good angels and bad angels everywhere , evryday and they are witnesses to every event. So when you cry "oh my" this must be are allowing bad angels access into you life and going against God who you should go to in prayer about all your thoughts and other. He warns us about these things. Some do have the gift to see and hear, but they blindly believe themselves to be talking to a deceased is a evil spirit decieving her/him.

Maria...go home and talk to Gof your Father and ask for forgiveness and never do this again. Ask And believe for a hedge of protection to come over you and your family this moment.

Serious stuff people. Go ahead and think otherwise and ask yourself why your life has so many difficulties? Evil spirits encourage you one way every day if you listen. Good spirits fight to do the same. Which are you leaning towards? Really.

Drugs, alcohol, violence, depression, suicide...every bad thing comes from the enemy. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Jesus came to bring life more abundantly.

It is so simple...He...God tells us...but do you listen.

Blind goats. Lost sheep. Get Found.

Call out to Jesus to be your Savior. Best decision you will ever make. He is faithful like no other. Your best friend and confidant.

No phychics people.You are warned and now you can never stand before God and say you didn't know. You just read it from my fingers typing...(my fingers act as the body of Christ acting here on earth as He is at the right hand of God right this very minute). He is coming soon for HIs people who believe. People get ready.

860 days ago


Unless they can tell you why you're there, you're being ripped off. Your troubles can be cured when you make no issues.

860 days ago

Flying Blind    

23% say useful, I'll be opening an Office near you, coming soon.

860 days ago


I'm no psychic, but I can tell her that if she takes that cheating A-hole Arnold back he's going to humiliate her again by cheating. Maybe not in their own home with the friggin' maid who has his child, but with some bimbo somewhere. Wise up Maria.

860 days ago


J- You need help. If you are really Christian, why aren't you reading a Bible instead of commenting on TMZ..

860 days ago


So, the catholic church is OK with her visiting psychics (NO SCHOCK THERE) but it is not OK for her to divorce her cheating husband?

860 days ago


Sad really. She must be very screwed up.

860 days ago


How do people still believe in this nonsense? They must be pathetically desperate.

860 days ago


Tell the "devout Catholic" that consulting mediums is a sin.

860 days ago


There are obviously a lot of naive and/or young people commenting. Truly smart and wise people do not dismiss psychics, crystals, energy healing, and such as nonsense, although there are a lot of con artists operating in the field. By the time you're a senior citizen, most of you will have had enough supernatural experiences of your own to know that young people, and others who have not had their own experiences, are the ones who are naive.

860 days ago


Well... she's a Catholic so we know she already believes in supernatural nonsense.

860 days ago
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