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Miss USA Score Tabulators

We Didn't Rig Squat

6/14/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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If the Miss USA pageant really was fixed, you can rule out one possible culprit -- the number crunchers responsible for tabulating the girls' scores ... this according to the number-crunching company.

As we reported, Ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin surrendered her sash last week -- claiming another contestant had seen a list of the top 5 girls long before the final competition ... meaning the results were fixed.

But a rep for Ernst & Young -- the tabulating company employed by the Miss Universe organization -- released a statement today, explaining how its firm did NOTHING unsavory.

According to the rep, Miss USA judges submitted their scores directly to E&Y, and E&Y then independently tabulated them -- the scores remained under E&Y's control until the results were handed directly to the hosts for announcement.

The rep says, no one could have seen a list of the top 10 or top 5 beforehand "because they did not exist until they were tabulated by us."

E&Y insists the results determining the top 5 were determined Sunday June 3rd -- AFTER the evening gown competition -- which rules out the possibility of a preexisting list.

Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true -- the judges could still theoretically have colluded independent of E&Y, which basically makes its statement completely meaningless.


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Passion Of The Taint    


864 days ago


"Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true -- the judges could still theoretically have colluded independent of E&R, which basically makes its statement completely meaningless. "

One more TMZ fail.. if they had made a list based on popular people and they wanted to get plenty of camera footage then the above statement proves just that..

Its not uncommon even in car shows for them to have Fav's that they think will when and doesn't mean anything..

We could make a list on who will be the playmate of the year.. means nothing..

Get a clue TMZ..

864 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Who on Earth would give a crap about any of this?

864 days ago


PLEASE hire an editor, your original story referred to E&R NOT E&Y.. IDIOTS

864 days ago

just my opinion    

lol @ thinking anything held by the government or a corporation isn't rigged. everything is always rigged.

864 days ago


Soooooo in other words you wasted time writing a story that means nothing, and made us read something that means nothing... Way to waste everyones time including your own

864 days ago


Statement directly from a representative of the Miss USA Pageant in 2009:
""In the 2009 Miss Universe competition, a preliminary panel of judges selected nine of the Top 15 and members of the Miss Universe Organization, including owner Donald J. Trump, selected the remaining six," the statement began."

864 days ago


how would fixing the winner do anything to help the pageant - there's no reason

864 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Each individual judge only knows their own scores that were turned in. They have no idea how the other judges score it. So the final results would be unknown to them as well. I think E&Y is getting paid of by the Trumpister.

864 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Well that settles it then, E&Y says it could not have happened.

864 days ago


Beauty contests are pretty fake anyway, no room for individuality, cookie-cutter looks and personalities.
But it is what it is, and won't change.
Sheena Monnin could save herself future legal issues with a little 2 minute apology, she won't hurt Trump with all of this, she'll only hurt herself.

864 days ago


Heck - even where i work (a state university), new hires are often determined even before the interviews are conducted. The other interviewees are simply tokens.

864 days ago


E&Y have NO idea how to secure data. They mailed confidential data on a password protected thumbdrive with the PASSWORD INCLUDED. The package arrived at their office... EMPTY.

864 days ago


Please. This statement is carefully worded and full of holes.

Yes, the lists E&Y created may not have been seen before, but that doesn't mean there weren't production materials with the names;

second, just because E&Y produced these lists doesn't mean that they're used. Heck, the tabulations of the judges may only account for 1% of the total. After all, the hosts always say that winners are picked based on Judges and input from the production staff.

And who knows what kind of "tabulations" E&Y do. I mean, shouldn't it technically just be addition and division involved? Why the need for these super-secret tabulation algorithms?

Besides, like anyone trusts these big accounting firms anymore. They're just as shady as the bankers.

864 days ago


ok its over and done now..the company who kept score said they didnt cheat they can be trusted.they have no investment n alll of this to protect

864 days ago
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