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Sarah Jessica Parker

Stars Arriving,

Still Waiting for Obama

6/14/2012 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Sarah Jessica Parker's big celebrity fundraising event for Barack Obama is officially underway in NYC  ... and the very first guest who arrived deserves some respect ... 'cause it was Aretha Franklin!

Anna Wintour has also arrived ... along with Meryl Streep and Michael Kors. We're told "SNL" star Jason Sudeikis has been spotted in the crowd outside of the home ... but did not enter the party. Sources say he lives in the area and is just checking out the scene.

3:52 PM PT -- The eagle has landed .... We're told Obama JUST arrived to SJP's home.


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You get what you pay for - hmmmmm

805 days ago


I wonder if SJP and Barry went out on the balcony for a few smokes. She's a compulsive chain smoker. I feel sorry for the babies. Their mom smells like an ashtray all the time.

805 days ago


I like that some of these celebrities go public with their political affiliation. THen I have a choice whether or not to supports their movies, musics, etc. No more SJP for me!

805 days ago


and to think people are worried that romney can't relate to the average you think these hollyweird idiots can relate to us peons........this makes me sick..they are the 1%...and this is their president not mine!!!!!!!!!

805 days ago


You should all be glad to know that because Mr. Obama took a brief side trip to the WTC, WE TAX PAYERS GET STUCK WITH HIS FUNDRAISER BILL! And do ya think all the 1%'r Stars there give a crap about that? NOT ONE BIT> WE DON"T EXIST TO THEM

805 days ago


Yeah thanks for hosting this while we little people were working and suffered from major delays while trying to get home. Don't think he cared they shut the PATH and blocked streets.

805 days ago


This is so wrong, the man is a pig. He’s playing footie’s with the rich when he needs to be helping the U.S. O sorry he hates Americans and America. What a pig, and socialist Sarah eat something you look like a bone with skin, yuck

805 days ago


Obama's a fraud and hopefully he'll be dumped on his ass in Nov. As for horsehead Parker, not even a
plastic surgeon could help you. Take your lib ass Hollywood crowd and shove it.

805 days ago


Go ahead & laugh, but I *cannot* support these clueless, out of touch spoiled celebs that support the man who has run this country and it's people into the ground. I cannot look at him...or them. And here are hundreds of thousands that feel the same way as me.. Obama & these "celebs do have a lot in common though. "we the people" gave them ALL what they have today....and we can take it AWAY too! We will boycott those who will destroy us.

805 days ago


Hope it all was a replay of Tom Wolfe's infamous piece "Radical Chic"

805 days ago


Now he's made it possible for illegal aliens to stay here, his version of the Dream Act. He by passed Congress and pretty much told them to eat sh!t. That he was going to pass it no matter what we the people say! Isn't that unconstitutional. He thinks he is above the laws of the constitution? IMPEACH HIS AZZ.

805 days ago

Martin Luther the King... beotch    

Harvey, I can't stand you. you only brought up the chicken thing about the Obama Fundraiser so the little guy that looks like Gallagher would make a witty racist chicken comment. Poor guy clearly was a loser growing up and has found comedy as a means to be accepted. You use those kids that work for you as puppets to spread your toxic cancer on suck!!! And don't forget Token Black Guy: They're laughing AT YOU not WITH YOU. Yes, you come across as a buffoon. And "black" guy with the dreads... what a joke. I won't even elaborate on what a disgrace YOU are.

804 days ago

Martin Luther the King... beotch    

and black girl with blonde hair...bwahahaha! i'll give you SOME props. you give a half-hearted effort to stand up for us, but I'm afraid it's ineffective. yes my dear, you too come across as a buffoon. -BUT one with blonde hair. it kinda brightens your buffoonery.

804 days ago


Why has her mole made a reappearance? I thought she shed that years ago.

804 days ago
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