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Chris Brown

Bloody Bodyguard

Victim of Friendly Fire

6/15/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

File under: The gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight.

The bottle that split open the head of Chris Brown's GIGANTIC bodyguard Wednesday night was thrown by a member of Team Breezy ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple witnesses say ... Brown's hired muscle, Big Pat, was standing  in front of Chris when the bottles started flying. We're told Big Pat turned towards Chris ... when someone in Brown's own entourage fired a bottle intended for Drake's party, but missed ... bad.

Instead, the bottle connected with Big Pat's face at extremely close range ... and opened a giant bloody gash on his forehead.  Pat ended up suffering the worst injuries of anyone in the club -- ironically from his own posse.

Pat received emergency medical treatment for the wound -- but he appeared fine the next day.


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This is all getting so stupid, its not even worth clicking on the read anymore. It's like some West Side Story crap, they shouldve just had a dance-off

830 days ago

wow ew    

I feel bad for this guy who was just trying to do his job. Hope he finds something better. Chris Brown's pay is not worth it. Go work for a more respectable entertainer.

830 days ago


was probably because Brown's own people hate him enough to smash his biggest guard. I'm sure it wasn't a mistake.

830 days ago


what kind of "HEAD" does he have? boy that looks funny. is he from this world? that's what you call a BIG head.

830 days ago


Grown Folks need to know how to act. You all are so Blessed yet sooooo Ignorant!! My grandparents used to say, "A hard head makes a soft behind."

830 days ago


Stupid fools

830 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

You know what these people are? Consummate DUMB NI66ERS. If you are African American and you think that these people are cool and wanna be just like them, everyone but your peeps will think you're one too. So just because you like rap music doesn't mean you have to act and look like one of these filthy %^&*()_. ya know? So resist the urge to 'fit in' and to the rest of the nation that's the difference between African Americans (which we'd prefer you'd just call yourselves Americans cause that's what you are) and Pain in the azz ghetto Niggggros, and the Caucasian versions of a nigggro would be Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, you get the drift...this public service message brought to you by Please Don't Re Elect this HNIC no matter what you do if you ever want to have a good job ever again in your lifetime if you lost the one you had during this reign of ghetto terror. You'll see more and more of these stories and you might even be in one if you live near any Blue State ghetto and end up inside one after dark without a piece and a conceal permit.

830 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

What's better Roman gladiatorial short sword fight to the death or a Chris Brown Drake bar brawl ?

830 days ago


Lock the neandrathals up

830 days ago


Lol both are sissies but justice served for beating on a girl like a coward. They all shouldve stomped him.

829 days ago


Dang! Dancers and singers fighting?!? What was it a scratch fight?

829 days ago

Paul B    

Don't worry folks. The hole is where they actually inserted a brain. Now he know he is working for a Woman Beater he's had the smarts to leave and get a respectable job. Chris Brown Eye, you are a s***bag Woman Beater.

829 days ago
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