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Chris Brown's Homie

'F**k You, We're

Gonna Kill You N**ga'

6/15/2012 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0615-tmz-chris-brownOne of Chris Brown's homies was throwing gang signs and making death threats at Drake's entourage in the moments before the NYC nightclub brawl ... this according to several witnesses.

Eyewitnesses say ... Chris had been hanging out at his own VIP table with a posse of 16 other guys ... one of whom was a man with dreadlocks who was throwing gang signs and screaming at Drake's table. Witnesses say this man was the primary instigator in the brawl that would follow.

Among the verbal taunts, we're told the man yelled out, "Somebody's gonna die."

We're told the man also directed some of his anger at Drake's friend Meek Mill -- saying, "F**k you, we're gonna kill you n*gga."

As the man continued to spit venom, witnesses say Chris stood up and embraced him ... as if to say, "This is my guy."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... it's possible the threats were captured on tape.

Here's the rub -- Brown's friend was acting as if he was associated with a gang .... which is significant because Chris is not allowed to associate with gang members as part of his probation in the Rihanna beating case.

So far, no arrests have been made.


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Don Martin    

God I wish these lowfeeder pigs would kill each other so TMZ could go back to work.

770 days ago

Delaware D    

uh-oh. Tupac and Biggie ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

770 days ago


We’re told that Drake looked “pissed” and “serious,” and that after an unknown provocation, a member of his party picked up a bottle and hit Brown directly in the face with it.

770 days ago


I think I'll just wait till the investigation is finished by Law Enforcement instead of one thread it was Brown's fault, next thread it's Drake's fault. For cripe sakes, if this turns out it was entourages fault it won't affect either rapper. Big Deal, anything else new happening?

770 days ago


I have three words for you: CAREFULLY EXECUTED STUNT ... so we all talk about how bad-ass they are

770 days ago


CB is a complete MORON, clueless moron. I cannot say enough about this a-hole. He needs to disappear for good.

770 days ago


Bunch of idiots. Neither on has the balls to do anything without those bodyguards. Brown has already shown he's a punk when he beat up Rihanna. And Drake? Just let it be man, don't come down to this idiots level.

770 days ago


He is soooooo Unimportant! He is nothing but a little ghetto fish in a big ghetto pond.

770 days ago


Wow. I had been surprisingly willing to give this guy a second chance. He seemed to want to start over. Hanging out with gang members huh? If that's against his probation and it's true, sorry but he needs to be locked up. He clearly has not learned any lessons.

770 days ago


Fine group of proud African American men. The white man isnt keeping you guys down. Stupid stuff like this does. You dont need any help either, you are gettinging in your own way all by yourselves.

Gang signs? Seriously. Stand up and be a man on your own. If you need a gang to back you up, you're nothing but a big talking coward.

All the tattoos and a dumb a** posse doesnt make you legit. Just another follower.

770 days ago


Awww, look at Chrissy trying t look tough by hanging around with criminals. He'll at worst get a slap on the wrist and then complimented by the judge.

770 days ago


Trash, all of them

770 days ago

Big D    

Let me see if I have this right. Chris Brown is a gangster who grew up in Tappahannock, Virginia, (Population 2,000) He was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows. Damn he doesn't sound like a gangster to me. The only thing I see is he likes to beat up girls.

770 days ago


Sounds like Chris was trying to be funny so Drake hit a soft spot. Drakes
crew should have curb stomped him for what he did to Rhianna anyway that night.
I guess Krueche going to end up playing the Kim Porter role. That must suck to know that you have a man but not his whole heart because a piece of it still belongs to his ex AND OUCH Rhianna's prettier, super famous because of her talent (not because of who her boyfriend is) and PAID.....that's got to sting BUT Krueche is laughing all the way to the bank, the mall, the dealership, the airport etc LOL I wonder what he's going to buy her after this episode. She has a ton of "Please don't get mad because I'm still boning my ex" merchandise.

I was SOOOOOOOO rooting for Chris and Rhi Rhi to get back together after forgiving each other BUT I'm a little over Breezy's bratty tantrums. Why does he always have to take his shirt off? ROTFL!  All THE TME WE KNOW YOU HAVE TATS!  I agree, Chris is "Lindsey" of the industry but hey it keeps attention on him. His songs are hot but his image and rep is so lame now. I think Drake and Rhianna make an adorable couple....but you know who looks stupid? Chris Brown’s girlfriend even though she is getting the girlfriend perks.

770 days ago


what a bunch of Aholes....if they think they are so tuff send them to Afganistan

770 days ago
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