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Bottle Attack Victim

Blames Attack on


6/15/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman whose face was ripped open by a flying glass bottle in the Chris Brown vs. Drake club brawl is blaming the incident solely on the "stupid famous people" involved.

Moments after 24-year-old Hollie C. returned from a night in the hospital -- where she received 16 stitches in her head -- the Australian tourist recorded an emotional video to express her anger at the situation.

"Where's the justice in them driving away in a limo while I had to catch the train home on one of my holidays?"

TMZ broke the story ... Hollie was hanging out inside club W.i.P. on Wednesday night when the brawl broke out ... and someone threw a bottle that smashed her directly in the forehead.

Hollie -- who said she drifted in and out of consciousness -- was separated from her friends and transported to a nearby hospital ... where she was treated overnight ... and sent on her way by herself early Thursday morning.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the brawl.


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Sorry For The Girl & All The Innocent By Standers, She Needs All Of The Idiot Morons Money, Sue Them All, Every One Of Them, Are You Taking The Case Harvey? No More Air Time For These Pin Heads, Lets Skip The Kim K's Too. Hi TMZ, Shevonne Drops Babies.... Hey Kelly, Anna, What's Up..You Guys Are 2 Funny And Cool......Harrveeeyyyy... You Guys Rock, next..!!

862 days ago


My problem with most of these comments is that they are blaming Chris Brown when clearly he was the victim in all of this. No matter how much you hate him for beating the hell out of Rihanna it has nothing to do with him, his grilfriend, his body guard & innocent bystanders getting attack by Drake & his thugged out rapper friends & hangerson. Chris is not dummy he is still on PROBATION for another two years so why would he put himself in a situation like that? if you hate VIOLENCE agaisnt women getting beat up you all should be against violence when innocent males get attacked as well, put your feelings aside & look at the bigger picture here people could have been killed. And for the young lady that was hit in the head get yourself a lawyer and sue the hell out of Drake , rapper Juelz Santana, rapper Meek Mill, rapper Trav B & the rest of the posses.

862 days ago


Yeah, and these 'stupid famous ppl' will be paying your bills and then some once you retain Gloria Allred

862 days ago


keep violence out of the spotlight you trashy hip hop/rap thugs. this never happens at an EDM event.
Get a grip and grow up w/ your so called marketed fame.

862 days ago


sue the f.... out of them... the non educated morns, every last one of them, all of them, lets not give them any more air time, its time to sue, harvey, are you taking this to court.......the girl needs all their money, lets skip on the kim k's too. how's the TMZ staff doing, Shevonne likes to drop babies, too friging funny, you guys are cool.........Kelly, Anna, Hi .Harrveeeyyyy!!!!!!

862 days ago


Both Drake and Chris Brown our little bottom dwelling s***. Society would be better off if we strapped them to a rocket and fired their sorry butts directly into the sun!

862 days ago


Well why didnt she call one of her so-called "friends" from the hospital before she left, so she didn't have to leave alone?

862 days ago

Latch Johnson    

The bottle to the head is probably better than the balls to the chin she would have taken from them later in the night.

862 days ago


I'm quite sure she knew it was a celebrity hot spot and she probably wanted her couple minutes of fame. Next time she might reconsider staying in her own country instead of venturing off to another country and clubbing like a groupie.

862 days ago


Brown and Drake need to do the right thing, and pony up a settlement and an apologies BEFORE she has to sue them. If someone knows they did something wrong, it is only right that person own up to it before a judge makes him do so. It's called being a responsible human being..

862 days ago


It's time for Chris & Drake to start writing that check!

862 days ago


Did anyone take a look at the pictures???? There is blood on the right where she got cut but then on the last picture it's on the left????? Where on the others it looks like there is nothing on the left. Why didn't they clean her up after the head wrap?? They also did a craping job doing the wrap.

862 days ago



1) Please feel better soon.

2) Please sue the pants off these thugs.

3) Please call me, because you're super cute and awesome.

862 days ago

Don Martin    

No doubt this woman is going to have one sweet settlement.

862 days ago

Johnny Z    

Guarantee if they weren't rich or she was there'd be arrests all over.

862 days ago
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