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Lindsay Lohan

Paramedics Rush to Her

Not Hospitalized

6/15/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

We have more specifics.  We're told Lindsay wasn't feeling well after complaining of exhaustion, she called someone from the "Liz and Dick" production team early this morning, and the team sent a private doctor to check on her.  Before arriving, the doctor called the hotel and asked someone to check on Lindsay.  Someone from the hotel went to her door, "checked on her" and determined she was "unresponsive."  The hotel then called 911.

Lindsay's rep says it was someone from the production team who called 911.

Paramedics rushed to Lindsay Lohan early today after she was found non-responsive at a hotel by the ocean in L.A.

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay had been shooting almost non-stop without sleep for 2 days and was staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey to get some shut eye.  She has been shooting parts of her movie near the hotel.

We're told someone became alarmed because they could not wake her up and the person called 911.

Paramedics responded, and determined nothing was wrong with Lindsay.  They left without transporting her to the hospital.

Lindsay is back on set shooting her Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick."

As far as we know, Lindsay did not go to the hospital herself.


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My heart almost skipped a beat at the word "nonresponsive."

Oh well.

859 days ago

Good riddance!    

Well duh, all night binging will tend to do that to you. More delays in production of this polished turd of a stinker anyway. The producers are the ones needing the aspirin and an escape route from this duck lipped nightmare they stupidly saddled themselves with.

859 days ago


Linds had thirty million bucks
At seven grams an hour
All gone now - hey, that’s show biz

Not all celebs are stupid fvcks
You might check out Matt Lauer
I’ll bet you he still has his

859 days ago


I love the way everyone reporting on this story is careful to put the word "exhaustion" in big fat quotation marks. They should cut to the chase and just say, "Lindsay suffers from exhaustion. LOL."

859 days ago


Always trouble and drama with this raging addict of - lying, drugs, alcohol, plastic surgery, aderall, ...fill in blank, partying in general, coke, attention, drama, papparazzi. She is super unstable and I expect her to u ravel quickly from thispoint on.

859 days ago


I love the dehydrated part!!!! Notice she's dehydrated after she lost her "water" bottle in the crash :)

859 days ago


Was driving and heard that Lindsay was found Unconscious. Then I get home and see that she didn't go to the hospital.
She was unresponsive which means she took something to sleep or she was out of it from partying after shooting or she overdosed and brought her around before the EM's got there . New Hotel new opertunities. So I think she begged the EM's to forget what they saw Please please pretty please because I'll lose everything. I lose my job if they find out I overdosed. I'll go to jail if the courts find out I overdosed. Would you want that on your heads? You would kill my career just to cover your azz? Look, if there is anything, I mean anything (get my drift) I can do for you.............
Well? are you going to forget you saw me now since each and everyone of you examined me from top to bottom?

859 days ago


So whose story is correct? TMZ says she's on the movie set and Radar Online says she's in the hospital

859 days ago

TrixLaRue let me get this straight. People who pretend to be other people for a living get so exhausted they go to the hospital...yet, ordinary people who do manual labor every day, rarely do...hmmm

859 days ago


Can't blame people for worrying about Lindsay, the girl went from a huge auto collision...straight back to work. Tough young woman ;)

859 days ago


Somebody spiked her vodka with water and her body couldn't take the shock

859 days ago


Poor girl, you need to take care of yourself. Your not invincible.

859 days ago

jc know Madisyn is gonna be kickin' herself for missing out on this one!

859 days ago


It's not normal for stable actors to suffer from "exhaustion", and it shows that the actor is not stable if 911 needs to be called. Even if she does bad ass on the movie, insurance companies will be worried about insuring for the next movie. It sux because she and I were litterally born the same day, and u think that this is preview for things to come. I think she prob took to much Ambien in hopes she would get quality sleep if she double did it.

859 days ago


WHAT A FRICKING GD DRAMA QUEEN. It never ends with her. She just doesn't get THAT THE WORLD is sick of her nonsense.

859 days ago
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