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Chris Brown vs. Drake

Stitches and Snitches

6/15/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Drake and Chris Brown's nightclub brawl left several innocent people wounded -- including an NBA superstar -- and with a full-fledged NYPD investigation going on ... who's talking, and will they name names? Y'know what they say about snitches ...

Plus, Britney Spears' little sis Jamie Lynn sounds like she's on the verge of a comeback -- and Justin Bieber inspires the Arizona Diamondbacks??  All-Star pitcher J.J. Putz calls in to talk about his prized possession ... a signed Bieber collector card! 

(0:00) More drama with Lindsay Lohan -- an ambulance was called to her hotel room after she wouldn't wake up ... but we're told she was just exhausted from really long hours shooting "Liz and Dick."
(3:00) We have a bunch more details about the Chris Brown/Drake brawl -- including whose crew is responsible for bashing Chris' bodyguard, the injuries Tony Parker suffered, and who's snitching on who.
(12:00) Breaking news -- David Arquette and Courteney Cox may end up having he best divorce in Hollywood ... they were spotted out together today for Courtney's birthday.
(13:30) Sarah Jessica Parker's $40k dinner for President Obama -- someone only stayed for 20 minutes ... which comes to about $2k per minute! Sounds ridiculous ... but it may have been the best way to do it.
(16:40) Britney Spears little sister Jamie Lynn performs onstage live -- and actually sings ... and kills it! Is she about to have a major comeback?
(20:30) Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher J.J. Putz finds a rare, signed Justin Bieber trading car -- you won't believe the story behind it ... as well as how the D-backs use Justin's music to get pumped up.
(23:30) Gisele raked in $45 mil this year ... by fare the most successful model on the planet.
(26:15) "Glass House" is NOT a rip-off of "Big Brother" -- and we'll tell you why.
(27:30) Candy Spelling is glad she moved out of one of the biggest houses ever built -- and into a far more modest, 18,000 sq. ft. condo.
(32:55) Greatest idea ever? Pizza vending machines are a real thing now.
(34:30) Some guys dress up like Batman to catch alleged pedophiles -- and it just might have worked! Lucky for you ... we have video of faux-Batman's good deeds in action.
(39:03) Time to rip into one of our producers -- who made the mistake of calling Rza (pronounced Rizzah) from the Wu-Tang Clan .... R. Z. A. It's about to get nasty!
(40:25) We take your calls!

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Flying Blind    

i heard the Pizza story either yesterday or the day before and the video.

799 days ago


Lance Armstrong, any comments?

799 days ago


Hey -- how about if RZA brings Chris Brown along. Maybe he'd learn something about actually being a man???

799 days ago


I think she simply freaks out anything remotely stressful in her life happens and then goes freaky.

799 days ago


What about the production crew working on the Liz & Dick movie...did the paramedics have to be called for them as they also had to work all night.

799 days ago


What about the production crew working on the Liz & Dick movie...did the paramedics have to be called for them as they also had to work all night.

799 days ago

Raymond Henson    

I would really love to address the young lady who was spewing the "street cred" ignorance. I first off don't believe she has any real knowledge of the "streets" or what goes on in them however I will enlighten her. In the "hood" that she knows nothing about there are families mourning the loss of a child, father, mother, daughter or some family member that was killed by some wannabe thug aiming for someone else and guess what....ignorant fools with the same frame of mind you have witness it all and don't say a word. Subsequently that same murdering slime is left on the streets to terrorize someone else and perhaps kill again since he can count on the ignorance of the "no snitch rule" to provide him with amnesty. It's fools like this young lady here who want to adopt the so called cool mouthings of the ignorant hood clowns without living in the ruins of what what it creates. I've been there done that and God knows I regret my participation in it. I can't believe that with the platform she's provided on telivision even if it's a second here or there she could be so careless and ignorant.........if she has the slightest thought that she's coming off cool or connected to the hood she's mistaken...and as for street cred she has none as she seems more like a valley girl wannabe than anything else.......

799 days ago

Raymond Henson    

Better yet lets see this young lady explain the no snitch rule to the parent of a young child killed in the crossfire of some random drive-by while they on television asking for for anyone who witnessed it to come forward and provide information..........I applaud he coworkers who tried to explain it to her even though it fell on deaf ears. harvey the next time a child is killed in a random shooting please send her to speak with the parents...please.

799 days ago

Raymond Henson    

Excuse the typos ( I see them) but I'm kinda pissed at her ignorance.......

799 days ago


Not sure who the black woman with the red/blonde hair that works for TMZ's name is, but she is WAY OFF for saying you should not say anything if you see someone assaulted. I understand if she means people should generally not rat on others, but when assault or any other serious crime (where someone gets hurt, raped, or killed) is involved you HAVE TO say something. I am surprised you let her off for saying that.

798 days ago


Pizza Vending machines!!! I saw this on "How It's Made" (or a simile of the show) It's really cool!

798 days ago


When you fire Raquel can I have her job?

797 days ago


Rodney King was an okay American. When the riots broke out, he stepped up and asked for calm when he didn't have to.

I knew guys like him in college and in the Deep South. They aren't like Chris Rock or other stars, but they are okay. And they will laugh at you if you completely lose your temper and start wailing on them, with open hands in a slap fight, or, as King's case, with police batons.

796 days ago
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