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Judge to Chris Bosh

You Can't Take Your

Daughter to the Olympics

6/16/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Bosh
's 3-year-old daughter will have to watch her daddy's 2012 Olympic run on TV -- a judge has refused to give the Miami Heat star permission to take his baby girl to London next month.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris asked the judge to give him the green light to take her to London to watch him play -- a move his baby mama Allison Mathis was fighting because of possible terrorism.

The judge mulled it over and has now sided with Mathis -- refusing to let Bosh take their daughter overseas. It's unclear exactly why the judge ruled against Bosh.

The judge said the couple is still free to hash out their own agreement outside court -- but we're told Mathis is refusing to budge ... so that's that. Sorry Bosh.

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Baby mommas... if the men don't want their kids in their lives, they throw a fit... when the dad does want to be in his kid's life.. so many mommas stand in the way... I just don't get it...

861 days ago


This mother is a selfish cow. Terrorism in London is like terrorism in any major city. The poor daughter is missing the chance of a lifetime!

861 days ago


His daughter is only 3. Most likely she will not even remember it! She'll have jet lag and who would watch her when he has to practice or play? I agree with babymama and the Judge.

861 days ago


A 3 yr old doesn't need to go to the Olympics, especially without her mother. Dad should be busy doing his event. Like others said, she won't remember, and probably won't even know what's going on. Go to all that trouble to take a kid to London, and she'll sleep through the event. This is an ego satisfier on the move of the father. I'm sure he's proud and rightfully so, but this kid is too young. If she were 10 or 15 or so, taking her would make some sense. He'll just have to be sure someone makes a very nice video of the Olympics and particularly his performance for his children to enjoy watching as they get old enough to appreciate it.

861 days ago


pathetic mother. I hope the kid grows up to hate her. An example of the a mother brainwashing a kid and the courts allowing it. I mean seriously terrorism. What a joke. Worse that the daughter will be in danger with all the security and her being in the most secure places probably. a effing joke and the judge buys in. I bet if the mother would have said a possible alien abduction the judge would say good point. This is way some fathers don't bother. Good for you Chris you did what you could. Its all recorded and the kid will know why she didn't get the chance to go to the Olympics and it wasn't her father.

861 days ago


Judge is jealous that he never got the chance to represent his country in the Olympics.

861 days ago


Chris. Feel for you concerning your daughter, buuuuuut, you married the crazy golddigger, you get to deal with her for another 15 years at least.

861 days ago


what a ****... thats ok she can play hose games because when their kid i older she will blame mom for everything...

this happens all the time when one parents plays games like this. the child will see the resentment and when they are mad with mommie they will make a move to be with daddy,,,

860 days ago


Next Olympics Bosh is 34 years old, he might not even make the team. The saddest thing is that I bet if Bosh paid the woman more money, she would allow the kid to go with him.

That woman is all about money

860 days ago


These idiots should step back and think who they are marrying or having children with.PLUS, put everything possible in writing...either at child support and visitation hearins or prenup

860 days ago


She is just using this as a crutch to get more money or leverage. I'm sure in the end it will be ok give me this much more money per month and I'll let you take her to the Olympics

860 days ago


The daughter will truly miss the opportunity of a lifetime due to a selfish BM and a judge who treats bosh lie the majority African American deadbeat dads because he knows no better and only knows statistics. What do you mean with the she won't remember comment?. How many of you threw a birthday party for a three year old with the works of friends, family, hats, camera.......EXACTLY!

860 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Taking a 3 year old to the Olympics is as unnecessary as taking them to Disneyland. Too young to be entertained, won't even remember it.

860 days ago

Bwoy dem    

Mean spirited cow... deny a child the opportunity and experience of a lifetime to share with her father, just selfish and nasty... i don't car what your feelings are for him lady... this is deplorable. Not like he can kidnap the child. Shame!!!

860 days ago


So once again... according to the courts, a rich celeb is a good enough father to be forced to pay an opportunistic gold digger through the nose for the kid but not good enough to have equal access or rights with the kid. I'll bet when the baby mama wants to run off to the Caribbean with HIS money, she has no problems taking the kid with her. This woman doesn't want her INVESTMENT risked, not her CHILD. To her, sending this kid to London is like putting a winning PowerBall ticket on a plane unsupervised. Besides, can't let the child hang out with the dad who's paying for her mom's baller lifestyle. The kid might actually like him and want to move in with him instead of the mom. We know what that means... "Bye bye checks".

860 days ago
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