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Judge to Chris Bosh

You Can't Take Your

Daughter to the Olympics

6/16/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Bosh
's 3-year-old daughter will have to watch her daddy's 2012 Olympic run on TV -- a judge has refused to give the Miami Heat star permission to take his baby girl to London next month.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris asked the judge to give him the green light to take her to London to watch him play -- a move his baby mama Allison Mathis was fighting because of possible terrorism.

The judge mulled it over and has now sided with Mathis -- refusing to let Bosh take their daughter overseas. It's unclear exactly why the judge ruled against Bosh.

The judge said the couple is still free to hash out their own agreement outside court -- but we're told Mathis is refusing to budge ... so that's that. Sorry Bosh.

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And people saying she shouldn't go because she won't remember it are stupid. I remember attending a Jackson 5 concert way back when I was around the same age. Besides, there would be photographs and video memories as well. Plus, you're missing the point,. HE wants his daughter THERE with him to share a special, once in a lifetime moment. It's very obvious which posters have kids and which don't. Let some judge tell you what you can and can't do with YOUR OWN kid and see how much you like it. At least he's trying to be a good father and AS USUAL, one of these worthless trash opportunistic baby factory mamas is blocking that attempt with the help of the courts. Why go to college for four years when you can spread your legs open and make way more cash? They have a word for that profession... a very old profession it is....

859 days ago


chris cried louder that his child.

859 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Josh, don't think you know people based on something they wrote on TMZ. YOU are obviously not a mother. While I don't agree with this mother's excuse, I sure would have had a huge problem with somebody taking one of my babies out of the country, hell, the state. I think it's reasonable for a mother to have a problem with that.

859 days ago


although their daughter is only 3, she sees everything that's going on & she'll grow up being hateful towards the mother.

Does this woman not realize that Trinity will put two and two together as an adult and realize her mother worked her ass off to keep her away from her father? At least Chris has it on record that he tried repeatedly to see her.

Destiny is going to wonder why she wasnt present at her father's big moments. Now that baby Jackson is here it will be well why was jackson there and not me. No she may not fully know but she will be able to look back on photos/videos

859 days ago


When I was 3, my parents took my sister and I to a Kenny Rogers concert. I still remember that.

Can't go to the Olympics because of terrorism? Oh my God. There are 13 million people in London. Should we evacuate them all? Should I have moved my family from here (Vancouver) in 2010? Pathetic.

859 days ago


I'm sure the terrorism thing is just an excuse. A 3 year old won't remember this anyway.

859 days ago


CANNOT HELP BUT WONDER if, Halle Berry and Chris Bosh's little girl's mother are related. They seem to share the same bloodline concerning their daughters against daddy.

859 days ago


He wants to hold his daughter on court when the US wins the gold in London.. The rest of the teams children are going to be there.. That's a special moment she should be there for.. The photographs and video will be priceless.. Man that's messed up..

859 days ago


I feel sorry for you Allison. You are one selfish person and that is truly sad!

859 days ago


just try finding the name of the judge in google. its impossible.

859 days ago


This little girl gonna grow up and HATE her mom...which won't be hard because she's a bitch.

859 days ago


I'm sorry but if he is a good dad I really don't understand this decision. He will make sure she is cared for at the times he is busy. And even if she doesn't remember, it is something that years from now they can sit down and look at pictures. And he can tell funny stories about what she did or said that she may not recall. The mom is not only taking away this special moment but special moments in the future. I just think that the daughter is really going to resent this in the future and it won't be healthy for any of their relationships.

I get that a mom doesn't want to be seperated from her child...but she needs to put herself in his shoes. He just wants his daughter to be there for an extraordinary, special moment in his life. How would she feel if he made it so the daughter wouldn't be there for a special moment in her life?

But I personally do hope this terroist thing is an excuse. If it isn't, the mom is going to make the daughter a very paranoid person. Being scared about terrorist attacks all the time is no way to live.

859 days ago


I want to take a girlfriend to London some day so I can watch her reaction when I order her a dessert off the British menu...."Yes, a serving of Spotted Dick for the lady, please"....

859 days ago


A three year old would never remember that.

859 days ago


Although the mom may be being vindictive, I agree with the decision. If something happened to the child the Olympics won't matter and Chris will regret it for the rest of his life, especially with the mom blaming him.

859 days ago
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