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Chris Brown/Drake Fight

Who's the Bad Guy?

6/18/2012 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_chris_brown_drake_tmz_gettyThe Chris Brown/Drake violent bar fight has polarized TMZ users. So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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Juan Gomez    

Does rap music TOTALLY suck? YES! Does EVERYONE wish these overrated blacks would just go away? YES! Is Rihinna just a no talent whore? YES!

861 days ago


All this haters saying Chris will be in jail in 5yr or dat they wouldn't date Crhis SHUT DA **** UP and stop drinking that hateraid

861 days ago


Just to be clear, for the 74% who said Chris is the bad guy, he didn't even start the fight. He tried to make a peace offering to Aubrey but Aubrey sent a note back saying he's sleeping with the love of his life, deal with it. Then Aubrey threw the bottle behind his security towards Chris, and ran to the bathroom. And also. shame on you TMZ for actually putting the question Are Rappers inherently violent. That is racist.

861 days ago



Chris brown is a Pu$$y H8r! He cries when things don't go his way. He throws a temper tantrum. Throws dishes at him Mama. He throws chairs through Windows. And he beats women. When it comes to putting up a front, he's the master. He talks **** behind Twitter walls and cries to the cops when someone spanks his little ass like the slippery bitch he really is. If you're such a bad MoFo, Chrissy, why don't you step-up to a man and throw arms for real? Back your **** up! Naw, instead your leaking Pu$$y self keeps starting **** with people while you hide your little child-ass in the safety zone. Keep dancing and singing, my little pet. Keep entertaining like you have been bred to do. Just stay nimble like Peter Pan and keep doing what you're told. Every generation needs a court jester.


861 days ago


They are both dumbazz'z and should be charged with something anything. Besides a fight of Rhiana, why fight when averyone can and has had her.

861 days ago

truth hurts    

inherently violent...genetically violent. This is the most racist crap I've seen in a long time.

861 days ago


Black people......

861 days ago


SERIOUSLY??? Who CARES about this?

861 days ago


seriously? Who cares about this??

861 days ago


They're all guilty... All thugs.

861 days ago


I miss Nelly...

861 days ago


You know what is also sick about the hounding of this story, casting Rhianna as the wanton slut. ****, nobody gets on a young guy with so many conquests.....please.....wasn't it Harvey who was defending the King slut Mayer the other day? Right.......that's different, please.

The hounding of this story on TMZ (in addition to the constant Obama bitching, and about a dozen other things), makes me want to take a page out of Kanye West's book and say:

Harvey Levin hates black people

But I'll give him credit, he's done an incredible job of cultivating the KKK market (both of 'em!). Mazel tov!

(Seriously, TMZ has the most racist commentors of any gossip site out there! And I think it has to do with Levin's penchant for disproportionately casting brown-folk in a bad light.)

861 days ago

Mark B    

They're all trash, and that includes TMZ, the bottom of the bottom feeders.

861 days ago

Brad Stanton    

Deuce Duece.... errr Douche Douche... more like...

861 days ago


Who's the bad guy? TMZ of course. Good luck with your award in promoting violence against innocent people... then making those people feel guilty for cooperating with authorities. Is this the stance TMZ takes with rape victims as well? "She shouldn't have worn that dress and she wouldn't have been raped." TMZ, please release information that is factual and not including your menopausal, sensitive, and personal feelings about celebrities. Why don't you post an article with the caption, "Drake Chose to Commit a Crime but Let's Still Make It Chris Brown's fault." Or you catn choose, "People Got Hurt in a Club but Let's Still Focus on Chris Brown." What is it? TMZ doesn't believe in justice? Or is Drake licking your adolescent ****oris? Stop promoting violence instead of accountability. Again, grow up TMZ.

861 days ago
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