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Chris Brown Fight

I Was Injured, Too

6/16/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another innocent female victim in the Chris Brown vs. Drake fight ... who claims she was also hit by a flying bottle when things got violent inside of the W.i.P. nightclub. 

TMZ spoke with 21-year-old Veronica ... who tells us she was hanging at a table with her friends Wednesday night when the brawl broke out.  

“I heard people screaming ... so I tried to get away from the action and hid behind a couch."

While she was trying to hide, Veronica says someone trampled her, stepping on her head, which caused a massive knot on her forehead. Veronica claims she also suffered a deep gash on her hand, which she says was caused by a bottle.

Veronica was taken to an ambulance .. where she saw another female victim, Hollie C., who had also been hit by a bottle and was gushing blood from her forehead. 

Veronica tells us, "I plan on suing the club over the incident." She's unsure if she will take legal action against Chris Brown or Drake ... but adds, "I'm trying to see my best legal options."


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These guys go out and think they can act recklessly, with total disregard, dragging innocent ppl into their stupid macho bs. Act like an dumbass, pay the price. these guys will go out partying and drop 50k drinking ace of spades, I think this is gonna cost them big. Get those checkbooks out fellas.

860 days ago


Chris...violence will follow you a thug beatin up on women...Karma is a bitch!!!

860 days ago


When you lie down with dogs ...

860 days ago


This girl has got to be an idiot...the club didn't start the fight.....stupid ppl irk me

860 days ago


Enough photo's have been posted in the media for cops to determine who was with Chris and who was with Drake. The cops will get to the bottom of this especially because so many were injured. The plastic surgery to repair the scars with create an extremelylarge lawsuit. Both Chris and Drake deserved to be sued. I hope all clubs will ban them. They are a hazard to society.

860 days ago


seems legit

860 days ago


Sleep and party with dawgs moron, and eventually you will get a few fleas-or vodka bottles to the head. You should count your blessings that you were to shot-your parents must be so proud.

860 days ago


This guy is the biggest piece of CRAP.

860 days ago


I am one of the Promoters for WIP & Greenhouse, this girl is a complete retard. It is sad to know that such a beautiful and fun place like WIP or Greenhouse can be destroyed by selfish acts such as the ones pulled by these two usually respectful young men. The owner and his staff really do put so much effort into constructing a great atmosphere for everyone famous or not. She should be suing Chris and Drake if anything. It is upsetting because I know how much we work to really provide a great atmosphere and this is one of the best venues in New York.

860 days ago


This stupid bitch... she aint duck behind no couch she aint run away from da action she ran toward it nobody hit nobody duckin this stupid groupie hoe need to shoot herself in da ****in vagina for even talking this B.S,

860 days ago


two stitches? really?, for that I wouldn't have bothered with a band aid. what a wimp.

860 days ago


"“I heard people screaming ... so I tried to get away from the action and hid behind a couch."

Rolling with rappers doesnt sound like much fun.....

860 days ago

MamaSaidKnockYouOut SoIDid ThenIWentToJail    

This article is lacking an address of which I can dispatch the Wambulance for Brown.

860 days ago


White girl gets on TMZ and Youtube to cry about being injured from Drake and Brown fight, comments on TMZ= Sue them, get your money girl, etc.

Woman of color makes same claim comments onTMZ, scammer, oh that's nothing, stop bitching, she's lying, etc.


860 days ago



860 days ago
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