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Chris Brown Fight

I Was Injured, Too

6/16/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another innocent female victim in the Chris Brown vs. Drake fight ... who claims she was also hit by a flying bottle when things got violent inside of the W.i.P. nightclub. 

TMZ spoke with 21-year-old Veronica ... who tells us she was hanging at a table with her friends Wednesday night when the brawl broke out.  

“I heard people screaming ... so I tried to get away from the action and hid behind a couch."

While she was trying to hide, Veronica says someone trampled her, stepping on her head, which caused a massive knot on her forehead. Veronica claims she also suffered a deep gash on her hand, which she says was caused by a bottle.

Veronica was taken to an ambulance .. where she saw another female victim, Hollie C., who had also been hit by a bottle and was gushing blood from her forehead. 

Veronica tells us, "I plan on suing the club over the incident." She's unsure if she will take legal action against Chris Brown or Drake ... but adds, "I'm trying to see my best legal options."


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I don't think it's fair to sue the club, but that's just my opinion. It's not cool that she got hurt and I agree someone should pay... but I don't think the club persay is responsible. The people who were fighting are responsible. But obviously there's the whole "no one knows who started it" bullsh*t... Soo, I don't know.

856 days ago


those cowards shouldnt be throwing bottles anyway. If i were hit by a bottle or trampled on id want to sue too. The rich and famous think they can get away with anything and throwing bottles is just bi@4h move, atleast use fists if your gonna fight

856 days ago


what a ass!!!!!!! he hits women now wants us to feel bad for him????? As a woman who survived
Domestic Violence He can kiss my black ass......!!!! He got a boo boo let his mama kiss it!!!!!

856 days ago


Good! Does it hurt? Maybe he'll finally feel what Rihanna felt that day.

856 days ago


I hate these two stupid rappers, but this is retarded. i slipped in the shower this week and got the exact injury, stitches and a bruise. I should sit down and figure out who i can sue. The bathtub was slippery form my 6year old daughters bubble bath. Hmmm, maybe i should sue her, the bubble makers, the bathtub makers, and the owners of the house. And God, definently God.

856 days ago

Rufus Greenjeans    

Nawww, that beeotch needs to sue her beautician first. #fugly

856 days ago


in my opinion Chris brown has always had anger issue nothing changes that and drake is just drake always acting hard

856 days ago


drake is always acting hard and Chris has always had anger issues and who cares who won or started it just know they are both wanna be top dogs

856 days ago


Obviously nobody on here has had stitches. IT HURTS. I have gotten stitches at least 3 times in my life due to work related injuries. The cuts have to be deep enough to close them with sutures. Then there is the pain involved and then you have to have them REMOVED, which also is painful. And you can't get the part wet either which makes for some creative bathing depending on where the cut is on your body. Nobody in their right mind would go and do this to themselves on PURPOSE like some posters on here have said.
And I also am noting a definite anti woman bias on here because they were young girls in a club. They didn't say themselves" Okay, I'm bored, Let's go to this club and see if their are some celebs there and if there are, we will cut ourselves and blame it on them. After all, I need some money to pay my rent with, It's worth the pain and the medical bills.
To the people who said it would cost about 200 to get stitches, THINK AGAIN, Obviously you haven't had to go to the hospital in a decade or else you have insurance, which I doubt only 1 had insurance since she was a tourist. It cost far more than 200 for stitches. Get a clue

856 days ago


its funny how the Australian copped alot more injury than her yet the American is the one suing

856 days ago


@ misty whatever i bet if this was u u will be crying and wanting to sue to ok so shutup and plus get in her shoes see how it feels to get hit witha bottle on her forhead b***h bye

856 days ago


She just mad that she was the one that got hit thats why shes taking this to extreme measures becauseif it was somebody else she wouldnt even care so thats wat we are doing to you we dont care you wanna be rich girl

854 days ago
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