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Lindsay Lohan

Back on Set [PHOTO]

After 911 Scare

6/16/2012 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was back on the set of Liz & DickHours after paramedics rushed to her hotel room, Lindsay Lohan was back on the set of "The Blair Witch Project" "Liz & Dick" ... and TMZ has the photo of LiLo in all her Liz Taylor glory. 

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was checked out in her room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey ... but was NOT taken to the hospital as others had reported.

It was a case of exhaustion and dehydration.

On to the next drama.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I like how Lofans keep calling it a film.

823 days ago


Well let's see. Not even a week into the actual shooting. Look what Lohan pulled.

It doesn't matter if Lohan was stone cold sober. The point is...

1. Lindsay Lohan knew damn well and full well, full well and damn well, mix and match that anyway you want, she was not to drive herself to and from the set. For obvious reasons. No oops I didn't know crap she pulls. Driver was there to take her to and from the set. Driver didn't show up because board and nothing else better to do.

2. Typical Lohan, friggin moron. The driver was already there to pick her up. Lohans attitude, screw that, I'll do what I want.

3. Lohan drives. Scary right there. The driver following her, and guess what Lohan crashes into the back of a truck.

4. Lohan knew she was dead to rights wrong for driving in the first place. That's why the driver to and from the set so this won't happen.

5. Lohan who can't drive for squat hits the back end of a truck who was in the right lane. Now she really has to try and cover her butt. Backfired.

6. Lohan totals an $80,000.00 rental Porsche.

7. Lohan, per her own words she was driving. No, she wasn't driving, her 'assistant ' was driving as she is seen getting out of the passanger side after her assistant got out of the passanger side.Lohan lied to the police. Assistant not taken the blame for Lohan. Oh, wait a second, hey, it was the truck drivers fault he cut me off. No. He stopped short. No. Backfiring on her.

8. Now she is trying to pull the 'my breaks failed'. No. That's not going to work either.

9. Lohan again is caught and dead to rites wrong. She totals an $80,000.00 rental Porsche. (just hasn't killed anyone so far) Lohan is on the hook for this. Even if she was insured it's alot of money she will have to pay. Lifetime has nothing to do with this and won't pay for it.


Well, that wasn't enough. Barely a week later, (now a little over 2 weeks into actual shooting) Lohan pulls her ever popular 'exhaustion and dehydration' BS she's pulled for the past 6-7 years.

Lohan burned her career, never to get back. She has burned everyone who has cut her a break. right up to Thompson/Lifetime. Lohan kicked them right in the teeth. She can't even handle a basic cable tv movie and she want's Hollywood directors and producers to take her seriously. She is still a laughing stock.

823 days ago

help this young woman    

Messenger, Susan, Red Cloud, Agent Orange, and other fans there is no reason to waste time with the haters today when this is all that happened.

Although the whole "Lindsay Lohan found unconscious!" thing turned out to be a lot of brouhaha about nothing -- the actress was actually just sleeping, and paramedics declared that she was just exhausted and dehydrated -- she's back on set filming her Lifetime movie, "Liz & Dick."

823 days ago


I think Liz would be mortified if she knew she was being portrayed by this twit....she can't even do a Lifetime movie without all the drama? Go away Lindsay!

823 days ago


i think elizabeth taylor's ghost is kicking HOhan's ass.

823 days ago


Good, now that we've run them off...we have the boards to ourselves! Buh bye!!!

823 days ago


Who is that in the pic,Delta Burke?

823 days ago

Hot Farts    

1. Known for being late

2. known for calling in sick

3. known for keeping vodka in water bottles

Based upon these facts about Lohan, folks should know why she insisted on driving herself to set while the studio limo was there to pick her up the day she totaled the Porsche; they should know why she insists on staying at a hotel 1/2 a mile from set from 6 am to 10 am - when most actors would stay in their Star waggon so that they could get more sleep (shooting ended at 6 am started again at 10 am; and, people know why she is dehydrated...SHE'S A DRUNK AND HAS TO HAVE HER BOOZE, PILLS AND WHATEVER ELSE.

823 days ago

High Desert    

See that she already laying the ground work for her defense on the car accident.

823 days ago


@Heat This Stool Sample:
Hey Shemp, thanks for printing the list identifying the bottom of the food chain. You've performed a great public service.
I thank you,
Reality thanks you,
Mother Nature thanks you.

823 days ago


13 hour day? Big deal...drink some water..stop partying. Millions if not billions work hard everyday and aren't allowed the luxery of being "exhausted" and "dehydrated!"

823 days ago


Not only did she do this on the set of Georgia Rule's where the producer had to write an open letter to her to straighten up or pay the consequences, the same thing happened on the set of Herbie Fully Loaded where she was hospitalized due to 'stress'.

Looks to me like Lindsay just can't handle being on set!

823 days ago


Agent Low Hanging Fruit says "Last time I worked at that hotel...".
So Fruit, why would you brag about the doorman job you were fired from?

823 days ago


Why would anyone hire her for a movie?

She couldn't get it together for 'ONE' episode for Glee.

Lindsay cost that little show a lot of money.

823 days ago


One thing i knew the instant I saw the photo is Agent Low Hanging Fruit would figure out the location.
The next certainty is today, if you want to find Agent Fruit, look for a replica Stingray bicycle being furiously peddled on the San Diego freeway on his way to propose to Lohan.
Lunatic fans like Fruit are always stalkers.

823 days ago
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