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Kris Humphries Ex Flame

Voicemail Threatens

To Expose 'More S**t'

6/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries' ex-flame Myla Sinanaj threatened to release sordid details about her relationship with Kris ... and TMZ has the voicemail.

Sources say ... after photos of Myla and Kris began leaking, Kris broke off all contact with her. Myla became enraged after trying in vain 17 times to reach Kris and then called one of his friends.

Myla left a message, demanding that Kris stop stonewalling her and return her calls.

Myla says, "If he's going to play me like that, I have way more sh*t I can put out."

The voicemail does not show alleged extortion on Sinanaj's part, as Humphries claims. Nonetheless, we're told Kris' lawyers gave it to the FBI when they made their extortion complaint.

Myla's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, tells TMZ, there was no evidence of extortion and unless Kris and his lawyer apologize immediately they will both be on the receiving end of a defamation suit.

Tacopina says Myla was indeed angry when she read that Kris was calling her a "booty call."  Tacopina says hundreds of emails and text messages show Myla and Kris were in a "substantial relationship," with Myla meeting Kris' parents, helping his sister shop for furniture for her new apartment and spending many evenings together at home cooking meals.

After we posted the voicemail, Myla posted a flurry of tweets to Kris Humphries saying “I Thought u were a good guy & a good person but something so Intimate as a VM left when I was hurt is a new LOW for 4u….. its sad that I had such a good heart & trusted u. U ASSUMED & Jumped the gun & attacked me for NOTHING. u intentionally hurt me……..

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No Avatar


At first I kind of felt bad for this gump but now I dont. He is just a dick. Plain and simple. You would have thought he learned his lesson the first time around. I hope this chick gets some restitution. WHO does that?

859 days ago


Who cares??!! She is straight up crazy and we all should ignore her. She's just capitalizing on the whole Kris/Kim hoopla and trying to get money and fame. I'm so tired of this whole thing and all the parties involved.

859 days ago


Okay this girl is desperate for KH to give her attention. She needs to get it in her head that he was just using her. She took it the wrong way because she thought there was something more. Honey, you should of known not to get involved with someone who isn't even divorced yet. What was going through her head when she actually thought something good was going to come out of this?..seriously, STOP asking for attention. If he's not calling you yet he probably never will. You're making the situation worse by threatening him. I doubt it was a real relationship as she claims. Kris, please do better next time. These girls are ALL conceited and want attention.

859 days ago

Red in Denver    

Poor Kris Humphries appears to have really bad taste in his female companions. Then again, when you pick them on the size of their assets, I guess you shouldn't expect much in the way of actual character.

859 days ago


You cannot trust a friggin woman. They are the evil of this earth. They love to put down men. Wake up you pigs.

859 days ago



859 days ago


Stop talking about this whore.

859 days ago


This girl was using her vagina like the lottery,a chance to be rich and famous..lokk at her fat ass face smiling at the cameras the day after my boy Kris snaked her pooper

859 days ago


He didn't jump the gun girl, obviously you're a little butt hurt cause well hold on let me rephrase that... you're heartbroken and verbally letting him know you are is making it look like you had bad intentions from the get go otherwise you wouldn't be out to get him so bad now. He knew what your plans were and stopped it from getting any further. Now you're harassing him on twitter like a child so modest of you. Get a grip you should be ashamed of yourself for being so damn easy damn.

859 days ago


Hahaha, I find it funny that this girl is following Kim K on her Twitter...She is at the top of the list.

859 days ago

go home!    

UGH! All this nonsense over a fake marriage that lasted 72 days. We don't care about Kris and his booty call, seriously! All of this over the stupid divorce. Let these two fools get divorced, let Kim be with Kanye and Kris should try to find a basketball team and focus on his career instead of boning women who are trashy replacements for KIm. EMBARRASSING.

859 days ago


I really want KH to speak out for himself just like Chris Brown did on twitter. He mentioned that TMZ is full of ****! That is why I am not believing anything that I read on this site. Only reason why I made this account was to defend Kris. Now I am really starting to think they are doing this because everyone in TMZ are on Kim's side. The media is pure lies! Won't believe anything until there is proof of everything.

859 days ago


Who leaked Myla's pictures to TMZ? If Kris told her he didn't want to publicize his relationship with her, then she should have broken it off it she couldn't handle it. Kris is in the middle of his divorce fiasco and deposition dates are a week away. He is an idiot to be seen with her now, after keeping it quiet for 5 months and telling everyone that he is not dating. Kris who is a free agent does not need this drama, after he had a career high season, playing through boos and ridicules, he is at risk of being undervalued as teams do not want the drama and unnecessary distraction. I feel sad for Kris Humphries for making such poor choices after doing so well in his career.

859 days ago


Myla needs to go away. Who cares if Kris was dating her and dumped her. Get over it and move on. No one cares. Her voicemail just blew her cover that she is really an extortionist and need to leave Kris alone or face the consequences.

859 days ago


After talking so much BS about Kim now she wants to become BFF with her? This girl is a JOKE.

859 days ago
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