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'Basketball Wives' Shaunie O'Neal

I Didn't Fire Anyone!

6/18/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Shaunie O'Neal says it's not her fault three cast members were axed ... telling people she learned the news when everyone else did ... sources close to Shaunie tell TMZ 

As TMZ previously reported, three major "BB Wives" were canned recently -- Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols

But Shaunie is telling friends, despite the accusations, the cuts were NOT made by her. Sources close to Shaunie (who, in addition to being on the show, serves as one of the executive producers) tell TMZ she was blindsided by the news.

We're told Shaunie says the show leaves her in the dark about everything after she butted heads with them over the violent direction the show was headed (i.e on-air brawls and cat-fights).

According to our sources, Shaunie is upset over the current situation and is willing to walk away from the series if it becomes something she no longer believes in.


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This show isn't going ANYWHERE. Too many people watching with their opinions. Somehow the sponsors products will get noticed and people will buy or not. I like the show. That is what it is. Any point I can take away If I choose to, I will. Mostly I love this show because of the Glamor it shows with the fashions, venues, hair styles. Love the beaches, restaurants, clubs parks ..Oh, and the women who remain like Tami, Evelyn and Suzie. They are "what you see is what you get"

853 days ago

Christopher Bell    

Its amazing that they would keep the least positive representations of Black women and axe the more reasonable one. Tammy is crazy and extremely violent,bullying and ignorant. And the crazy Puerto Rican chick is a damn disgrace to all Black latina women. What they all seem to have in common is they are willing to kiss Shaunie's ass. She said she was disturbed with the direction of the show but never once confronted the previous mentioned two violent and ignorant behavior. I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that.

853 days ago


Susie needs to go, she's a non f--- factor. Evelyn needs to be go as she will be a football player's wife, the title of basketball will no longer apply.

852 days ago


Susie needs to go, she's a non f--- factor!!! Evelyn needs to go, she's marrying a football player, the title of basketball will no longer apply to her......

852 days ago



852 days ago

M. Gould    

They need to call it quits. Nobody will watch without Jennifer and Royce. Susie should have been fired she is nothing but a trouble maker. Shaunie is so two-faced and Evelyn is a hood rat.

851 days ago

M. Gould    

They need to call it quits. Nobody will watch without Jennifer and Royce. Susie should have been fired she is nothing but a trouble maker. Shaunie is so two-faced and Evelyn is a hood rat.


851 days ago



850 days ago


Shaunie stop lying. You are one of the EXCECTITIVE PRODUCERS its you show. You are still trying to hide behind your ratchetness.That's why Draya has been with your man.

848 days ago


Shaunie is an out and out LIAR! She is executive producer and has a huge say in what goes on with this show. She is just as ghetto as the rest. You can put a silk dress on an ass and it is still an ass at the end of the day. No matter how well she dresses she is just as ghetto as the rest. Birds of a feather fly together. This show has shown Shaunies's true colors and I hope they don't renew this hot ghetto mess of a show next year!

848 days ago


wow...Jennifer? why jennifer?

846 days ago


they need to get rid of Susie. Keep Jen . Iwill not be looking at the show at all

846 days ago


The three women that were cut needed to be cut. Royce perhaps really wanted to go to pursue her dream of being an actor. The show gave her good exposure, so now she can move on. Lying, manipulative Keisha really needs to go because she is just that. Starting mess then running , then talking more mess in personal interviews ON SCREEN at that. Don't they know the person they are trashing will see or hear that? I could never figure out why she thought she was more culturally astute than the rest of the women. Now, Jennifer. She needs to go whether she wanted to or not. She proved to be so ungrateful and disloyal to everyone on the show, especially the ones who helped cross so many bridges she was faced with crossing. I found her to be unbelievable....let's just say deplorable. That could very well come from her being JEALOUS of the others looks, sucess etc. She seemed to do things to make herself revelant. It is also obvious that she is taking bad advice. She will regret her actions real soon. You don't drop your support group that have always had your back no matter what. I look forward to watching the show without her.

845 days ago


I was introduced to this show and felt compelled to watch, let's start with the fact that shaunie states she didn't know, yes she did, at the end of s04/Ep15,you were told by that gentleman that losing freins were one of the decisions she was going to have to make and this was after the conversation she had with him about the bickering and fighting., had she not shown favouritism behind the scenes and on camera with Evelyn as well as Tammie, then they would not have continued on with their behavour, she validated what they were doing even as she stood there when they put the fish in kenya's room, you should have said don't do that and walked away. Susie, always running her mouth, she's not being innocent when she does so, she fully understands what she's doing which is kicking up trouble, someone should have stopped her some time ago, she revels in the problems it causes and then acts like the doting freind, running around trying to have the subjects of her mayhem make up, with her uncouth sex crazed self and she has the audacity to judge people and say they're mentally unstable, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Tammie, from the time she attended that elegant function took off her shoes ready to fight jennifer she has preyed on the weak, she gets off on it, it gives her pleasure, makes her feel like she's high on a pedistal, as if she has the right to tell everyone what to do and say or else, how old are you? It dosen't matter what the situation is , nor what station of life she comes from, there's no excuse for being a straight out bully/gutter rat and that my dear is what her behavior has reflected, to tell the truth of the matter, the only reason i think she's decided to call a truce and jump on evelyns side is because of her affiliations, and nothing more, she needs to go back to the tapes of day one and keep going and look at her erratic behavior, she's picked a victim on every show and she picks and screams and picks its awful the way she acts, as if she has the right to dictate what these grown women do, she talks about everyone, taunts them and acts as if they have no bussiness retaliating, move it back to the real world hon what you give you get back sometimes thrice fold and by the way, How is she going to be critical of others as well as give advice when she can't take advice nor criticism herself? she needs to stop blaming who she is on everybody and everything for the animal that she is be a woman step up to the plate, take a responsible role as a mom of future moms, and grow up keep her hands to herself before someone serves her back and get it together, in case she hasn't checked lately there's quite a few of us with a story to tell stand in line she's not unique! Evelyn, you looked like a chimp in the same episode, nothing new in her actions she's tammie's twin in putting her hands on people and erratic behavior as well as all of that screaming, jennifer said what she felt, it was her right, she dosen't have to agree with her nor like her man, the part that gets me is jennifer already apologized for the situation, and there Evelyn goes off and screaming again throwing a major tantrum but i don't beleive this had anything to do with that i honestly dont, run the tapes back to when jen brought them to dinner, and announced her lip gloss line, there was a whole lot of hating going on, some had the look along with the whispers of betrayel on their faces as well as in their voices, and thats where this began, because truth be told people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones all of them ate Jen's husband up when she was still married to the man, on down to the design of the divorce cake! And on television in front of millions of veiwers, And as for dragging everyone into this mess no one but her made out of her relationship with Jen because she felt she should have been given a heads up on Jen's cosmetic venture, let's call it for what it was, and Tammie needs to step out of that. as well as Evelyn already had like a thousand closures with Jen on it stop hawking her after all she said she didn't give a ----so shut it .you kicked her back in until she had no choice but to put the lady like ways aside, and stop putting words in her mouth she said nothing about being better than anybody else, your assistant was wrong, all she had to do at any given time was call her or go to her home and talk to her, everyone has a door so what she claimed Jen of not doing she's equally guilty of, she came in beefing at her, once again you get what you give she was showing off, she had no right putting her hands on that woman, that wasn't her place, based on her loyalty to Evelyn which she took to far, and no you are grown women, too darn old to be standing there in the middle of a classless fist fight, Jen did right, take it to the judge, let them be ghetto rats if they like, throwing wine and water and plates and whatever else, its tacky. Keysha, run like you've never run before, get away you don't need kind of company, Jennifer you are the perfect lady, let me explain something to you let them call you the diffrent one why because you are of a diffrent caliber, class act, i don't e
ven know what in the hell you were doing with them in the first place, stay gone, Royce you guys are not the troublemakers, this is also how its proof that shaunie who needs to be ashamd of herself had a hand in this,prbably had help from the evil twins however you three are going to be alright, stay strong, youv'e been kicked out of better places i'm so sure!

842 days ago


The show should be cancelled. It is ridiculous how they act. Grown women meeting to talk about one another is so high school. I couldn't believe Shaunie wanted Jennifer to drop the suit against Nia. Nia was wrong, and out of order. If that was Shaunie who got slapped, I'm pretty sure she would have done the same thing. The name is all wrong. There were only four basketball wives: Shaunie, Jennifer, Tammy, and Meeka. The others were ex-girlfriends.

820 days ago
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