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Rodney King

Weed Plants, Pitchfork

Confiscated from Home

6/18/2012 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0618_rodney_king_death_scene_launchCops have confiscated weed plants and a pitchfork from Rodney King's home as evidence in the death investigation.

Cops are also looking into reports that Rodney was crying uncontrollably shortly before his next-door neighbor heard a splash.

Rodney's fiancee reportedly told police she didn't try to pull Rodney from the pool because she's a poor swimmer.

Meanwhile, the coroner has completed the autopsy on King's body ... but will not announce an official cause of death until additional toxicology tests and tissue studies have been performed.

The results usually take between 4 to 6 weeks.

A rep for the San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department tells us, "There will be no final ruling as to the cause and manner of death until the requested test results have been received and reviewed in context with the autopsy findings."

TMZ broke the story ... King's fiancee discovered his body at the bottom of the pool at the couple's home in Rialto, CA on Sunday morning.

King's fiancee insists Rodney had been drinking and smoking pot in the hours before his death -- and believes his death was accidental. However, people close to Rodney are concerned she's not telling the whole story.

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'Rodney's fiancee reportedly told police she didn't try to pull Rodney from the pool because she's a poor swimmer. ' BULL ****TNER. You don't have an inground pool a be, or stay, a 'poor' swimmer. IF the love of your life is drowning in the family get in that sonofab...h!
get the pool scraper a flipping floatie, hose, a neighbor. f that b. how much money is it worth?????

855 days ago


The guy had a major relapse and the guilt was too much for him to handle, so he decided to end it all once and for all, I say might as well.....

855 days ago


For one, those plants are nowhere mature enough to produce a harvest. Maybe dried pot was in the bags but here in Oregon, with our medical marijuana card, we are allowed to grow pot. I don't see why people in Cali can't do the same. As for her being a poor swimmer, she does realize how small that pool is right and how there's a hand rail she can hold onto. Should I make a black joke about swimming right now or only point out how fake his wife is?

855 days ago


What's the significance of the pitchfork for God's sake! Did own a samurai sword and a super soaker as well? Geezuz!

855 days ago


abused peole allways have bad luck

855 days ago


I am very sad to hear of the passing of Rodney King...This man has not had a very peaceful life before and after the police beating...maybe now he has found peace...I just hope that this was an accident and does not involve foul play...Rest in Peace Mr. Rodney King you deserve it....

855 days ago


Wasnt evidence That Big Chick was cleaning out the fridge!!

855 days ago


Well, at least he had a hobby, even it was growing chronic.

854 days ago


Those are some scrawny ass plants. Wrong fertilizer and not enough light

854 days ago


He may have been growing weed but he didn't die from it. I don't believe his fiance's story.

854 days ago


MAN! that is one sad looking plant. STOP PINCHING THE PLANT or yours too could look like this....

854 days ago


I love my wife but if she fell in a pool I wouldn't jump in to save her....hell I can't swim either....sorry booo I love you though

854 days ago

BB not bb    

What exactly is a pitch fork evidence of, being a farmer? Don't people use those for weeds and gardening? Why are they worrying about his pitchfork and pot plants now that he is dead? Are they going to charge the fiance with a pot farming operation? I can see confiscating the drugs but why the yard tools? Was the pitchfork considered part of the crime scene? Was it out next to the pool or lying randomly in the yard?

I think it is so weird that he is dead, what with Whitney just drowning while on drugs also. They are both around the same age and race also. I really don't see how you can drown in a pool unless you get caught on the bottom in like a filter suction hose or something. All you even have to do is float on your back to the edge and climb out.

Why was this lady even letting him cry outside and wake up the whole neighborhood in the middle of the night?

854 days ago


Why have a pool if you can't swim?

854 days ago


Sounds like his wife may be in cohoots with the purpertrators, her story is conflicting. One minute she discovered his body, the next she is a poor swimmer, which one is it? And of course, the people he sued was just waiting for the day for payback due to Rodney King's lawsuit! Story sounds fishy just like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, etc...

854 days ago
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