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Channing Tatum

Ex-Stripper Pals Upset --

You Stole Our Moves!!!

6/18/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Channing Tatum and Magic Mike
Two ex-male strippers who once worked with Channing Tatum claim his new movie "Magic Mike" is a giant SLAP IN THE FACE ... claiming the actor stole THEIR stories and turned it into his own Hollywood gold.

FYI -- Tatum doesn't just star in the film, he's also a producer -- and has claimed the film is partially based on his real-life experiences as a dancer back in Florida. 

But TMZ spoke to Thomas "Awesome" Austin and London Steele -- both guys worked with Tatum back in his FL stripper days -- who say the film is based more off their lives than his ... even down to the title -- "Magic Mike" -- which is a name Austin says he coined for another dancer.

'Awesome' Austin tells TMZ ... he and his former male dance buddies are a like a "brotherhood" and, while they're happy for Channing's success, they feel betrayed by the actor for not involving any of them in the film.

They claim they took Tatum under their wings when he was a nobody and taught him all their special stripper-moves like "The Hot Seat" -- which is featured in the film and Austin says he invented it.

The guys tell us, after seeing parts of the final product they feel slighted ... claiming Tatum failed to consult them for accuracy and insist that, without them, he wouldn't have any material.

Austin explains, Channing was an "amateur" when he met him and says "he only danced for 4 months. How many events could have happened to him?"

A rep for Channing had no comment.



No Avatar


His ideas. His movie. Tough Luck Guys.

822 days ago


How sad... like the distant, out-of-touch relatives who come out of the woodwork when someone wins the lottery. Sour grapes, pure and simple.

822 days ago


Maybe their just jealous cause they didn't think of it first. I mean, you're strippers... I'm going to assume that somewhere out there there are other strippers doing the same moves as you did... the movie is based on his experiences... and that's not a lie. I guess they just need to get over themselves. I doubt many people are going to go see the movie for the "story"... it's more for the half naked men dancing around on stage. So, yeah...

822 days ago


Maybe he thinks they wouldn't care because none of us do.

822 days ago


Is anyone really surprised?

822 days ago


and as for the ones showing there faces; sorry not so hot

822 days ago


So the takeaway is that practically all male strippers are gay? Didn't we already know that?

822 days ago


I'm glad everyone is on the same page here that these guys a re losers. Get over yourselves. Jelous or what? He can make a movie about whatever he wants. Nothing you can do about it,stoop trying to claim anything here. Everyone thinks they sound dumb cause they are.

822 days ago


Did this movie come out yet, or did it bomb?

822 days ago


THis guy London is a joke, How could he even be a stripper? He's so damn ugly he needs to be shot and put out of his misery lol.

822 days ago


Now why do I think a ridiculous lawsuit will be filed in the next few weeks? hmmmmmmm

Also @TEE no this movie hasn't come out yet and it will NOT bomb.

822 days ago


An overly obvious publicity stunt. Every stripper in the world, whether male or female, has the right and opportunity to make a script out of their life experience. Writing it and getting it made into a major Hollywood movie is quite another accomplishment. I do congratulate these two nobodys on getting some coverage from TMZ. Now they can advertise: "As featured on TMZ" when they get gigs stripping.

822 days ago


If he honestly stole thier ideas and they owned the rights to them and they can prove it, they need to sue him and the film company, if not they need to stop whining and go away.

822 days ago


Sour grapes? It's a movie boys, that means they make stuff don't think they would want real stuff in there do you? It would be boring if they based it on your boring ass lives.

822 days ago


Did London Stell sell that photo and video to US Weekly in 2009? Now he wants more?

822 days ago
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