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U.S. Open Jungle Bird Man I Will Strike Again!!!

6/18/2012 12:48 PM PDT

U.S. Open -- Jungle Bird Man Vows to Strike Again


There were no Tigers at the U.S. Open trophy ceremony ... but there was a crazy Bird Man ... and now the guy who snuck past security and stole the show by bird-calling on live TV is vowing to do it again.

TMZ spoke with the man ... (he ONLY refers to himself as "Jungle Bird") ... who admits he had a few beers before jumping in front of Bob Costas and U.S. Open Champ Webb Simpson at Sunday's big trophy celebration at the world famous golf tourney. 

But this was no drunken stunt -- JB says it was a premeditated mission to raise awareness about global deforestation ... explaining, "I want people thinking about saving trees."

Of course, security ripped him off the course and handed him over to the San Francisco PD -- but JB says the officers were laughing with him and making bird noises at the station. They eventually let him go because the U.S. Open did not want to press charges. 

So how did JB manage to breach security in the first place? "It was quite easy," he explains ... "There was security there but everyone was caught up in the moment and they were distracted."

Jungle Bird Man insists we haven't seen the last of his foul feathered ways ... telling us his next bird strike will go down in the U.K. -- "The House of Commons is the next port of call."

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