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Woody Allen


By Estranged Son

6/18/2012 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Woody Allen had an awkward Father's Day ... because his estranged son roasted him on the Internet by reminding the world ... Woody's current wife USED TO BE his step-daughter.

Ronan Farrow -- the 24-year-old son of Allen and Mia Farrow -- went to Twitter and posted the following message:

Mia retweeted the message ... and added the word, "BOOM."

According to reports, Ronan stopped speaking to his father back in 1992 ... when it was discovered Woody had been dating Soon-Yi Previn -- Mia Farrow's adopted daughter with her 2nd husband André Previn.

Woody began dating Mia in 1980 ... when Soon-Yi was 10 years old.


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they've been together 20 years?
So sun-yi is 32 years old now?

828 days ago


So True

828 days ago


TMZ failed on this one because Harvey's people failed to report the details of this affair. I vividly remember when this scandal broke on the papers. Mia FOUND OUT that Woody has been having sexula relations with her then MINOR adopter. How did she find out? THRU THE NAKED PHOTOS OF HER DAUGHTER TAKEN BY WOODY ALLEN. I can vividly remember those naked photos up to this time because of my horror and I still don't know why they appeared on the newspapers then. So check your fact people, this pedophile was ONLY ABLE to marry her child bride after she turned 18 even though he has started molesting her sexually when she was still a minor. If Woody Allen was NEVER a powerful, influential and rich "respected" (throw up!) person in Hollywood and New York and he was just a commonerJohn Doe, for sure Woody Allen has been spending his lonely nights in prison for what he did. His marriage to his young bride when she turned 18 was his move to justify his sick acts done to her. I can't blame Mia and her son for not being able to forgive this sick, dirty old man. And for those who don't even know the real story or facts about the true character of this old, sick man don't judge Mia and her son because you NEVER LIVED their life so you will never have any idea what they went through.

828 days ago


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828 days ago


This isn't the first time. Woody was going out with actress Stacey Nelkin when she was 15. Ronan graduated Yale law at 16, and works for the State Department now. He'll probably be Secretary of State, or even President one day.

828 days ago


This man is a sex pervert ...he took naked pictures of his step daughter when she was under age. Why do people support this pervert

828 days ago


Sad to be bitter after all these years. Though I still find it a tad creepy my own self.

828 days ago


I don't think the people who are saying he should get over it understand. He was RAISED with Soon-Yi as a sister. It is awkward when your dad starts dating your SISTER. Just because she was adopted by Farrow doesn't make it any less awkward for him. Imagine having your father dump your mother for your sister. It doesn't matter how many years has passed. He probably considers it incest. It's disgusting. And he probably thinks that it makes the family look bad.
Woody Allen is a pedophile. You raise a girl and then you marry her? That's sick.

828 days ago

jonny seed    

woody's the man. 20 years have proved it! Ronan has got issues of his own, but he'll grow up...

828 days ago

O_o least he didnt start dating soonyi when she was 10. i dunno, i'm tryin to give the guy SOMETHIN here. got nothin! ha

828 days ago


And why didn't Woody get arrested for molesting/raping a 10 year-old girl? They started dating when she was 10!!! Ridiculous

828 days ago


I totally see where he is coming from. All of you who never had to experience this kind of f*ckery in your family please take a seat!

Woody Allen were basically banging both his mother AND his sister...

I'll repeat, Woody Allen were banging his girlfriend of 10 plus year and her daughter.


828 days ago


OMG... I CANNOT BELIEVE the comments saying that WA should be "forgiven" for his behavior... YES... it WAS 20 years ago... SO WHAT... doesn't ANYONE remember this was his "STEP DAUGHTER" (regardless of any/lack of "bio ties" to the YOUNG GIRL)... OR the FACT that he had NAKED PICS of her IN HIS APT? WA is a PEDOPHILE PLAIN AND SIMPLE...

I remember thinking at the time WHY WAS HE NOT PROSECUTED???? If I remember correctly the girl had NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE so her "true age" could not be proven... and HE claimed she was "of age" (16)...


828 days ago


The kid needs to understand that nerds or geeks go for Asians because they are subservient and offer relationships free of bitching and nagging. And this was Woodie's last best chance to take advantage of an innocent girl young and dumb enough to fall for him.

828 days ago


The man had a biological son and adopted 2 other children with Mia. He's disgusting! He was a father figure to those children. That's no different than if Kurt Russell left Goldie Hawn for Kate Hudson.

828 days ago
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