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Woody Allen


By Estranged Son

6/18/2012 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Woody Allen had an awkward Father's Day ... because his estranged son roasted him on the Internet by reminding the world ... Woody's current wife USED TO BE his step-daughter.

Ronan Farrow -- the 24-year-old son of Allen and Mia Farrow -- went to Twitter and posted the following message:

Mia retweeted the message ... and added the word, "BOOM."

According to reports, Ronan stopped speaking to his father back in 1992 ... when it was discovered Woody had been dating Soon-Yi Previn -- Mia Farrow's adopted daughter with her 2nd husband André Previn.

Woody began dating Mia in 1980 ... when Soon-Yi was 10 years old.


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Who cares if he married his stepdaughter?
And why care? Reason?

821 days ago


Highlarious! I have to give it to Ronan Farrow for reminding his pedophile father of what he did to their family. First off, yes the affair did come out when Soon Yi was of age, BUT the naked pictures that Mia Farrow found of Soon Yi in Woody Allens apartment were of a young Soon Yi of around 16 or 17 years of age. Woody was also investigated for molesting his younger daughter, Dylan when she was around four years old. I'm glad Ronan Farrow made that comment. That B*stard should be reminded every day of his life of what he did! This is not a legal issue, but a moral one. I hope karma comes back big time to both of them for what they did!

821 days ago


Ah maybe the issue is facts, here are some facts for ya:
Soon-Yi was 20 years old...not 10...when their relationship began.
Woody and Mia Farrow were a couple, but:
1) Woody and Mia were never married
2) Woody and Mia lived in separate houses.
3) Woody never legally adopted Soon-Yi
4) Woody didn't have sex with Soon-Yi when she was a preteen-aged girl, therefore there is no pedophile predator
So...who cares if he married her?

821 days ago


He didn't stop to talk with his father at the age of 5. He was alienated by his furious mother, for sure.

821 days ago


Good for Ronen for speaking the truth and not giving in to the "just accept it, it's been 20 years" B.S. He doesn't have to accept $h&t! It's his father who is the sick pedophile. And good for Mia. There is no obligation to forgive and forget, and it's refreshing to see people in Hollywood who stay true to their values regardless of how much money they are forsaking to stand their ground.

821 days ago

good as gold    

The kid was being sarcastic people, WAKE UP!
Anyway, I'm sure Ms Farrow never turned down a child support payment from Woody and I'm also sure Ronan won't turn down an inheritance check when Woody passes on.

821 days ago


And just like other women like her, Soon-yi looks like she has a bad case of downs.

821 days ago


Whoa whoa whoa, TMZ you're totally wrong about one thing. Allen began his affair when his wife's adopted daughter was between 19 and 20 NOT ****ING 10. Please fix this, it is so wrong.

821 days ago


There is no way we know the whole creepy story. It makes my skin crawl. Ugh.

821 days ago


Its a funny quip. But if he "stopped talking to his father back in 1992" when he was what...4 years old? Obviously HE didn't stop talking to him and rather his mother forced him to stop talking to him and has been talking crap about him for the past 20 years. Which is the real reason they stopped talking.

821 days ago


I am totally on his side, Woody Allen is a disgusting old perv. Soon =yi is with her for his money. Didn't they say Woody molested one of the other daughters? Team Ronan all the way.

821 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if in the future there will be a book written about this perverted, sick old with a chapter revealing that he AGAIN molested certain young girl/girls while he was married to this former adopted daughter of his former LONG-TIME GIRLFRIEND. Why? Soon-Yi is already considered an OLD WOMAN by common standard of any pedophiles. I don't blame Mia and her son for never forgiving this perverted, sick old man. And I hope Soon-Yi is "taking good care" of her young kids with this pedophile.

821 days ago


I'm sure that perv - Woody Allen doesn't care what anyone has to say about him. However the son's tweet was right on point!

821 days ago


It's creepy as hell.... but I'm guessing his mom had a lot to do with his estrangement to his father since he stopped talking to him in 1992..... when he was FIVE. Still weird though.

821 days ago


Mia didnt have to fuel anything. Kids are highly perceptive even at 4/5.. And as everyone knew about it and probably spoke about it, it wouldnt be too unrealistic to assume that hed overheard a few things. I feel for the kids and mum. Imagine the betrayal, the pain, the shame... How selfish must you be.

821 days ago
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