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Alec Baldwin

Violent Confrontation

w/ NY Daily News Photog

6/19/2012 7:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Alec Baldwin has a Violent Confrontation with NY Daily News Photog
11:44 AM PT -- The photog, Marcus Santos, has filed a criminal assault complaint against Baldwin with the NYPD.  The incident is currently under investigation.


Things got physical between Alec Baldwin and a NY Daily News photographer today ... as Alec was leaving a NY courthouse with his fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

According to the NY Daily News, Baldwin had just obtained a marriage license ... when he got into it with one of their staff photographers, Marcus Santos.

Santos told the paper Baldwin was screaming for him and another Daily News photog to back up ... and they obliged. But Baldwin kept coming -- "He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me -- one time, right in the chin."

But sources connected with Alec tell TMZ ... the photographer almost HIT HIM with the camera and while Alec pushed him away ... he did not punch him.

Moments after the altercation, Alec tweeted, "A 'photographer' almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning #allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded."

During the altercation, the 2nd NY Daily News photog snapped a shot of Alec with his arms extended and Santos falling back.


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See what you have to look forward to in this marriage, Hilaria ? Only one day, it will be YOU and not a photographer that he attacks. He has a LONG history of this kind of behavior.

835 days ago


i don't feel bad for photogs they have no respect. do to others what you would have them do to you. i'm sure they wouldn't want a camera constantly shoved in their face either.

835 days ago


Come on photog...I'm sure his friend just bested him with a better word. Alec is a confirmed Douche! Drop him Tina...

835 days ago


Heeeeeeeere we go again!!!
Very shortly we'll be reading about the arrest warrant out for Baldwin.
It's the same ol' sh!t, just a different day.

835 days ago


Angry Alec Baldwin with a legal stalker with a camera... Bad situation, that was predictable.

835 days ago


Alec is special and the rules don't apply to him. Twit.

835 days ago

Who Knew    

In the blue corner, Alex "little piggie" Baldwin and in the red corner Mel " I come first" Gibson. Lllllllllllllets get ready to rumblllllllllllle.

835 days ago


you women are so full of it. publicly, you denounce the self same behavior, that privately turns you on....GMAFB!
you are liars or you are delusional..

835 days ago

charlei harper    

celebrities crave and want attention,status and recognition...and when they get it, they go bat crap crazy...if you don't want the celebrity life style...then get out of it...or you could put Chris Brown, Drake and Alec in the same room and let them go at it...

835 days ago


When did Gilbert Gottfried start working for the NY Daily News?

835 days ago


Baldwin is a nutcase. He's losing control, should be arrested for this and ordered into counseling until his mental illness is cured.

835 days ago

Billy Reynolds    

As usual you take the side of the photographer and try to make out that Alec Baldwin just suddenly decided to attack him out of the blue. It's MUCH more likely that the photographer started saying the kind of disgusting filth that these animals usually come out with to get a reaction that they can either take a photo of or can get "famous" from when they get attacked for "all I did was ask if I could have a picture". BS

835 days ago


This Photo is Hilarious, I cant help but laugh...haha

835 days ago


Lets see he's minding his own business and picking up his marriage liciense which is special in any couples life and walk out and into a dam swarm of Papz taking pictures thus ruining the happiness of the moment for him and his fiancee....and tell them to back up and if I know Papz they stood their like dumb OX's trying to get their money shots and he comes at them and trys to clean them out......Hell I would have layed the Pap out on the ground if I could have... He told them to move and they didn't ...Period....end of story...

835 days ago


If this woman has any sense she will run for her life, this guy is a lunatic

835 days ago
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