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Alec Baldwin

Violent Confrontation

w/ NY Daily News Photog

6/19/2012 7:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Alec Baldwin has a Violent Confrontation with NY Daily News Photog
11:44 AM PT -- The photog, Marcus Santos, has filed a criminal assault complaint against Baldwin with the NYPD.  The incident is currently under investigation.


Things got physical between Alec Baldwin and a NY Daily News photographer today ... as Alec was leaving a NY courthouse with his fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

According to the NY Daily News, Baldwin had just obtained a marriage license ... when he got into it with one of their staff photographers, Marcus Santos.

Santos told the paper Baldwin was screaming for him and another Daily News photog to back up ... and they obliged. But Baldwin kept coming -- "He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me -- one time, right in the chin."

But sources connected with Alec tell TMZ ... the photographer almost HIT HIM with the camera and while Alec pushed him away ... he did not punch him.

Moments after the altercation, Alec tweeted, "A 'photographer' almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning #allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded."

During the altercation, the 2nd NY Daily News photog snapped a shot of Alec with his arms extended and Santos falling back.


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buzz kill    

Baldwin was just trying to show his young girlfriend how tough and youthfull he is. When the paps ignore him that will pi*s him of even more. What a douche bag.

835 days ago


He's just another Hollywood J E R K

835 days ago


Alex did nothing I wouldn't have done. His recent stint on the airplane should have cost him time behind bars. But this time I feel he was totally justified.

835 days ago

Patricia Filmmaker Tone    

ok as a camera operator, I'm on Alec's side... why do these reporters have to get sooo close when the lens can zoom in... u can shoot a scene from across the street with a zoom... and the fact that Alec was able to reach out and grab the man, means he was too darn close... ijs

835 days ago


yeah, here's what happened. Thii idiot photog purposely got in Alec's face in order to get a shot that he could pass off as the story.

835 days ago

joe blow    

sorry but this pic does not look like a punch was thrown at all, baldwin is not in a follow thru of any kind, the other schmuck is looking right at him, not to one side or up/down the opposite direction the punch came from, this is nothing, why is there not a pic of the mark it left, we know there was a camera!!!!!!

835 days ago


soooooooo what, he's alec baldwin bitch

835 days ago

mike halper    

If you don;t want photographers quit acting have a reg make 50k a year then no one will bother you these jerks make 20 million a movie then are crybabies someone wants a picture it comes with the job would you rather be poor and left alone thats the choices here. Alec Baldwin is grossly overpaid so shut up and act like a man and not a kid.

835 days ago


Wow, big shock here, Alex Baldwin has an anger management problem.
I was once a big fan of his, but lately I am seriously rethinking my position on that. Not only is he stupid on the Captial One commercials but he needs to get some serious help for his anger issues. No wonder Kim divorced his sorry azz.
Wake up honey. This is going to be your life if you stay with this man. I would instantly rethink about marrying this man. Here's proof positive that he has issues.

835 days ago


I think this NY daily news guy wanted Alex to get pissed off knowning his history and the other NY new paper guy was in on it also. They wil do anything for a buck. Good for you Alex.

835 days ago


Alec is a gigantic a$$hole. We that live in East Hampton have to tolerate his nonsense when he's out here.

835 days ago


Baldwin is mean and arrogant. Probably cranky because he looks thinner ---and I betcha dieting doesn't make him more pleasant to be around. He's a condescending jerk when he attempts to be funny on his own without scriptwriters to help him.

835 days ago

Mike R.     

Just be thankful there is anyone still left around that cares enough to want to take your picture. There is always obscurity - it's free....and your choice!

835 days ago

mike halper    

Igfnore him don't watch any shows he;s on if he;s in a movie don;t see it the hell with him, He wants all the money fame having a yiung wife well tht comes with photographers then QUIT ACTING GET A JOB LIKE WORKI NG PEOPLE 50K A YEAR AND HAVER FREEDOM OR GROW UP APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE YOU ARE TOO OLD TO ACT LIKE A JERK WITH ANGER ISSUES

835 days ago


I think if a pap is within arm's distance of you, you should be able to knock the sh* out of the pap and break his equipment.

835 days ago
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