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Alec Baldwin

White As a Sheet

After Pap Scuffle

6/19/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0619_alec_baldwin_PacificCoastNewsNow you see him, now you don't -- hours after Alec Baldwin got into a violent stand-off with a New York photog, the actor hit the streets of the Big Apple ... wearing a paparazzi-proof white blanket.

As we previously reported, things got physical between Baldwin and NY Daily News photographer Marcus Santos this morning -- as Baldwin was leaving a courthouse with his fiancee Hilaria Thomas. The couple had just obtained a marriage license.

Santos has already filed a criminal assault complaint against Baldwin, but the actor insists anything he did was in self-defense. The incident is currently under investigation.

Strange, that woman in the background looks like she just saw a ghost.


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

hmm... looks like he's a fan of Ghosts 'n' Stuff.

826 days ago


Someone needs to physically hurt this jacka$$.

826 days ago


Alec wants you to think that this is just another case of aggressive paparazzi. But then you look at Alec's track record of defying flight attendants on a plane, and calling his daughter a thoughtless little pig. I would bet the farm that these photographers were not in his face, it was just typical raging Alec Baldwin. He always comes off as such a smug douche.

826 days ago


This will go nowhere.

826 days ago

Scott Levy    

Alec is the white Chris Brown. An untalented, tempermental, abusive *******. With a superiority complex a mile wide, and a huge chip on his shoulders.

826 days ago


Didn't Alec learn from Beetlejuice? The white bed sheet never works to scare people away.

826 days ago


Wait... Beetlejuice 2 is coming out???? SWEET!!!

826 days ago


I knew that Baldwin had anger management issues, but now I;m wondering if he has mental health issues as well. I still remember his voicemail to his 12 year old daughter when he called her a pig for not wanting to go on her visit with him. (not surprising she didn't)

It's a shame because like him as an actor, but as a person--not so much.

826 days ago


Of course the obvious question is, "How did the photographer know this is Alec Baldwin?" Did he call the papers and announce he's going to walk down the street with a blanket covering him as a social comment on the plight of celebrities who want privacy? Can you say "self-absorbed"??????

826 days ago


Alec Baldwin wants to go into politics. He's nuts. I doubt even the dems would support this emotional train wreck.

826 days ago


Now this is exactly the reason I'm a fan of ADAM Baldwin and not Alec. Adam is NORMAL, unlike this kooky-kook. Just when Alec starts to behave and calm down and you think he's finally going to chill and sort himself out, he completely freaks out and/or opens his yap and stuns the world with some off-the-wall comment or behavior. What is his deal? does he need meds or what? Too bad Adam isn't really his brother. Perhaps he'd have a calming affect on poor Alec.

826 days ago


Haha, wouldn't it be great if Alec Baldwin stayed under the blanket forever so we'd never have to hear or see him again. He's the biggest jerk on the planet (well except for Bill Maher.)

826 days ago


All those big shot american universities, yet you can't solve a simple paparazzi problem. How about if celebrities fix the problem by banding together and lobbying for legislation to keep them at a distance, and let them use telephoto lenses. Or, maybe you are just whining about the photogs, because it brings you more attention. Maybe you like it.

826 days ago


LOL. What a photo bomber.

826 days ago

Kowny Krush    

This dude's not playing with a full deck.

826 days ago
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