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Jerry Sandusky

NBC Failed to Air

Damning Molestation Comments

6/19/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky told Bob Costas back in November -- "I didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I've helped."  Yet that damning statement was never aired on NBC, and prosecutors in the molestation case have not played it for the jury.

"NBC Nightly News" aired the statement last night ... As for why NBC didn't air it during the November broadcast, a spokesman told us, "There were a lot of compelling comments in the original interview but we did not have time to include them all." 

As for why prosecutors didn't play Sandusky's statement to the jury ... beats us.

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Mike Hawk    

NBC and MSNBC are not worthy forms of press and should be pulled off the air. These knuckleheads continue to embarrass themselves. Zimmerman comments, Keith Olberman, Ed Schultz, and more...This network is straight out incompetent. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

834 days ago

joe blow    

if you look at yahoo & other web sites they never have a comment - forum after the story!! why ?? i never did like this from the start i really think a big cover up is happening because there are others involved & they are at the top, my personal opinion & if your is different then good for you...

834 days ago

Mizzle Stizzle    

If you all would stop pontificating and LISTEN to his comments in their proper context, you will see he was saying he has helped boys without even having contact with them, so he didn't seek out boys to help in order to fulfill his sexual needs.

Not defending him in anyway, but stop trying to make a story where there is none.

834 days ago


frankly, not totally sure what he's trying to say. i think he's trying to plead innonence but i think his sentence construction is poor. double negative, or something like that.

834 days ago


So do we have pedophilic NBC/Comcast execs that are protecting Penn State's pedophile? Prosecutors need to play the rest of that tape in rebuttal.

834 days ago


Whats up with NBC editing tapes, lying, playing weird games. I think they are a bunch of Democrat loving pedophiles!

834 days ago


Dear Diary...


834 days ago

Dita Wildflower    

I think Sandusky hurt a lot of kids and their families. However, I'm CERTAIN this man won't see even 1 day of jail time. Guaranteed. He is way too connected financially to the judicial system, lawyers and politicians in his community. They won't dare put him away.... he'll get away with this unfortunately.

834 days ago


i wonder if Jerry is a member of NAMBLA? Hell, he might be president.

834 days ago


The scariest fact is, the jury is made up of people who are from that ridiculous bubble around Penn State. All you need to do is read comments under any article about this creep Sandusky to see how these people feel/react to the allegations. It's like they're brainwashed and/or in complete denial of this due to their allegiance to that messed-up school, all the way to Paterno, who, for all intents and purposes, swept this creep's abuse under the rug. Anyone defending Paterno is denying the truth. #LOSERS.

834 days ago


This is what happens when society devolves to a point where it thinks sexually deviant behavior such as homosexuality is somehow acceptable. Perverts like this creep inevitably take it to the next level.

834 days ago


What do Jerry Sandusky and Kmart have in common?
They both have little boys pants half off!

833 days ago


Its just amazing that NBC did not air this for reasons of "time" Didn't they realize what news gold this was?

833 days ago


They cut out the part after when Bob Costas leaned over and vomited on the floor.

833 days ago


MSNBC/NBC is the most untrustworthy news station and lack any integrity, so it's no surprise.

833 days ago
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