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Khloe Kardashian

DEFENDS Kris Humphries

6/19/2012 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries hasn't burned ALL of his Kardashian bridges -- it seems he still has a friend in Khloe ... who insists her sister's estranged husband is a "good guy."

Khloe was leaving La Scala in Beverly Hills yesterday when we asked how she felt about Kris' extortion case with his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj.

Khloe -- who seemed pretty concerned about Humphries -- replied, "Well, that shouldn't happen to anyone ... Kris is a good guy."

We asked Khloe if she thought Kris and Myla really had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship ... Khloe shot back, "I don't know who [Kris is] f**king, it's just not my sister, that's all I know."


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Is TODD WATERMAN Rob's father? TODD ,( he was one of Kris' illicit lovers) was a recent guest star on their show,and his resemblance to ROB is uncanny. K. Jenner was playing around with WATERMAN about the time of ROB'S conception. Better follow through with those DNA tests, ROB! Nothing is beyond your "mother."

855 days ago


Klohe is looking a little stressed -- it must be exhausting to be a member of the most hated family in America, and dealing with the ongoing B$, contrived crap pimpmomager is constantly submitting to TMZ, RadarOnline and anyone else she can get to trash Kris H. Thankfully, it will all be over soon...

855 days ago



855 days ago


"Saint Kim", was interviewed by Oprah. She confessed to becoming promiscuous, at the tender age of 14, encouraged and condoned by "Saint Kris," 'her "mother", who apparently wanted to justify her own miscreant behaviors. "Saint Kim" rationalizes all her inappropriate behaviors & actions " because they are "learning experiences and made her the person she is today!"

855 days ago


Bruce appears to be "medicated". He relishes that his wife is racking in the dough,while he does little or nothing to contribute.She even gets jobs for him,because he fails to take the initiative . But then ,why should he? Money hungry Jenner made them all rich, beyond their dreams.Should she be admired? In a way-

855 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

I sometimes wonder what the pimp mom thinks of all this sometimes, meaning, thanks to her slutty daughter Kim, they have these reality shows, making money. I wonder if she ever feels guilt or sick to her stomach. Living in wealth off her daughter's sex tape. Which by the way, SUCKED!

855 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Bigfoot Kardashian is cool. She made fun of the Golden Shower Princess on Letterman and laughed her ass off about it. Plus, she clearly knows it's all a sham and just grabs the cash while it's still flowing. Getting rich by selling horse manure to morons, it's the American Dream. Good for her!

855 days ago


Somehow I doubt Kris H has much to worry about unless the woman is willing to perjure herself for Kardashian kash. Has Kanye been issued a subpoena yet? That would be interesting. Subpoena Reggie, too. He might have some interesting things to say.

855 days ago


Actually, they need to put the whole K Klan on the witness stand. Subpoena the bunch of them, see who kracks first. Sounds like Khloe is trying to backtrack a bit - she's been dissing Kris H from the beginning and is the source of quite a few of the smears the Klan has been pushing through tabloids. Maybe she realizes that hasn't gone unnoticed and is tarnishing her rep of being the least objectionable member of the Klan. Or maybe she's so ticked at her mom's cat-in-heat behavior around the time of her conception, she's rethinking her loyalty to the Klan. Or maybe it's even dawned on her from her own experiences that having cameras on and a fakey fakey pseudoreality show are not conducive to good marriages and put a lot of stress on the non-K spouse caught up in it all. Wonder what Lamar thinks about the way Kris H was treated, both while he was on the show and while Kimmie was busily concocting her fakey angst-filled scenes pretending to occur during the marriage, spinning things against Kris H long after she dumped him? Does he realize that it could have been him if the Klan ever decided he wasn't obedient enough?

855 days ago

BB not bb    

Was she being sarcastic and facetious? I really don't get it. How is he such a good guy? He tried to run the whole family into the ground. Maybe she was just talking jibberish instead of saying "no comment". I really don't get what she said that for.

The reporter asked what she thought of Kris's problems and she said "what problems" like she didn't even want to talk about it. Then she said extortion shouldn't happen to anyone, not like she knew about the case at all. Then she said Kris is a good guy, maybe so they won't quesiton her on the case before court? I don't know but it is weird.

855 days ago

Sarah Dash    

Khloe has a lot more class than Kim. She must get it from her real father.

855 days ago


Kris... some good advice:
1. Stick to Prostitutes
2. Spell your name Correctly


855 days ago


Kris should see if he can knock her up, couldn't hurt to try, just go backdoor if you want it to look like Lamar, he'll never know. shhhhhhhh.....

855 days ago


If I had to pick the least objectionable one it would be Khloe, but she curses more than a pirate. She does seem more sensible and caring than all the rest of them put together.

855 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Who the hell...

855 days ago
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