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Khloe Kardashian

DEFENDS Kris Humphries

6/19/2012 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries hasn't burned ALL of his Kardashian bridges -- it seems he still has a friend in Khloe ... who insists her sister's estranged husband is a "good guy."

Khloe was leaving La Scala in Beverly Hills yesterday when we asked how she felt about Kris' extortion case with his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj.

Khloe -- who seemed pretty concerned about Humphries -- replied, "Well, that shouldn't happen to anyone ... Kris is a good guy."

We asked Khloe if she thought Kris and Myla really had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship ... Khloe shot back, "I don't know who [Kris is] f**king, it's just not my sister, that's all I know."


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Next episode of "Taking out the Trash", Kim comes flying in the house madder than a wet hen and accuses Khloe of taking sides with Kris how dare she betray her own sister. Then she promptly disowns Khloe before a big dinner with the entire family and more drama ensues. Yep, gotta love that scripted crapation.

800 days ago


Khloe need to STFU. She has said mean things about Kris H. many, many times before. now he's a good guy. She lies right along with the rest of her fame whore family and Kim is her half-sister. Khloe can't get in the limelight like Kim because she big and not at all attractive so she tries to be the "shock jock" of the family. Her mouth is as nasty as she looks.

800 days ago


Um Kim said he was a good guy 3 times before khloe did so why would Kim be mad?

800 days ago

Joan K    

Please somebody take the whole damned Trashain Klan and shoot their azzes into space, do the world a big favor. They are all phony from the tips of their fake hair down to their big feet.

800 days ago


Speaking of plastic surgery- K.Jenner was on with Joan Rivers, and their faces were almost identical!
She looked good for her age, and should have left well enough alone. Now her face looks "peculiar."
She also had new boobs done. Whatever happened to "aging gracefully?"

800 days ago


2 reasons why she is changing her tune now.
1. Her husband. She has to "behave" herself so he can get on another team . If she opens her mouth she ruins everything.
2. And most importantly, she KNOWS waaaaaaayy down deep in her heart that her sister is DEAD WRONG. She KNOWS that Chris is going to wipe the floor with her sister in court so she is trying to get on his good side now to lessen the damage. It's all about damage control. That's the way it is with this family.
I don't give them credit for ANYTHING.
And she's crude. Who in the world would say " I don't know who Chris is f***ing, but it's not my sister"
Good God. EEEEWWWW. I don't want any mental picture in my head about my siblings having sex. Obviously she does.

800 days ago


She is so full of sh** referring to Kris as a good guy at this point. Makes me laugh how so many people claim they "like klohe." That's only because she comes off as the least vapid of the bunch but she went along with the money-making scam(s), talks in the most baby-talk voice on the planet and won't get the balls to find out who her real dad is because she knows it's probably not Robert K., and that would cause evil kimmie to psychologically torment her about it for the rest of her life.

800 days ago


That would imply one having a conscious, which neither PMK or Princess PeePee have.
It's money, money, money! Any way, any how!!! No guilt at all.
I mean, would you want $$$ bad enough to sleep with Kangay? Ugh!! Yo Kim, I'm gonna let you finish, but..... =p

800 days ago


Aaaaaaaaaaaand, that's about the only guy you can say for sure isn't f*cking your sister, isn't it Khloe?

800 days ago


i agree with trish...who cares...

800 days ago

Donna Dandridge    

Oh yeah, must be killing Khloe having to make nice to Kris. Kamp's lawyers must have put the brakes on Khloe's hate campaign against Kris since the hearing date is coming up.
It's all love and good will from here on out and when it's all over, Khloe will launch another hate Kris campaign tour on all the talk shows. Sick bitch!

800 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

She's let a gang of black guys rape her for days if she could get a little publicity out of it....Oh she's already done that.

800 days ago


Amazing...no? Khloe hated Kris from the moment she laid eyes on him. Her saying He's a good guy is a PR move. There's plenty she could have said and most likely has. She knows it would be a bad idea to bad mouth him to the pap. She has a foul mouth, what a class act.

799 days ago


She has a filthy getto mouth. This whole family was brought up by a mother that has no morals or class. Now she's pimping out the youngest two. Would be nice if Bruce got some back bone and stood up to his cheating wife for a change. Just a white trash family from the get go that has money.

799 days ago


Go answer Khloe. This is why I like her. No nonsense answers.

799 days ago
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