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Kim Kardashian

Serves Humphries' Ex-GF

With Subpoena in Divorce

6/19/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has just served Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, with a subpoena in the divorce case ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Myla was in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Kris since mid-January -- something Kris was desperately trying to hide ... to the point his people lied about the relationship.

As for why Kris wanted to cover it up ... sources tell us Kris and his lawyer were worried it would have an impact on the divorce case. We know Kris demanded $7 million from Kim, claiming she devastated him by filing divorce papers. It's hard to say he was devastated when he moved on two months after divorce docs were filed.

Sources say Kim's lawyer wants to know if Kris said anything about his marriage which might relate to his claim Kim defrauded him -- in other words, did he blow his cover during pillow talk. We're told Kim's lawyer also wants details about hundreds of texts and emails exchanged between Myla and Kris.   

Myla's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, accepted service on behalf of Myla.

Tacopina tells TMZ his client will comply with the subpoena.



Life's Nothing But

A Rose Garden ... Again

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Maria threw a bash for her 34th birthday.  A wardrobe friend of Maria's brought Mel along and he quickly made himself at home in her Encino pad, grinding away without a care in the world.

As for the question, "WHO THE F**K WANTS TO EAT?," Mel certainly did, because girls in tiny grass skirts were serving hors d'oeuvres all night long.

BTW, the party had a Hawaiian theme, so Mel was greeted at the door with a lei -- we're guessing she wasn't Russian.

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No Avatar


Everytime I think of those two I want to vomit.

767 days ago


It amases me that throughout the whole ordeal the only person that had their mouth flapping any chance they could was "KIM" and now SHE wants to turn it around on Kris. Is there something wrong with this picture? She makes me sick. The other thing is she was wrapped in I don't know how many guys arms before the door shut on her and Kris. I don't think he even had time to get his clothes out before she had someone else in. These people are sicko's I think there was alot of family incest going on here.

767 days ago


Kim's a ho. once everybody realizes that we can move on from fake reality shows. Kris deserves a real woman in his life.What difference does it make if he had a girlfriend when Kim was already f**King Khane West. Perfect two nasty a** people together. Both fake a*ses!I wish the best for you Kris Humphries......

767 days ago


For $7 Mill he could keep it in his pants a for a while, freaken idiot!

767 days ago


He should just consider himself lucky to be shed of her.

767 days ago

John Earl    

KIM ; I know you are addicted to cameras, but for just a little time , PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE , give us a break from your face . Thanks

767 days ago

John Earl    

KIM ; I know you are addicted to cameras, but for just a little time , PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE , give us a break from your face . Thanks

767 days ago


I just don't get it -- how can Kris ask for much of anything for such a SHORT marriage???

767 days ago


Kris, why aren't you smart enough to think with the right "head"? Couldn'T you wait long enough not to blow your divorce settlement that you were CLEARLY ENTITLED TO GET?

767 days ago


Kim like your mom you probably was sleeping with another man why you were still married to Kris. What happened to wedding gigts yah you said ypu donated all of it to charty/ I am sure all the stuff with K on them helps someone. Oh did you ask Kris's permission to give aways the gifts. I hope his lawyer gets to open your sexual life

767 days ago


I wish all the Kartrashians would go away. Kim gets on tv just the other day saying she will always have a place in her heart for Kris - she will always love him. Love doesn't last at all does it Kim when it comes to money. All the Kartrashians are for sale - lets face it. Hope he brings her x husband into play and also her little sex tape guy.

767 days ago

mike halper    

The Kardashians only care about themselves rtheir rarting for more money for them they lie do anythiong tro manipulate it. Kris Jenner rtold Khloe embellish it any trouble between you and Lamar for ratings all people should email fox to take them off the air for ever get a real job like real people none of them had a real job their father Kardashian he was a lwayer rest do whatever no ethics no morals like Paris useless Hilton and alot more rich spoiloed brats.

767 days ago


Does America have nothing better to worry about that KK? GivE me a break and no I didn't read the article cause it isn't worth my time

767 days ago


KIM KARDASHIAN and her family are all has-beens
They have Nothing to offer anyone. We are sick of them and their son the Gay Queen which he is.

767 days ago


What about Kim living with Kanye West? It's alright for her but not him,. Goes to show everyone Kim is always after the almighty buck, like the good girl her sleazy money-grubbing mommy taught her. The Kardashian's are a laugh a minute. Shame for Kourtney to have to be associated with this family. She appears to be the somewhat normal member and look how her family tried to break her and her man up. And it;s terrible that Kim just wanted a wedding, she is so jealous of Khloe that she had to have a phoney wedding.

767 days ago
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