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Kim Kardashian

Serves Humphries' Ex-GF

With Subpoena in Divorce

6/19/2012 8:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has just served Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, with a subpoena in the divorce case ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Myla was in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Kris since mid-January -- something Kris was desperately trying to hide ... to the point his people lied about the relationship.

As for why Kris wanted to cover it up ... sources tell us Kris and his lawyer were worried it would have an impact on the divorce case. We know Kris demanded $7 million from Kim, claiming she devastated him by filing divorce papers. It's hard to say he was devastated when he moved on two months after divorce docs were filed.

Sources say Kim's lawyer wants to know if Kris said anything about his marriage which might relate to his claim Kim defrauded him -- in other words, did he blow his cover during pillow talk. We're told Kim's lawyer also wants details about hundreds of texts and emails exchanged between Myla and Kris.   

Myla's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, accepted service on behalf of Myla.

Tacopina tells TMZ his client will comply with the subpoena.


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No Avatar

buzz kill    

This Dumbo can't do anything right. This chick is obviously working for the Kartrashians.

822 days ago


this lying ass bimbo needs to get BURIED by Kris H. ! She LIED on Oprah and said she loves him, no hard feelings !! Can't STAND her OR her family.... glad I have a couple hundred OTHER channels!!

822 days ago

Chi-city momma    

I think they should subpoena Amber Rose and Kanye now. I really think that those two would have a MUCH better grasp on the situation than some hook up that wouldn't leave.

822 days ago


Ha Ha!! I love it, that buffoon might as well give it up. Now he will have to pay for Kim's legal fees, what a dufuss.

822 days ago


She's so crazy. She's divorced from him for like DAYS...DAYS!!!!! And her and Kanye come out of a London hotel for a photo shoot, and of course she's a pig, wearing the clothes she had on the day before. (Kanye, what does that smell like?) And 2 weeks later, the parents are like "He's part of the family!!!" Folks, she made a porno tape AND NOBODY BOUGHT IT! (How come in every picture Kim is in you can't tell what she's looking at?)

822 days ago


hope Kris's lawyer demands kk and kanye's texts and phone records too. Skankie wh0re she deserves to have someone like Kanyucky! Hope he treats her worse than he did Amber!!! Can't wait for the music awards...gonna be soooooo classy when Kartrashian and Kanyucky show up on the red carpet with booze in thier hands!

822 days ago


Ugh this is pointless. So they want to say that he wasn't devistated because he was dating this girl. But Kris's lawyer will just counter with "she is a double for kim, it shows how heartbrocken, blah, blah, sad, blah, blah he was that he tried to replace her with a Kim2...blah, blah"

I'm just posting because law and order is on commercial and I'm bored, I don't really care. Could ya tell? lol

822 days ago


and moved on with a lookalike....geesh

822 days ago


Ruh roh! Bye Kris, you blew it.

822 days ago


and btw - Beyonce bought Jay-Z a $40 Million dollar jet for fathers day - charlie sheen announced he is retiring from acting - but we still get kardashian - not to mention they missed drew barrymore and Matthew McConaughey weddings

822 days ago


I don't think I've ever been so sick of a name...

822 days ago


Humphries is not hiding anything. Kimmy goes into shock at the mear thought of her having to shell out a penny.

Everyone knows she is nothing but a fraud and con. All dressed up and still not one ounce of class. That's never going to change doesn't matter how much money she makes.

As always money does not equate class. Never has.

822 days ago


Over half the country moves on from heartbreak by getting involved with someone else right away, it's called a REBOUND. Personally, I think it proves the heartbreak point more than not.

And since when is it illegal to have a booty call, or even a boyfriend/girlfriend after you seperate. It's not even illegal to screw around on your spouse, just bad taste.

Lastly, I agree with the other poster that I've only heard of this 7 million dollar demand, here on TMZ. Everywhere else just says he is only demanding that she admit she married him for ratings, instead of love, and he wants a stinking annulment.

822 days ago


Stupid move on the part of Kim, the Human Petri Dish. Now all Kris' lawyers have to do is show her ahem...relationship...with Kanye splashed all over the tabloids, magazine covers, and TV mere months after the "devastating divorce" and say, "check mate."

822 days ago


She's gonna regret this divorce going public, when she has to explain why she only contributed a small amount to charity compared to what they really received in wedding gifts. I mean really now, where's the lamborghini Kim? He also asked that the gifts from his family and friends be returned to them. Why does she feel that she's the only one to decide what happens to those wedding gifts anyway? It just proves the point that she kept all those gifts herself, because she's a greedy, publicity hungry brat! Oh, and a big fat assed LIAR!

822 days ago
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