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Lindsay Lohan

Broke Movie Rules

By Driving and Crashing

6/19/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0608_lindsay_lohan_011Lindsay Lohan was PROHIBITED from driving while shooting "Liz and Dick," because the insurance policy the production company took out made it crystal clear -- Lindsay was not allowed to get behind the wheel ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the production tell us ... the insurance company that issued the policy -- which would take a major hit if Lindsay couldn't complete the film -- was extremely reluctant to take the risk.  The insurance company set numerous conditions on its coverage, and one of them was banning Lindsay from the roads which have landed her in big trouble multiple times -- DUIs, car accidents, and on and on.

Sources tell us ... the honchos producing the movie knew Lindsay was driving in violation of the policy, but it appears no one cared -- that is until Lindsay crashed a Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway, with a production SUV following right behind her.

As for the consequences, we're told so far the insurance company hasn't attempted to cancel the policy or take other action.  For its part, the production company has made it clear to Lindsay -- she is NOT to drive for the duration of the filming.



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The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

It would have been a better story if she had been drunk behind the wheel.

802 days ago


Um... so... whatever happened to Lindsay breaking her parole by lying to the cops about driving the car. Or, is it okay now to lie to cops now when you are on parole. What happened to that little problem?

802 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

The universe is going to collapse, shrivel to a cinder and spin off into the abyss if Lindsay does not make another movie. Oh! save us Lindsay from certain doom!

802 days ago

The Love Sponge    

We really needed a bigger crash TMZ. Tell Lindsay to get with it. She needed to be drunk too.

802 days ago


So, the stupid idiot breaks the rules AGAIN, and she gets another pass. Typical hollywood. Until someone bloodies her nose & makes her pay attention, she'll keep driving illegally, getting drunk, going to bars & clubs & parties until 5am, crashing cars, breaking every rule set for her, breaking probation, generally being an entitled arrogant little twerp. God forbid she should ultimately kill someone because she keeps getting break after break after pass after pass from those who should be holding her feet to the fire...

802 days ago


Obviously Mr. Bojangles has NO IDEA what he/she is talking about (my you sound so much like Susan and Richardwww...did one of you get banned?)

Here is the information DIRECT from Larry Thompson:

“It’s a jigsaw puzzle,” Thompson said. But despite the crew’s best efforts, “there will be a production loss today, we are just trying to minimize the loss.” As his company, Larry A. Thompson Prods., is producing the movie, Thompson has been in touch with his insurance broker to figure out if the loss will be covered.

The question on everyone’s mind after the accident is how Lohan, who has had her fair share of brushes with the law, was allowed to get behind the wheel while going to work. That was not supposed to happen, Thompson said, noting that the production provides a limousine to drive the actress to and from the set of the movie every day. “When they went to pick her up today, for some reason she decided they (Lohan and her assistant) would get in her own car, so the limousine driver followed them.”

802 days ago


BWAHAAAHHAAA! Lindsay REFUSES to follow the rules of society (Jewelry theft). What in the world made producers think Blowhan would follow THEIR rules? Stupid is as stupid does.

802 days ago


I don't get it. Why are they treating her like gold. In the real world at a 9-5 job she would not be getting all these do over chances. Usually after one mess up and it's the unemployment line. They definitely could have found someone more appreciative of the chance to play Liz Taylor, looked more like her and would have done an outstanding job. Why they took a chance on her; we'll never know. I saw her on Glee. She was constantly late, thought she was a big shot, and looked like a train wreck. Perez Hilton who is not an actor did a much better job

802 days ago


Hey TMZ, post the picture Lindsay put on Instagram. The one where she put special effect STARS around herself!!! Now if that isn't narcissistic, I don't know what is!

What other actress worthy of real roles in real movies would post a picture of themselves where they've placed special effect stars around them???


802 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

From Mr Bojangles:

"The porche was a rental dimwit and you can't rent a car unless you have proof of insurance."

Hey Blowjangles,

Get your facts straight before mouthing off on things you know nothing about.

In the first place, insurance is NOT required to rent a car in many states. Secondly, if it's required in California, she can still purchase a temp policy from the rental company, dumbass.

Thirdly, the insurance company sourced here is the insurance company for the production of the movie, not the insurance company for the car.

Finally, she was under no condition supposed to drive. She knew this, and she drove anyway. She did exactly what she wanted to do, everyone else be damned, as usual.

Find another hero to defend, loser.

802 days ago


they will cancel it when it comes time to pay out

802 days ago


So what number enablers does that make the insurance company ??. Enablers number 80?

802 days ago


Ok is your 300th slap on the wrist...go ahead and do what you are not supposed to do and we will keep paying you millions!

802 days ago



802 days ago


“@aliana: Hey everyone! Follow my amazing mom    @dinalohan Xxxx”

The whole family is bonkers.

802 days ago
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