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House Officially Foreclosed

6/19/2012 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The house belonging to Octomom has officially been foreclosed on.
Octomom Nadya Suleman has just hosed the owner of the house she's living in, because the house officially went back to the bank after a disastrous foreclosure auction.

Amer Haddadin, the man who owned the La Habra home, tells TMZ ... the auction took place this morning, but no one bid on the property, so it went back to the bank.   FYI the opening bid was $355,643 ... but no takers.

So, you ask, how did Octo hose Amer?  Well she wasn't paying the money that was supposed to go toward the monthly mortgage payment, Amer couldn't cover it himself, so he lost the property.

As for Octo, the bank will have to initiate eviction proceedings to kick her and her brood out.



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I don't have sympathy for any of them. Those children are pawns - she counts on someone feeling sorry for them so help will be given to her. She doesn't give a hoot for those kids - she is narcisstic and self absorbed. Maybe when some legislator sees the kids are suffering because of the mother, someone will finally take them away but until something drastic happens, the kids pay the price for the parents sins. My kids wouldn't get thrown in the street becasue I don't conduct myself like ugly Nadia.
Something has to happen which is drastic for those kids maybe to get placed in a proper environment so throw them all out in the street. Wake up call.

857 days ago


Grow up ugly. Octomom. Get a job, they need to stop putting you on tmz

857 days ago


I don't thinks she should live in. Bad ass house like that. It's her fault for haveing all those kids, now look everyone saying bad thinks about her, she really needs to get a job a soport those kids. I think that's all she wanted is to be on tv, Nd tmz, n magazines. I think she ugly.

857 days ago


The guy gave her a break and she screwed him over in return. He ought to sue her for the loss of the house.

857 days ago


How many desperate magazines are going to keep knocking on her door for bikini pics? One that self humilation video hits the internet and goes viral the bikini pics won't be enough. I wonder if Playboy has changed their mind yet, I'm thinking if they get a crapload of hits off the vid, Hustler may come calling. More hardcore pics, no topless crap.

857 days ago

I Was About To Say    

I wouldn't buy that house now, it probably stinks.

857 days ago

Dinky Doo    

hey this tactic might work out for her. she can get sympathy charity for being evicted

857 days ago


I think she shouldn't of have all those kids. She just wanted to be on tv and tmz, people talking about her, she shouldn't live in a big ass nice house if she can't pay it. She needs to get a job and take care of those kids. I just think octomom is ugly.

857 days ago


Next photo-op for TMZ folks. She'll be entering the Army and Navy surplus store buying a tent that sleeps 20, a coleman stove and pots and pans. We'll see in 90 days her placing everything out in the front yard and preening for the cameras crying how they are now homeless and have to live in the yard (rolls eyes). I just don't understand what the hell it takes CPS to remove those children until she can prove a new place to live.

857 days ago


She is going to find a huge headache trying to find a new house not paying rent in over a year she is going to have a problem she tried to get a court to take away all her debt so she has credit problems big problem no bank will give her a loan and no reasonable landlord will rent to her with her being a big risk.

857 days ago


That house is so trashed they should just burn it down and start over.

857 days ago


Sad thing is banks aren't kicking people out for years...she'll be able to sit there longer and not pay any rent and ruin the place even more.

857 days ago


if you rent a house to someone with no job and 14 kids what did he expect

857 days ago


There once was an old lady who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn't know what to do?

857 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

Octo is know living in a shoe

857 days ago
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