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Vanessa Lachey

Her Baby Bump

Is for the Dogs

6/19/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

A very pregnant Vanessa Lachey showed off her baby bump.With her adorable puppy in tow, Nick Lachey's second wife Vanessa Lachey did her best Jessica Simpson and showed off her bulging baby bump as she left some hoity toity pet spa in L.A. on Monday.

Rockin' some maternity workout wear, the 31-year-old looks to be keeping fit during her pregnancy.

Vanessa is due at the end of the summer with her first child with hubby Nick.



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Adorable. She and Nick and soon to be baby boy will be so cute.

855 days ago


In order to be copying Jessica, Vanessa would have to be at least 2 times bigger than she is in this picture. Seems to me since Jessica's the one going to Weight Watcher's, she's the copycat. She wants to be fit and beautifully proportioned like Vanessa. If it weren't for that $4 million incentive she's getting she's getting from WW, there's no way she'd be able to even come close. Even with it, I'm dubious. She was an elephant in pregnancy.

855 days ago


so all the many pregnant entertainers are trying to be Jessica Simpson. Crap! Obviously, TMZ does not like Vanessa Lachey. But she is gorgeous and Nick appears to be very happy. That is what counts, not TMZ.

855 days ago


Looking good! Way to stay in shape during pregnancy :)

855 days ago


Hoity toity? Really TMZ? Doesn't everything on this website fall under that category?!

855 days ago


WOW ..cant she have her own moment did u really have to say 2nd wife and she doing the jess simpson? Vanessa Lachey u look amazing work it girl!!

855 days ago


And why is she even in the news? Nick and Vanessa don't even have any careers. Stop reporting people who belong to the E-list.

855 days ago


now can you imagine if Vanessa was as short as Jessica & what she would look like. Same weight gain but carrying different in proportion. Do we start trashing Vanessa & Kourtney now as Jessica has been trashed. Lets see if Vanessa carries a 10 lbs baby & lets see what Kourtney delivers.

Now onto classy Vanessa maybe google her & NIck & pool sex & knife at Lindsey Lohan throat. JUst google her & Nick.. Enough said.

855 days ago

mike holly    

at least she covers up. there is nothing sexy about a preggo in a 2 piece. have a tiny bit of respect for youself

855 days ago


Ok TMZ, you REALLY want to compare Vanessa to Jessica Simpson?? You can call Jessica by her name, but all you give Vanessa is "2nd wife". i AGREE 100% with the person who said "Vanessa has a NAME, use it". OK TMZ, let's compare Vanessa to Jessica. VANESSA, is a natural beauty, she has a higher IQ and knows the difference between "Chicken" and "Tuna". Vanessa is not "Look at me, look at me!" Vanessa isnt an attention W**re, she is ok if she is not in the spotlight and doesnt feel the need to have her face plastered on every magazine. Vanessa doesnt look like a WHALE, while pregnant. Anther BIG difference, VANESSA makes NICK happy naturally. Also, Vanessa is more CLASSY! Vanessa doesnt have to pose her naked pregnant body on the cover of a magazine to get attention She is classy, she has respect for her husband and herself. She also doesnt have a creepy dad talking about her boobs. Add ALL of that up, you know what that means?? VANESSA WINS! Jessica Simpson just needs to go away. She can't sing, DEFINATELY CAN NOT ACT! Really, what exactly DOES Jessica Simpson offer the world except stupidity and being raunchy about her bodily functions? Jessica is a has been and just needs to disappear!

855 days ago

Throwback kid    

Nick sure can pick'em, Vanessa has more issues than Jessica. Vanessa seems unable to get along with anyone in her family and doesn't speak to them. I'm surprised Nick married her when he wasn't really who she wanted, Vanessa wanted Derick Jeter to marry her but he wasn't interested. Jessica Alba also wanted Jeter but he dumped her, that's how Alba ended up with that winner Cash (unemployed) Warren

855 days ago

Throwback kid    

It's funny people keep saying Vanessa is way better than Jessica, neither one has very much in the brains department, Jessica is a high school dropout and Vanessa has no college education. Talent wise they are about even, both have below average acting skills which is why they no longer are offered roles now that they are in their early 30's. But Jessica is a multimillionaire businesswoman and Vanessa is still just a C list celeb with not much of a future in showbiz. I would say Jessica Simpson still has more going for her

855 days ago


Wow TMZ...two major slams in the 1st sentence...that 2nd wife thing and evoking the name of and comparing her pregnancy to the unmarried, crude, classless daughter of a preacher... possibly a new low...

855 days ago


She's is having a Girl looks like Nick and Jessica are both going to have Girls at least it looks like she's having a girl to me. I don't understand why these girls get so big I was half that size when I gave birth to my son and he was over 8 pounds they don't have to get that big.

855 days ago


I AGREE with Morgan! ATLEAST vanessa has enough class to know the order in which a relationship goes. 1. Marriage and then 2. baby!! And Vanessa has enough class that she doesnt air her "bedroom business" out there for God, the media and the whole to see. Every time Jessica opens her mouth, she just appears more and more like down home hillybilly white trash. She just tells the whole world about her bedroom business, her bathroom business, her farts. Nothing is personal or priavte with her. It's like Jessica Simpson says, "OH NO, i havent been mentioned in a magazine or on the cover of a magazine in over two months. What can I do to get attention? I KNOW, I will talk about my sex life to anyone who will listen". YEAH Jessica Simpson is a REAL WINNER! NOT! *eye roll

855 days ago
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