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Alec Baldwin

I'm Not Decking

Photogs Willy-Nilly

6/20/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin insists ... he's not dumb enough to attack a photog at a courthouse for no reason ... claiming he only went after the snapper yesterday because he was provoked.

Baldwin just appeared on "CBS This Morning" ... saying NY Daily News photog Marcus Santos lunged at him as he was leaving a NYC courthouse yesterday and "almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of his camera."

Alec admits he shoved the guy back ... but says he's certain his actions were justified ... or else he wouldn't have done anything ... especially with all of the cops around.

Baldwin also says the photog has "baited me before" ... and even camped out in front of his house.

"People think I'm out there just decking photographers willy-nilly, nothing could be further from the truth."

But the photog tells a very different story in a new video he shot for the NY Daily News ... claiming he was standing far away from "Alex Baldwick" ... when the actor charged at him for no reason ... "like a raging bull."

So, we gotta ask ...


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Alec is an overly aggressive d1ckhead. Look at his past history, even with his rant at his young daughter. Total a$$hole!

854 days ago


The vulture paps lurk everywhere and have gotten so brazen and intrusive, that I would suggest that stars carry pepper spray as a defense against these picture-hungry idiots.

854 days ago


Baldwin is a nut job, but I'll side with him over ****roach Lady Di Killers any day.

854 days ago


I think Alec Baldwin is going to be the next Mel Gibson. The guy has an OBVIOUS anger issue and he keeps getting free passes on it. But something will happen soon enough that is so big he can't get the free pass anymore.

854 days ago


Good for al, if somebody gets in your space and won't move knock him out. He should not have been close enough for alec to grab him anyway.

854 days ago


he may not attack Willy or Nilly, but he very likely attacked a Marcus

854 days ago


some one need to smack that photog in the face so he knows the dif between a shove and a pounch. then after words put the as s down like all photog need

854 days ago


It's interesting to watch Baldwin turn on the charm. His go-to funny impression seems calculated to disarm everyone, but it's not his best acting performance.
He's "not that dumb"??? He's obviously dumb enough to lay his hands on the guy whom he claims has been baiting him.
Watch what you wish for, Alec. I think the day is soon coming when no one will be interested in taking your picture. You're squandering the career revival 30 Rock gave you.

854 days ago


I completely support Alec Baldwin. The paps are constantly invading the personal space of celebs & that is just wrong. If someone got in my face with a camera, I'd shove them too.

854 days ago


Why blame the PAPS? It's TMZ and other media outlets that drive the whole thing. They pay thousands of $$ for celebrity photos. If they weren't doing that, there would be no PAPS.

854 days ago


When his mom and dad were in the making of this bastard she should have giving dad a BJ........Just think a life with out this Douche.............

854 days ago


No, Alec isn't aggressive. Today he ran over a female reporter's foot with his bike.
Alec Baldwin runs over reporters' foot with bike while dodging questions about attack on Daily News photographer
Photographer-bashing Alec Baldwin found a new target Wednesday, rolling his mountain bike over a television reporter’s foot outside his East Village apartment.

The Emmy-winning “30 Rock” star then used the bike to knock the “Inside Edition” reporter aside as she asked Baldwin a question about his latest public meltdown — a fight with a Daily News photographer.

“Ouch, my back,” the 5-foot-2 woman said after her brush with the hot-headed Baldwin. “He shoved me and ran over my foot.”

Read more:

854 days ago


Alec Baldwin is a major douche bag and everyone knows it. Having your picture taken comes with the job. Even though I don't understand why anyone hires this moron for anything he can't act and treats everyone like they are beneath him. He should just be unemployed. Complete idiot!!

854 days ago

Paul B    

Fat faced punk. Come my way Baldwin you fat turd and l will give you a flogging you'll never forget. You pathetic s*** bag.

854 days ago


Alec Baldwin is just kind of a step up from Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan.

854 days ago
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