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Ashton Kutcher Sues

The DMV Sabotaged

My Reality Show

6/20/2012 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Ashton Kutcher is trying to squeeze blood from a stone ... 'cause his production company is suing the broke-ass State of California for $1.4 mil ... after the DMV allegedly backed out of a reality show deal.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Kutcher's Katalyst Media -- which produced "Punk'd" and "Beauty and the Geek" -- claims it inked a deal with the CA DMV back in 2010 to participate in a reality show that would "capture the variously humorous, emotional, dramatic, moving, humanizing and entertaining situations that arise on a daily basis" at the DMV.

In fact, Katalyst claims it hammered out a "formal written agreement" with the DMV to shoot footage in the summer and fall of 2011. The deal called for 4 initial episodes with an option of 6 more.

Katalyst claims it spent hundreds of thousands of dollars gearing up for the show -- only to get a 5-sentence letter from a DMV honcho 6 weeks later ... trying to back out of the deal.

According to the suit, the DMV honcho said the project wouldn't be in the DMV's "best interests."

Obviously, Katalyst is pissed -- and wants at least $1.44 million to make things right.

Beef with the DMV? Get in line ...


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umm it's called Parking Wars it's already been done think of something else

821 days ago


he's such a fool, and apparently all the people around him are. first of all, if you make a k with a broke ass state/party/whomever, you realistically should proceed at your own risk. second of all, even if the party who signed on the dotted line actually had the authority to do so, what kind of ******* spends that kind of cash in 6 weeks gearing up... i mean, all they needed was a damn camera to film. and they say 100's of thousands, but sue for 1.4mm. seriously? every sub-deal they entered into should've been with the condition that the show actually happen. i just flat out refuse to believe that that much cash actually exchanged hands and can't be gotten back. suing the state of california? have they even seen the cuts in the state's court budgets? one of our counties closes shop every day at 2:30 b/c they can't afford to stay open all day. courtrooms are closing to the left and right. dmv has limited hours. etc. i mean, this guy is just an idiot. i don't care what the contract says, there are things you do, and things you don't--- these people threw cash around like idiots and need to ask for it back, or just eat the loss. he's such a jerk.

821 days ago


Kutcher is a douche

821 days ago


I'm gonna sue Ashton Kutcher because now my DMV fees are going to go up as a result of his rich ass suing the broke ass DMV! Thanks A$$HOLE!

821 days ago

Patricklee Hamilton    

Understanding first-I do not like A.K, Period. However, this is what the DMV get's for 'moonlighting' with so-called Hollywood figures. The DMV understands contracts. They throw them in our faces daily. And they will not emerge out of their mummified statuses unless they see 'contracts' completed properly. I would imagine, they filled out their contracts correctly when doing business with the good ol' CHP. So, par for the course, in my estimation. Broke or not, Pay the B.O.C.(Breach of Contract) fee! And, as much as I don't like A.K., I hope his company wins.

821 days ago


A show that makes a mockery of a Government agency? Not too hard to imagine that they'd have a change of heart after thinking that through some more.

821 days ago

Joan K    

This guy will never grow up, he acts like a teeny bopper and thinks he is cool, he isn't.

821 days ago


what was there going to be a sign in english and spanish saying if you enter here you must let us film you for a tv show or you cant use the dmv

821 days ago


The DMV backed out of a signed contract after Katalyst spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing. The DMV was to be a "partner" and they were going to do show celebrating the workers there. This show would have brought millions of dollars in tourism, as it was going to be done first the entire crew and filming was to be done in California.

821 days ago


I don't live in CA and I am no fan of our local DMV but I don't think if I worked at a DMV or had to go there as a customer I would want to have to put up with a stupid reality show production company hanging around while trying to conduct business. I wonder who had the authority to strike a deal with Kutcher on this anyway.

821 days ago


How the hell did Ashton Kucher get to be anything other than a model? He can't act other than being one character foreverrrrrr. I had hopes for Two And A Half Men but he totally ruined it by being Kelso .... again

821 days ago


Is he a Lohan?

821 days ago


Shame but here is my list of dumb azz reality shows that you can produce:

The life of Garagemen

Maintenance Workers 323

Venice Street Walker

My Hot Brazilian Maid

Is that my Mommy (Show about kids not recognizing their parents after Plastic Surgery)

California Stalkers who really don't stalk

Who Greenlighted this ish?

Guess the drunk - 3 day stay at Passages Malibu to be cured.

Guess the drug addict - Prize - 3 day stay at Passages Malibu to be cured.

Win a date with that hot girl with the black frame glasses on TMZ

Paparazzing Paparazzi

Celebrity Valet Parkers

Best Person who Curses

CriticXtreme presents Celebrity Reality Stars Firing Squad

Hollywood Bun Boys

Stars who Wear Elevator Shoes

Guess the Jew

The No Diversity Show in Hollywood (Guess the commercials, TV shows, movies, etc, with no racial diversity. You have to guess where the sympathetic minority is places behind or to the right or left of the true stars of the movie)

Murder Equals Dollar$ (show about those who clean up houses, mobile homes, apartment, the street after a murder. Prizes: winner gets a home where a murder took place and a year supply of Hydrogen Peroxide and Bleach.)

821 days ago


Wouldn't be in the best interest of the DMV? Lol, little late for that dmv. Ashton put down the pipe. No way in hell your getting 1.4 mil.

821 days ago


Ashton is a terrible actor.... I can't believe his show Two and a Half Men is still on.... He just doesn't have what it takes .... Boring, sleeper....get rid if him..... He also thinks he is the cats meow.... NOT....😝

821 days ago
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