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Halle Berry

Ordered to Pay Big Bucks

In Child Support

6/20/2012 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some of Halle Berry's "New Year's Eve" money will be going to baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, because a judge has just ordered the actress to shell out nearly a quarter of a million bucks a year in child support.

Lawyers for Halle and Gabriel were in court Monday, and sources connected with Gabriel tell TMZ ... the family law judge ordered Halle to pay Nahla's daddy $20,000 a month.

Although Nahla is 4, until Monday there was never a child support order issued by a judge, but now one is in place.

We're told both sides are still at war, and they will soon be battling in court over whether Halle can take Nahla and move to Paris.



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It should have been more but HOORRAY FOR GABRIEL!!! May he also win and keep that mean-spirited witch in the US so he can see his FREAKING DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

863 days ago


RUN away from this CHICK what a mess with all her crap- this is why I don't spend a $ on the hollow wood people- All need to see them for the SH** they have become- waste of time

863 days ago


Big Warning to anyone dealing with this CRAZY CHICK ! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Her life has been one mess after another

863 days ago


THIS IS FOR ANDRE. Thank You for calling me, "stupid" and "dumb!" Unfortunately, you presented yourself in a way unfit for print. Sorry for you and especially sorry for those around you. Best Wishes to you, always!!!

863 days ago


By all accounts, he is a very nice guy. He was also a top model (check out Vogue and other fashion mags). She used him for arm candy, then a sperm donor. When she was sick of him, she decided to destroy him by calling him a child molestor, a parasite and worse. She is evil personified. He deserved every cent he can extract from this lying evil witch.

863 days ago


20,000 a grand a month?! Why the hell does he need that much money for a 4 year old? I could see if she was a teenager, but what is he going to need so badly he is going to have to spend that much to take care of a 4 year old? They don't require much at that age right? Such B.S.! But glad I don't have to pay.

863 days ago


Maybe these celebs and sports stars will start thinking aout who they are having kids with and get some sort of pre nup or something in writing! They have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES,

863 days ago


Was or is Brenda Strong pregnant?

863 days ago


Halle Berry is the worst kind of mother. I hope you read this Halle. How in the world can a mother try to strip a father of visitation rights. Children need fathers!!! Halle Berry is so selfish. She should get some serious psychological counseling and try to figure out why she wants so desperately to ruin her daughter's life. SOOOO sick of this woman! I can't watch her movies anymore. Halle Berry grow up and separate your problems with all the men you have ever dated, with what is best for your daughter. Thank you.

863 days ago


I bet her ex-husband Eric Benet looks like a saint to her right about now. He is doing quite well now. Is it just me or do we all think Halle has some serious underlying issues.

863 days ago


good call from the judge!
happy for him
Halle's probably costing him that much and more each month in lawyer fees with him having to constanly fight obstacles she keeps throwing at him in her selfish efforts to keep him out of Nahla's life
she should be grateful that Nahla has a loving dad and encourage their relationship rather than block it at every turn
sometimes I wonder what's wrong with that woman- severe daddy issues and hatred for her own father all displaced on poor Gabriel it seems

863 days ago


Being awarded and actually getting it are two different things, (as most women know all too, well) she should do like the average man and pay him nothing. She has custody why should he get anything? I hope she realizes what a mistake it was that she made and not make it again.

863 days ago

Beverly Williams    

Why didn't she just go to a sperm bank?

863 days ago


Unless they are making this kids food with ****ing shaved gold, wtf does 20,000 dollars in child support need to do with raising a 4 year old! That is 2 grand shy of what I make in a year. I guess I am lucky that my child has survived if what this judge says is true of how much it really costs to raise a child.

863 days ago


It's a sad, disgustingly-cold day in hell when a man gets that kind of money in child support for a child he SHARES fckn custody with. I bet Halle's wishing she could redo that Michael Douglas/Gewn Paltrow movie (A Perfect...). What a fckn loser!

863 days ago
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