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John Cena's Wife

I Believe He

Cheated On Me

6/20/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Cena's estranged wife is convinced ... the WWE superstar was bangin' around behind her back during the marriage ... and now she's on a mission to prove it in court.

TMZ broke the story ... John blindsided his high school sweetheart Liz Cena with divorce papers back in May after 3 years of marriage.

Now, Liz's attorney Raymond Rafool tells TMZ ... they've been getting tips Cena had been messing around during the marriage ... which, if true, could be grounds for Liz to challenge the prenup.

"We're definitely following up on every lead relative to his being unfaithful before AND after the separation," Rafool says.

So far, it's unclear if Liz's camp has found any real leads.

Calls to John's camp have not been returned.

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No Avatar


It takes TWO. No need to look on the outside for an answer.

765 days ago


Hmmm.... Shouldn't be hard to find one... I know one that he messed around with myself... LOL

765 days ago


Hahahahaha!! Known Liz for a LONG time...she use to come home and bang this kid Mike all the time...There was actually a videotape John found once of her banging him...She tried to deny it. But unfortunatley for her a purse Cena bought her was on the nightstand!! No denying that!

765 days ago


I've always thought that there was something going on between John Cena and Mickie James??? But I could be wrong though. Maybe Kelly Kelly? We do know that some WWE Divas does that with the men. Just ask Vince McMahon.

765 days ago


All the judge in the case needs to do is Google "Liz Cena" and "Liz Huberdeau" and hit the Images tab. The story plays out there. You're hard pressed to find a picture of her w/out a glass or bottle of alcohol in her hand. She's a big drinker, and yeah, a cheat. Nobody understood why he married her to begin with. If anything, him filing for divorce from her has proven that he's recovered from the bout of temporary insanity which was downgrading to a low-life like this for a wife,.

Your time is up, Liz. His time is now.

765 days ago


when the hell would he even have TIME to cheat? the guy has had virtually no time off from the WWE with touring and whatnot for like the last 8 years. she's just upset her rich husband wants out and now she has no one to pay for everything she wants.

765 days ago


You mean, she wonders when he was not cheating on her because his marker is dried out. He admitted it on several shows, is she that stupid? Howard Stern, Bubba the Love Sponge, Opi and Anthony, and that's only a few where he admits to it and even went out to pick up chicks on the walk to another studio.

765 days ago


Not buying it 1 bit. She is just trying to restore her reputation. I think she is nothing more than a gold digger. And she is used to live a certain life style. And now that he wants out, she wants to make sure she can still live the same way.

And they have not been married officially for 3 yrs yet. They got married July 9 2009.

Hasn't she cheated before? Isn't that the reason they broke up so many times?

Now she wants to be paid like Linda Hogan, not going to happen. Linda with with Hulk for a long time, and they have kids together and they didn't have a prenup.

Did he cheat? Possible, he is a man, but highly unlikely. He doesn't seem like the type. And he doesn't seem to have the time.

Sorry Liz, you are going to be ass out. I don't care for her. Every picture I have seen this woman has some sort of alcohol in her hand. Just so glad that they did not have any kids together. Then it would get bad fast.

765 days ago


Well if the stuff about him cheating w/ Mickie James turns out to be true and can be proven then she could be in for a little wave of good luck in the divorce.

765 days ago


apparently she's been living under a rock and not listening to cena's interview on the howard stern show

765 days ago


Now the real story surfaces... A PRENUP. Earlier we're lead to believe it was over decorating, etc. But in short, the bitch wants mo money so she'll have to break the prenup.... and what's worse, she's hoping that he was doing other chicks [which he may have], but she had no proof so she's depending on TIPS. That's disgusting.

765 days ago


Just look at her. That's a ho if ever I saw one.

765 days ago


Kenny Dykstra knows whats up

765 days ago


...of COURSE he was honey. he's john cena!

765 days ago


Are you kidding me? Wasn't she the one banging his friends and people in his family? she is just pissed because she lost her bread and butter. Get a life b*tch you are way out of his league

765 days ago
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