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Priscilla Presley

Bodyguard TAKES DOWN Autograph Seeker

6/20/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Attempting to get Priscilla Presley's autograph came at a very high price for one dude -- as in ... a severe ASS WHOOPING!!

Priscilla was leaving Pantages Theater last night in Hollywood when she stopped to sign autographs for a large group of fans -- but one autograph seeker started arguing with Priscilla's bodyguards ... over the positioning of his photo. Seriously.

The guy actually threatened the bodyguards, saying ... "You damage my property, I'm gonna damage something of yours." A few seconds later the autograph seeker learned the true meaning of damage ... as fists start flying!

The bodyguard makes quick work of the dude -- who was already wearing a leg brace -- taking him down to the ground ... and staying on top of him while the autograph seeker threatens to sue.

Gotta say ... the autograph seeker was pretty mouthy, especially considering he was in a leg brace AND much smaller than the beefy bodyguards. But check the video ... for the takedown and Priscilla's reaction.


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What are they guarding her from? Seems to me the rest of us need to be guarded from her.

819 days ago


This guy was a mouthy, arrogant douche bag who deserved a **** kickin.

819 days ago


For one thing, her name is Priscilla - it's pretty easy to check the spelling, it's at the top of the story. Second, she is not an heir to the Presley estate, it belongs solely to her daughter, Lisa Marie. Third, I am a huge Elvis fan and really never cared for Priscilla but she did open Graceland to his fans and preserved his history all the while making millions thus keeping Elvis relevant. Yes, she has bodyguards and when half the posts question why she needs them or why people seek her autograph, we get it: you don't think she is significant. In fact, she was at the Hollywood opening of Million Dollar Quartet and having her autograph on the night it opens would make even non-fans like me want it, just as a nice addition. But more importantly - whether I like her or not, she was quite compassionate toward the fan, looking back several times and asking the bodyguards not to hurt him. She even tried to walk back to see if he was okay but she was stopped by those trying to keep her away from the melee and several times saying "I don't like that..." indicating they were acting out of her control. Even my opinion is different because Elvis connection or no, she acted with a great deal of class and was truly concerned.

819 days ago


Looks like the bodyguards had ego issues, whole thing could have been avoided by bodyguards allowing her to take 2 seconds to sign it.
Shouldn't have been attacked, if he sues he has a valid complaint.

819 days ago


I was there and saw it all happen right in front of me. I'll make this simple. First, the guys are Pantages theater security. Has nothing to do with PP. Second, the guy was climbing over others and the security guards backs to get to PP. The video doesn't show exactly what a jerk this guy was being. He even bumped an old lady out of the way so he could get PP's autograph. And third, he first threatened the guard, then knocked him in the back of the head. That's when security took him down. At that point, there was no beatdown, or as TMZ puts it, "fists started flying", they just held him on the ground. And the guy walked away with barely a limp. He was oxnoxious and instigated the whole thing. PP on the other hand was gracious to the others, yet concerned about the man, even saying that he shouldn't be hurt over this. Some of you who claim this poor man didn't deserve what he got may have a different story if you were there and had him jump on your back, or knock your mother out of the way. This guy got even less than he deserved for being such an ass. And as for those who scream freedom of speech, it's fine to have those rights, but when you infringe on other peoples space and use threatening words, then those freedoms go out the window. Freedom of speech was put forth to make sure that people had the right to say what they want, but in these turbulant days, you take the chance that someone will figure that they have the freedom to kick your ass.

819 days ago

mike arnoldi    

This guy ALWAYS starts trouble. Google him. His name is redbull. I saw him hit a little kid over an autographs. I would say he is a piece of **** but he has never been classy enough to be a piece of ****

819 days ago


This has Gloria AllRed all over it, she be in this crybaby face licking his tears

819 days ago


Its about time that Redbull Mike got the crap beat out of him for real. This guy is a menace up and down hollywood blvd. He has been banned from many venues, for being overly aggresive in getting autographs and attacking fans and toursists who get in his way. and yes he is faking with the cast, that cast he wears off and on over the last few months after he was taken down for being aggresive and fighting at another event.

They need to permanately ban him from the boulavard once and for all. He has alllready been banned from Jimmy Kimmel live's building and from the Arclight on sunset, and Hollywood and Highland. They need to ban him once and for all.

819 days ago


She's still alive??

819 days ago


So is asking your bodyguards to take done someones name a code phrase for "Houston we have a problem"..?

819 days ago

david saint    

What a class act she was.."make sure he is ok", and she said it several times..kudos

819 days ago


this is not her bodyguard!!!! tmz is making stuff up like always he works for the pantages theatre not her and the guy who grabs the collectors photo is a peace of **** that thinks his a cop! i understand that he was bad mouthing but this is unfare hopefully they sue the **** out ht pantages

819 days ago


I can see why the guy was taken down after he kept bumping and pushing into the Black guy he threatened .Another body guard "Baldy" placed himself inbetween because of the aggression being shown by the loud mouth. You can clearly hear the Bald guy say excuse me his back was to the loud mouth...And if you look and listen you can 1. hear the bald guy being hit and 2. his body slightly moving as if he did get hit... The autograph seeker pushed hit him and that is why he got his but taken down.

819 days ago


HAHA, that prick got what was coming to him. Nobody knows what that whiney jerk did behind the camera. Probably deserved a good ass kicking. Sadly stuff like this happens all too little these days with cameras everywhere. Little injured bitches seeking autographs probably shouldn't be so mouthy and they wouldn't get their asses kicked. Shame there was a camera....they should have thrown that punk in the dumpster

818 days ago


I never knew being annoying was a crime. Unless theres more to ths story, that guy deserved to be arrested for assault.

It's amazing anyone would want an autograph from a no tallent zero like that.

818 days ago
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