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Kate Upton

Too BIG to Last?

6/20/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kate Upton's the hottest thing in modeling right now -- but her critics (some here at TMZ) think she better enjoy the ride while she can ... 'cause her body isn't built for long term success!

Plus, Lisa Lampanelli calls in about Adam Carolla's claim that women just aren't funny. Her rebuttal is ... well, hysterical. Even for a woman.

Also, Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, is the new KFed -- she's been ordered to pay him $20,000 per month worth o' child support ... but you gotta see why that number could change in the near future.

(0:00) Amazing, jaw-dropping video of Kate Upton's photo shoot for GQ has been released -- which sparks a heated argument ... can Kate survive the test of time as a thicker model?
(5:35) Alec Baldwin AND the photographer he got into a confrontation with both spoke out today -- and you won't believe what the photog called Alec.
(9:50) We give you insight into the world of autographs seekers -- after one of the most notorious guys in L.A. gets his ass handed to him after getting to pushy around Priscilla Presley.
(16:10) Halle Berry was ordered to pay her ex $20k in child support -- could this be payback for her taking Nahla to France.
(18:20) Lisa Lampanelli calls in to talk about Adam Carolla's anti-female comedian rant ... and she TOTALLY agrees with him! You gotta hear her compare Sherri Shepherd to rectal itch.
(24:55) Lil Wayne playing the role of peacemaker? You better believe it ... and it's all about the Benjamins.
(28:30) One of Justin Bieber's rabid fans rips his MuchMusic award right out of his hands -- and he lets her have it ... as in, keep it. But not for long.
(30:35) The woman behind "Bunheads" thinks women should stick together no matter what ... Harvey thinks it's the stupidest thing he's ever heard.
(34:05) John Cena's divorce is getting nasty -- after his ex accuses him of cheating. Can that make a prenup void and null?
(37:00) Playboy model Joanna Krupa says Mel Gibson is a good person because he made "The Passion of the Christ" ... and there's all sorts of things wrong with what she said.
(42:00) We take your calls!

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TMZ lets employees eat bacon at their desk? I'm in the wrong line of work, bacon rules!

824 days ago




824 days ago


Harvey sounds like Captain Queeg and the strawberries

824 days ago


Stick up for each other? When's the last time you stuck up for Sarah Palin????

824 days ago

JR Jake    

Sometimes these issues can best be described as 'what's best for the child'. I don't know how much Gabriel has his beautiful daughter, but you never want the child to do without at anytime. Is it fair? The judge knows and is using their best knowledge based on experience and practicalities. Is $240,000 going to hurt Halle? That is probably chump change for her. The children ALWAYS come first.

824 days ago


Harvey makes a valid point that women shouldn't stick up for each other automatically, "right or wrong", as that kind of behavior is 2nd grade level and is not bettering a woman's chances of personal success and happiness in life.
But I did like the second half of the interviewed woman's answer, because she made a point to give credit to men for supporting her, instead of ignoring men's support and pretending it was..."feminism"...that boosted her into success.

824 days ago


Female comedians aren't ignored because they're women...feminist bunk.
Just as many men are underrated.
But...there are plenty of funny women I like.
Ellen Degeneres, Phyllis Diller, Wanda Sykes, Kristen Schaal, lot of funny ones on Comedy Central specials...

824 days ago


Harvey, it's polite when people say "how's everyone doing" is polite...stop rolling your ****ing eyes when viewers called in. It's obnoxious as hell.

824 days ago


good call from the judge!
happy for him
Halle's probably costing him that much and more each month in lawyer fees with him having to constanly fight obstacles she keeps throwing at him in her selfish efforts to keep him out of Nahla's life
she should be grateful that Nahla has a loving dad and encourage their relationship rather than block it at every turn
sometimes I wonder what's wrong with that woman- severe daddy issues and hatred for her own father all displaced on poor Gabriel it seems

824 days ago


why doesn't Harvey ever let Charles talk?

824 days ago


Excuse me? Brazilians really care about education more than Americans, get your facts straight TMZ

823 days ago


well gee I dislike 90% of comedians, and they're all male... lame jokes, lame anecdotes, lame voices. lol

823 days ago


upton doesn't even have a career that will last her until she's 35. if she actually took care of herself, that would be something...but, she's 19 and looks like that. she is only going to get bigger - and its going to happen all at once, and she's gonna be up sh!ts creek w out a paddle.

823 days ago


On the bus incident, there are two adults on that bus the monitor and the driver. They need to work as a team. Once the driver saw or heard the kids talking like that the driver should have pulled over and called the principal. waited until he or she got there and the principal could have taken names and called parents! It was middle school so they are between the ages of 11 and 14. and need to be held accountable for their actions.

822 days ago


Per the grandmother being harassed by students. I've seen teacher brought before the principal for trying to take control. Some principals won't back the teacher.

822 days ago
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