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John Travolta

Sued by Author of

Bathhouse Sex Book

6/21/2012 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


4:35 PM PT --
A rep for Travolta has issued a statement ... saying, "The lawsuit filed by Robert Randolph is absurd. The suit is based on a privileged communication, and it will promptly be thrown out by the court."

The statement continues, "To evaluate the credibility of Robert Randolph and his ridiculous lawsuit one need look no further than his own statements published on his website stating that he sustained 'permanent brain damage' and had to 'retrain' his brain."
"Mr. Travolta will aggressively defend himself against this lawsuit and expects to be fully vindicated when this meritless case is dismissed."

Travolta's attorney, Marty Singer, also released a statement ... saying, "This is a ridiculous lawsuit.  It is based on our letter which was completely privileged under the law.  We intend to sue the attorneys for malicious prosecution after the court promptly dismisses this baseless lawsuit.”


John Travolta
is being sued by an author who claims Travolta spread lies about his mental health in order to diminish his credibility ... while the author was trying to sell a book in which he claimed he personally witnessed Travolta engaged in gay sex at various bathhouses.

The man behind the lawsuit is Robert Randolph -- who wrote a book entitled, "You'll Never Spa in This Town Again" ... detailing Travolta's alleged sexual exploits with other men, including Randolph.

In his suit, Randolph claims ... as he was releasing his book, Travolta and his high-powered attorney Marty Singer (pictured above) unleashed a P.R. attack ... in which they falsely claimed Randolph had mental issues and spent time in a mental institution.

Randolph claims the attack was concocted to persuade the public that he's an unreliable source ... and they should NOT buy his book. Randolph claims Travolta's plan worked ... and retailers were deterred from selling his book.

Randolph is suing both Travolta and Singer for unspecified damages.

So far, no comment from Travolta. Ditto for Singer.


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It's it f**k with John month or what?! Damn!! The man can't take a dump without someone being interested in what's happening with his ass.

799 days ago


I think once your people's argument is that the statements made were done while based on "privileged communications" .. is just saying to the rest of us... 'it's true.. he told 'friends'.. no one else was supposed to know ...ooops On a side note.. who cares, most of us 'knew' anyway.. for YEARS...stop being ashamed of who you are... damn!

799 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

When these things aren't true they sue, and when they are they don't. That's why you don't see Obama suing over all these supposed 'lies', he knows they're true and when you get in court things change, everything you say can and will be used against you if it can and especially nowadays. Everybody's looking for the easy money overnight sensation payoff, and if he is GAY who the fluck cares? everyone in Mowood is mo, what else is new? Who cares? Money hungry man beeech.

799 days ago


Come out, come out, where ever you are...

799 days ago


As I said, MANY years ago, he made a move on my kid, who worked in a real, professional, not f 'in acting,reality or that kinda crap, job.
No disrespect,just trying to explain.

799 days ago


OMG are you kidding, just because MOVIE STAR we should say no no he could not have done that, give me break,,,,,,, the man is a dipper was married to one for 8 years.wake up people your wonderful sexy poor guy about his son is a gay and thats not bad but his lies are,

799 days ago


Anybody who has lived in LA for any length of time KNOWS these stories are true. Travolta's exploits in bathouses have been legendary for 3 decades.

799 days ago


John should free his spirit and live
as a gay man.

799 days ago


Travolta IS a Scientologist. And discrediting people who speak against you IS one of their tactics...

799 days ago


So boring. I mean at this point in time who the F cares if he is gay or not??? What, do you want a refund from all the money spent on John Travolta's movies? "Ok, here's your $25" There is so much more to worry about in America than whether this man "likie Likies Butt holes or not. So he fooled us all and got extremely Rich. Welcome to America.

799 days ago


John gives to charity. John loved his autistic son with disablities and seizures that died in his arms. Kelly and other 2 kids love him. Why in the hell can't the rest of the world leave him alone?

799 days ago


Some people have no morals and this idiot just wants money. Don't believe a word. John is a good man, he's a good husband and father and they don't deserve this. Please everyone please post your support for John Travolta.Check Thanks for your time

799 days ago


Here's the law. If Travolta and his lawyer made these statements in legal do***ents (possibly aimed at obtaining an injunction or restraining sale of the book), their comments are privileged and they cannot be sued. Since I can find no evidence anywhere on the internet that they made these statements in any public forum, I think they had to be in legal docs. So this guy is actually doing this to create publicity for the book that didn't sell well. And he'll drop it pronto to avoid costs being awarded against him for a completely baseless suit. That's not to say Travolta isn't gay - who knows? But there's no basis for suing for libel.

799 days ago

Paul B    

Travolta is a Dung Puncher!! He loves the sight of the Hersey Highway....

799 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Scamotology has a long history of smearing people who become "Suppressive Persons". Character assassination is always the first salvo before they turn to more "hands-on" methods. I don't know if his claims are true, how could I, but Travolta is virtually the "John the Baptist" of Scamotologists. They would do just about everything for him.

799 days ago
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